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Found 2 results

  1. I bought a used WR 450 that had a VAPOR installation. The water temp sensor is a plastic fitting that is spliced into one of the water hoses. I noticed a small drip and investigated and found the fitting was broken at both ends such that the hose clamp had nothing to clamp on. I rEmoved all the bits and pieces and installed new hoses all around. This is the second failure I have seen in three weeks. My riding buddy at the Desert Dash had same issue but dumped all the water out on the trail - not good. Fortunately he has all the parts necessary to by-pass the fitting and we were able to ride back (good reason to carry lots of water). (His is the most complete tool kit I've seen on the trail) SO IF YOU HAVE A VAPOR CHECK YOUR WATER TEMP FITTING - YOU NEED TO COMPLETELY REMOVE IT TO BE SURE IT IS OK. MY BUDDIES' WAS "EATEN" AWAY BELOW THE HOSE CLAMP
  2. Just A couple questions on regular service.I ride about 50 to 80 miles per ride usually.Mostly medium pace with some slab and fire roads. Also single track at decent pace.At 2 rides I changed my oil today and noticed the oil was pretty dirty. I guess with small oil capacity this is normal. Do most owners change the oil after 2 or 3 rides ? When doing oil change the manual says to clean the 2 filter screens.Mine were clean but if they are dirty how would I clean these?Also what is the most economical way to buy motorex oil and ktm oil filters? I just went to south bay motorsports to buy oil and they are now selling KTM bikes and parts.Happy to see that but the price of oil and filter seems steep.I like to save $ when possible. $38 per oil change at this frequency is A little spendy.Thanks for any input on this.

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