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    Real ID - Process

    I would suggest using -taking your Birth Certificate as the Identity Document if availible. My daughter had to get her DL renewed and decided to get the Real ID at the same time. Issue was the passport scanner did not work with her passport. It's not uncommon. https://fox40.com/2018/06/15/dmv-having-issues-verifying-documents-for-those-seeking-the-new-real-ids/
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    The Hideout

    We almost had to camp out in the parking lot there. We were head to Ocotillo Wells on Friday night and it was snowing pretty had. I'm think if we get that far we'll pull in and camp in the parking lot. The was covered pretty good, center line had disappeared miles back. I was going pretty slow to words the top and I could feel the back end slip occasionally. I was towing a short but loaded tow hauler. Got to the top and was going to pull off into their parking lot and call it, then figured we could slowly ease down the other side. Have some great snow pictures on the way back including the VW in the ditch we saw on the way out. The riding at Ocotillo Wells was fantastic, some big puddles too .
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    I rode twice this week.

    I don't post much, your rides (and pictures) are certainly post worthy Fantastic !
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !
  5. One for the new, semi - new ADV type riders, as I think I fall into that category, me and my KLR I'm staying in Borrego Springs for couple days to ride, was going to post but wasn't sure till the last minute what my plans were, where I would be staying... Ended up staying {in my trailer) at the Palm Canyon "Resort" which is ok, the pool and Jacuzzi were nice at the end of the ride today. Don't really know the area too much, just had a few places in mind to ride to. So this morning starting from Borrego Springs I rode out Yaqui Pass and over and out past Scissor Crossing, through Shelter Valley to Blair Valley. I have wanted to see the Indian Pictographs there. Fun dirt road in and then hiked the mile to the pictographs, plus another bit for a fantastic view of the desert floor. This is a good 5 miles dirt ride anyone can do and it has a neat payoff if you walk the mile or so. From there I got back on S2 and rode to the Vallecito County Park to see the old Mail Stage Coach Stop. Lots of history out in the desert. Very nice 2 lane ride, only came across a few cars all the way out and back. Headed back towards Borrego Springs but took S2 north up to the S22 and went through Ranchita and then down Montezuma - Borrego hiway back into Borrego Springs for lunch and gas, Needed gas as I had been out to the Salton Sea the afternoon prior. Next I headed out to Ocotillo Wells. Rode out Split Mountain road. Went out the Elephant Tree road for a while but didn't see much and the road got a little iffy, mostly the rocks. As I was solo and just riding I decided to headed back to Split Mountain road. Continued on Split Mountain road and got to the Gypsum mine, had never been out there, out Split Mountain Road for that matter. Got to the end, turned around and followed the train tracks (east?) for a while and then turned around as not sure where that went. Looked like lots of shooting in that areas, gathered up some copper casings for fun. Turned back towards Ocotillo Wells and decided to go up Fish Creek Wash. What a ride! Got loose a few times , but that was about it. Have to be sure and stay off the center line, sand gets deep there Got to the Wind Caves I think it's called? A little tired by then so did not do the hike to see what that was about. The geology in that area is spectacular. The ride out and back took a while and so I Great ride, great history, great geology... Great KLR. I chugged it hard a couple of times in the sand and it kept on going. Grabbed and dropped the clutch hard a couple times, no complaints. Dang KLR treated me well. Left about 8:30 am and got back about 4 pm. I guess about 125 -150 miles. A good day of riding of sure.
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    There is a very unique souvenir shop across from the Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas if you can call it a souvenir shop. It's like a Indian ceremonial supply store. Pelts feathers, small skulls, fetishes, stones.... you name it. Real deal stuff. It also has other a little more mainstream stuff, but even most of that you will not find anywhere else. I had thought it was a different kind of place then I happen to over hear a phone conversation and yes kind of real deal kind of place. You'll Have to visit to understand. We accidently stumbled upon the "Coffee Pot" restaurant, it's a land mark and the food was good. We were lucky to get a booth high in the back. In general I can't remember too much special about the food, apart from a pizza place on the other side of the town. Tried to make it to Moon Dogs but that didn't work out. Pink Jeep tour as goofy as it sounds was great. Out driver liked to gas it and I was in a jeep with all ladies (my wife and a group of women who travel together 1 time a year) and it was really fun. The jeeps were beefy and got drove, I was impressed. We did a Indian ruins tour, 3 -4 hours, driver was local with a lots of knowledge, Indian ruins we really neat. There are a few 1 hour or so trolley type tours, take them all if you can. Cheap easy way to see lots of sites and hear lots of info about the place. Driving and parking are iffy and really make sit easy. One stop at a vortex outside of town and one (one in the same?) goes by the airport. It stops here and there but it's not an on off kind of deal. I highly recommend the one out to the Chapel of the Holly cross. If you have time drive up to Flagstaff and in doing so you will go above - next to a gigantic valley, Oak Creek I think, it is on the main route. The views were fantastic, unbelievable. There was a specific view turn off that was incredible. It is above Slipper Rock Park coming back down from flagstaff, another kind of cool place. We drove to Flagstaff very earl was y in the morning, got coffee and donuts and drove back down stopping a few places, it was beautiful. 3 - 4 hours round trip maybe. Cool road in parts too. Stopped to have air pressure in car checked, looked and the view was stunning. The place is visually incredible. They also did a good job with their zoning and keeping the structures low profile and nature complimentary in colors in most cases. Oh and with that check out about the Mc Donald's. I really had a good time there. I would have like to hike, but it was our anniversary. We did the train from Williams to Grand Canyon on a different trip if that is what your doing. It was kind of fun, Williams was kind of off. .
  7. I would look forward to a ride like this in the future. I did Borrego Springs out to Westmoreland and around to Sonny Bono for some bird watching with my daughter earlier in the year. Bird watching was fantastic, route was the basic all pavement ride there and back. I would like to learn more about the SS area (N-S-E-W) in general and some of the alternate to pavement roads and rides around it. Have a good time.
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    SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    Respect and Condolences
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    Campo newbiesh ride

    I'd like to go, going to check the calender. On a side note as you are in proximity to Buckman (Springs Road) I assume. I bought an old booklet put out by E Vitus Clampus about the history of the "Buckman Springs". Starting in the late 1800's there was a little Bottling Plant, Cabins and a little later a Hotel. A Spa - Resort of sorts. Tells about the Buckman family and how Mr. Buckman was granted the land and all. He had owned something like it in (I think it was) Northern California prior. Fun little read.
  10. Quite a ride and nice pictures. Did you just pick up the camp sites on the fly or had you routed them, had routed and reserved?
  11. Greenhorn

    Economical Wheel Rehab

    I have a little Hodaka that I'm going to work on bring back to life, It's a neat little bike, has lots of old school mods. Starting with the wheels. I'm looking for suggestion on bring back the finish to the wheel, spokes and hub as possible and how to address a few issues. Doesn't have to end up a perfect restoration, but I'm not in a big hurry and would like it nice when done. I would rate mechanical reliability over ascetics if I had to. I can put maybe $100 into each wheel. Starting with the front. Issues are there was duct tape inside as a tube protector and there is some sticky residual gunk. A few of the spoke are high out of the nipple, one or two look like incorrect nipples as they are small. And of course the finish is funky. The nut and bolt was to protect the seal and bearings while spraying it off. Appreciate any suggestions Front hub Small nipple and spokes extending High nipple and duct tape gunk Inside Hub
  12. Greenhorn

    Economical Wheel Rehab

    I'm fine with in place or disassemble, just don't want it to get to expensive. About $100 each and I can invest a little in tools. I have power washer, air compressor. It has have crossed my mine to get a media blaster (baking soda?) but have never done anything like that. In the big picture it might be useful for other things on the bike? In tried a little WD-40 and a stiff nylon brush, not so good, will get some goo be gone. I think it is an Ace 100, From what I understood the original owner, not who I got it from, did a lot to it back in the day. I got a box with a couple internal gears, workshop shop manual, a different air filter can. Not such a good thing I would think for originality but frame looks modified. Forks, shocks and pipe are all after market I think. Forks look like they are going to need major work or replacing, would prefer to keep some how. Seat cover not so good, seat pan is ok. Not %100 where the tank condition is besides rust. I'd like to need to try and keep the project to about $1000. SoCalHodaka - Your Super Combat looks fantastic. I might take you up on the offer for advise and parts info, looks like your an expert Here it is. Kind of rough, but I want to do right by it as possible. Not in a big hurry.
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    San Diego to Joshua Tree

    I’m planning a ride to Joshua Tree this fall and I’m looking for what would be the best route. I’ve dug up a few post and looked on Google but looking for who has ridden what, how it was, anything to see along the way… that sort of thing. I’ll be riding my KLR so dirt roads are good in general, but nothing too technical or time consuming. I would figure leaving pretty early and lunching before entering the park at the Cottonwood entrance. I took my Toy Hauler and KLR up there last year and had a great time camping (at Jumbo Rocks), hiking and riding round. This time going to ride up and stay a day or two in Joshua Tree or near about. As I get the dates and details sorted out I’ll post for anyone that might be interested in joining. On the way there I’m avoiding freeways and looking for the road(s) a little less traveled, see few things along the way, some points of interest, good places to eat, an interesting small town? On the way home, while still avoiding freeways, I’m looking for something relatively simple and time effective. Best suggestions for the ride there, Best suggestions for the ride home? So starting out via the 79, from what I can tell there are 3 basic options, I guess each with some variation or options? 79 to 371 to 74 to Fred Warring Drive to 10 to 111 to 66th Ave to Box Canyon to Cotton Springs to the South Entrance 79 to 78 to S22 to N 86 (some hi-way) to 81st to Harrison to Pierce to 66th Ave to Box Canyon to Cotton Springs to the South Entrance 79 to 78 to S 86 to something like (Banister – Forester – Gentry – Getty – Edens – Brant - Sinclair) to 111 or Coachella Canal Rd or Gas Line Rd to 70th to Wheeler to Box Canyon to Cotton Springs to the South Entrance Thank You
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    Bee invasion, need help

    Polinators are in a significat decline, but also are necessary for production assistance of three-quarters of our major food crops. I don't suggest distroying them. And polinators are not limited to only honey bees. What are Pollinators and Why Do We Need Them
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    SWM is on the way!

    Looks like what I would expect a CZ would look like if they were still around. Semi coffin shaped tank, side cases seem similar too. You have the twin pipes (up not down though), slightly cobbley look and a unique posture. Yep 65 CZ Twin Port and the 76 Falta Replica too
  16. Not exactly as planned but a good ride for sure. Weather was drizzly on Viejas Grade visor up - glass down to see. Old Hwy 80 out, then took 94 east at Cameron Corners as I like that ride. Made it out to what I think was the Valley of the Moon trail head, it's didn't really say as far as I could tell, the trail was signed for motorcycle, jeep and hiker. I found something worse than sand, than green road rock, son of a... Rode like sand but I would hate to go down on it. Just past the trail head there was 50 yards of it or so, that was the toughest part of the 1/2 mile or so I rode up the road. Nothing to tough about the road itself, just judgement (and a comment on my other post suggesting it would be best to have a partner). Heading back the the trail head I missed the left and ended up treating myself to an extra 100 yards of green road rock. I tried to find the Table Top ride and couldn't as I thought it was directly across 8 from Valley of the Moon trail head. Just back west a ways actually, I'll remember that next time. I do think I saw the mountain on the ride east and why it got it's name, just access road wasn't where I thought. It is not at the end of the In Ko Pah road i know that now. Given all the talk on the board about Mc Cains I decided to go there next, a friend and I rode there a few times 10 -15 years ago. Yes there is a lot going on there. Road out to Carrizo George Overlook and came across a snake in the road on the way back, about 3.5' but not a rattler. Rode around the camp grounds and lower section a little before heading out. It is a shame that everything is so tore up, maybe there will be some restoration when it's all done, obviously will never be the same. Stopped at the Acorn for gas and then Old Hwy 80 to 79, jumped on 8 to Willows from 79 for a short freeway thrill and back to town on Old Hwy 80. I think about 180 miles total. For the first 45 minutes I was having a idling issue where I kept have to adjust it 500 up or back at idle and had a stall off idle. Was a little bum'ed thinking pilot or something clogged or some else. Finally noticed choke had on about 1/3. Turned it off and all was good . Looking forward to Valley of the Moon again if I can round up some company. From Here Riding Around Saturday Morning 6-10-2017
  17. Going for a ride starting early Saturday morning. East County to out past Jacumba as I would like to see what’s up with the Moon Valley area. Like to do Sunrise Hwy and around to Lake Cuyamaca while heading back if time permits. If Moon Valley doesn't play out a ride up to Corral Canyon maybe. Easy pace, relaxed ride, little if any freeways, hopefully a little dirt riding at some point. For reference I ride a stock KLR. I can stop at the 7-11 at Lake Jennings road at 7am if anyone is interested joining, returning about Noon or so. I can also meet up closer to El Cajon - Santee if that’s more convenient.
  18. I think these 2 items negatively impact Supporting Members in addition to Non Supporting Members. It's denying Supporting Members the opportunity for good deals or even free gear that might originate from Non Supporting members.
  19. There was a 4 mile+ backup (westbound) at Intersection of 79 and S2 (the power station) yesterday at about 1:00 PM. We were going east and turned left to head down Montezuma Valley Road and the backup extended further east past that. So westbound S2 was 100% backed up from the 79 to beyond Montezuma Valley Road exit. Lots of people were using the open space on the north side of the intersection as by pass for northbound 79 as it was mostly the left turn holding things up. Seriously though a or two person directing traffic and a few heads up for slowing signs just prior to the Intersection of 79 and S2 could have alleviated a lot of the issue. Our trip down Montezuma Valley Road was slow but enjoy able, since it was slow it was a chance to take in the sights and look at the some of the flowers along the road side, wave to people passing, have a snack, we had a good time on the way down. Once in the valley it was busy, but not too bad. We made our way out to Henderson Canyon Rd and there were lots of flowers. We left about 4:00 PM or so and about 4:30 PM there was still a (west bound) backup at the Intersection of 79 and S2, but only a mile or so and it moved decently. For us the worst traffic issue was the 67 construction snafu at the south end of Ramona. Funny thing is the sign said completion scheduled for 2016. It was hot and not sure if that is going to be the go forward which might diminish the off road and flower folks, but it was a tough drive home fora lot of people yesterday. That said, due to our timing we had a great trip. I have some nice flower pictures I’ll try and post later.
  20. Sounds like you were there early. Some pictures. These end up hawk food. Henderson Rd Looking NE I guess. I liked this flowers and cactus Desert is a tough place : (
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    Toy hauler questions

    Older Weekend Warriors tend to leak in the front right or left top corner as the roof goes under the front construction and water tends to drain to the corners. They also had issue with the early "lite" framed models. Every model or brand with have some little or big issues, a few on the more grander scale like the WW "lites". Lots of trailer can end up leaking. Mine did and I had the top resealed and all. If there is a trick, it's find one that... is what do the say "sorted out" . Somebody used it but took care of it. WW is the only brand I know, it was a move up from a tent trailer. Mine is actually a WW FC 17, and I really like it. It worked well for my daughter, nephew and I when we all used to go to the desert. It's only 17' (they say about 20 +) but can sleep up to four nicely. Only thing it doesn't have is a built in generator or gas tank and I'm fine with that. Even though it is only a 17' it was build on heavy duty frame with clean, grey and black water tanks. Has dual porcelain sink, oven, 3 burner stove and oven. A lot now don't have ovens, but microwaves, micro-convection. I like an oven, camping pizza is great My up top bed is on a kind of spring loaded thing, not the easiest but works fine in reality. FK is Front Kitchen which makes for good counter space. All the $$$ and effort to camp in a little comfort, I going cook good things to eat. If you are getting used good to check or have checked the brakes and bearings. Check the tires...lack of use, sun and years are not good for them. I had to replace mine recently. With a small trailer you will probably find toilet shower combo's in some, I have that. We only use the shower and not the toilet, never really boondocked. Ocotillo Wells, Borrego Springs, Campgrounds are nice that way. I understand some of the loading doors have gotten smaller and lighter, this one is a big sturdy one. Weight distribution hitch is good. Watch towing weight for tow vehicle and have a sense of the loaded (water, propane, supplies, bikes) weight of the trailer. They used to say 1/2 could tow X but with some trailers loaded it was a stretch. We used to haul 2 mid sized quads and and a dirt bike. All Cleaned Up January camping trip to Borrego
  22. "Cycle Shop" is how he would answer the phone. I knew Ken a little bit, his place was my easy go to for oil, a cable, spark plugs, a tire. He was always good for some BS'ing. Man getting around in there was a chore sometimes. I heard different things once he left Prospect and Cuyamaca and about the same time I was really wasn't riding much so that was about that. If I remember right he had a retirement clock in the shop, I hope he made it and had some some good years.
  23. Greenhorn

    Local Shop for KLR Work

    Anyone one have any recommendations for a shop that works on KLR's? I need a little work done and would prefer to find a good local shop (East County) as opposed to the dealership.
  24. Plated ride only? What's the difference between the last 2 pictures, the first one looks like wood poles or pilings and the below it ??? Any idea of the purpose esp. the wood? Looks like nice weather for riding.