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  1. SlowpokeShorty

    Fortnine - First Aid Protocol with a Paramedic

    That was really good, thanks!
  2. SlowpokeShorty

    Caselli Foundation - Riders 1st Responders First Aid Class

    Thanks for this @Goofy Footer! I made a $25 donation and added their link to my calendar, but I'm not sure if I have actually registered or not. I guess I can always just turn up and demand to speak to the manager 😀
  3. SlowpokeShorty

    Seat Customizer Needed

  4. SlowpokeShorty

    Seat Customizer Needed

    When I lived in Seattle I had easy access to the excellent Rich's Custom Seats for anything from minor mods to whole new seats. Wonderful place. Does anyone know of anything in this area? San Diego would be nice, but I could make the trip uo to LA if needed. -Slowpoke
  5. SlowpokeShorty

    Noob Clothing advice

    F'narr F'narr
  6. SlowpokeShorty

    Noob Clothing advice

    How do I sign up?
  7. SlowpokeShorty

    New Bike Day

    Well, after lots of good talk on this forum, I finally have my new bike for Adventure riding: an Aprilia Tuareg 660: I have a two-day training session with MotoVentures next week, then I shall be up for trying out those Noob-friendly trails!
  8. SlowpokeShorty

    SDAR First Aid Class - Need Input

    I don't mind between weekend or week night. Happy to pitch in some $$ too
  9. SlowpokeShorty

    First Aid 2023

    That would be great! I don't intend to be a paramedic, just not feel totally useless when something bad happens. Also happy to pay for training.
  10. SlowpokeShorty

    First Aid 2023

    I see the topics in this sub-forum are quite old, so I'm starting a new one. I was out on a road ride yesterday with a bunch of other guys/gals and one of our number came off. Fortunately neither he nor his passenger were badly hurt, but the wind was definitely knocked out of them and they were kind of disoriented for about 20 mins. We called it in, and the paramedics did a great job of assessing them and making a sling for the lady's arm. A close call but no worse than that. I realized that all I (and the rest of the group) could do was be well-intentioned, call it in, manage traffic around the scene and get out of the way of the first responders. I wouldn't have been able to provide any aid in the 15 minutes or so it took of the paramedics to arrive. If real injuries occurred, none of us could have done much more than watch, and we'd probably make it worse. Are there any classes around here for first aid?
  11. SlowpokeShorty

    Noob Clothing advice

    Motoport looks like just what I need, thanks!
  12. SlowpokeShorty

    Slowpoke Shorty Joining In

    😀Indeed so. I have just put a deposit down on an Aprilia Toureg which I should pick up in a week’s time.
  13. SlowpokeShorty

    Noob Clothing advice

    I'm surely getting the message. Any dealers you'd recommend?
  14. SlowpokeShorty

    Noob Clothing advice

    Hi, I'm just getting into ADV riding and have a lot of experience and kit for road riding. I have a good pair of boots for off-roading, but what would y'll recommend as a good set of clothing for the SoCal area? Also good dealers for off-road gear? - Mark
  15. SlowpokeShorty

    Slowpoke Shorty Joining In

    I should add that as a noob to the area I know San Diego has plenty of great off-road trials, but I'm a bit short on specifics. Is there a thread here that lists the most popular trials and areas?

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