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  1. You're right @AlphaOgre, it's a great loop in our back yard, so you never get to it. Of course, I've lived in SoCal for 40 years and never been to the Universal Studios tour Would you mind posting your gpx track for us wannabes? I'm still a couple of months away from riding (broken clavicle), but this would give me motivation to hang on!
  2. moto_rph

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Yeah, and here's a pic of the parking lot for all of the bikers present. We're a hard core bunch... (just kidding)
  3. Ah my young friend, your tune will change in a decade. Don't you know that my mind is always writing checks my body can't cash 😯
  4. moto_rph

    Looking for mid-size adv ride partner/group

    @jjjulien, I'll be heading down to the First Aid class next week if you'd like to come along. Since I am on the mend, I'll be using the car (boo), but will be bringing extra chairs etc. Hit me up with an email if you're interested and we can figure out the logistics
  5. moto_rph

    SDAR Facebook Group Cover Photo Update

    I don't know if it's preferred, but we ran White Rim Road clockwise. I would suspect this to be the more challenging way since there are two significant climbs you have to pay attention to. However, we all know when you reverse a route it becomes a new day (gpx files attached) Allow 8 hours minimum seat time if you expect to do it in a single day. (collarbone is now healing nicely after 4 surgeries...should see me in the saddle mid to late summer) 1 - Moab to Potato Bottom.gpx 2 - Potato Bottom to Farmington.gpx
  6. moto_rph

    SDAR Facebook Group Cover Photo Update

    Everyone has great photos so I'm only submitting one......me and my mate on GSAs doing White Rim Road (Canyonlands)
  7. moto_rph

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    I will be there no anchovies
  8. moto_rph

    Caselli Foundation - Riders 1st Responders First Aid Class

    Why do I remember both of these examples so vividly??
  9. Welcome @spazegun2213! Great writeup and I commend you for forging ahead and going to the rally solo. Sounds like you found what you hoped for; supportive and friendly people that look out for each other. I too have a KTM 500 and love the trails so I'm sure we'll get together soon.
  10. moto_rph


    I hope all the wives don't read this stuff. They just wouldn't understand. 😍
  11. moto_rph

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    Another informative and friendly get together at Dave's. I'm not a noob, but there's always something to learn when you're surrounded by like minded folks. Special shout out to @DSM8 and @KTMrad for gear advice and @shutterrev for first aid kit ideas. Oh, and I got some cool gear....cheap
  12. moto_rph

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    Hey kids, I'm going crazy convalescing at home. I'll be there. I'll bring my Asterisk knee braces if someone is interested in touch/feel of these things. Perry
  13. moto_rph

    New Bike Day

    Hurry up and scratch it....you'll feel better
  14. OK, I have had entirely enough of this Covid BS and I need something to look forward to. This weekend, how about "Bike Swap Sunday". @J5ive is jonesin to buy a skinny bike and wants to try out some samples. So far, I have my KTM 500 for him. Here's the plan: Meet at Dunkin Donuts in Ramona at 8:30 (if you want a donut/coffee). Sunday, 11/20 KSU at 9:00am We can head up 7th or Magnolia and dive into Sutherland Dam and Black Mtn (aka Piney Top) I know @tntmo has his overnighter on the 19th, but there are some of us that can't obligate to the whole weekend (holiday stuff). I'm leaving for Oakland on Monday (for Thanksgiving break), but I can squeeze in this little ride ... Also, you ADV bikes come along....maybe you'll want to try something different We've never tried something like this before....come on out, but be flexible!
  15. Haha! I wish I could find the pic of my son at the same age, after he rolled over and started gumming the chain on my Suzuki RM 400... Black from ear to ear
  16. Did you get to say hi to the old guy at the Visitor Center in Niland? Last time I was there, he said he prefers alcohol or drugs as tips
  17. you must have an HMO....
  18. I resemble that remark
  19. you guys are killing me! I'm still getting used to having titanium in my shoulder. Ortho says not to pick up anything heavier than a cup of coffee. I think he means NO RIDING I was all @shutterrev fault. I started hot dogging and decided to pass him out on Grapevine/Old Culp....200 yards later, I was down! First bone I've ever broken...hopefully the last. I won't see you on the trails till May(ish)
  20. @DoubleD, great to meet you and thank you for being proactive. For no other reason than that, I'd be there to support you but I'm nursing a self-inflicted collarbone break for the next few months. The best I can come up with is kudos to you and I'll ride with you soon
  21. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR WELL WISHES! Some of you I haven't met yet, but the brotherhood is there I wish I had a colorful story to go along with this accident, but I don't. I can expand a bit on the initial writeup by @shutterrev. As he stated, we were heading north and just completed Grapevine and headed onto Old Culp to come out on the S22 in Ranchita. I was on comms with @shutterrev and told him I was feeling a bit feisty and with that, I blasted by him. For all of you familiar with this area, the terrain now starts descending into the valley. (apparently that's why they call it Culp Valley). I got about 3 turns and 200 yards ahead of my partners and hit a right hander....the berm was great until it became an erosion gully (descending, remember?). It grabbed my front end and I wound up straight into a large manzanita which spit me out HARD on my right side (see pic) @shutterrev didn't see it, but heard it through the comms....apparently I was articulate with my pain. After catching my breath, we decided to continue riding, albeit at a slower pace. By the end of old culp, I decided to leave the gents to continue their ride and I was going to ride back to my truck and head home...a bit shaken up, but no big deal. 20 mile street ride to truck...S22 to S2 to 78 to truck. Once I got there and spent 20min getting my jersey and armor off, I knew I was in a pickle (sorry @PaulyPickles). Then, when I felt the orange sized lump where my right collarbone was supposed to be, I realized I was running on adrenaline. Well better continue on with the adrenaline cuz you're the only one there to load your bike! Started it up and drove it sidesaddle up the bumper carrier..tied it down...whew! Now I get into my truck...a 1993 Dodge 1 ton dually....WITH A STICK SHIFT (right collarbone)....adrenaline, don't leave me now Got going, made a phone call and found out my urgent care was in Escondido, so adrenaline got me an hour and a half there. Told the doc that as a retired pharmacist, I should be able to invent a drug that would make me act my age. She said if I do, she has about 30 patients she wants to give it to So that's the long answer to your question @350thumper. The short answer is "if the sand looks too glorious, relax and take a breath....maybe that feeling of being a teenager again will pass"
  22. Well, I was all set to go to the rally. Set up to rough it in Cabin 9 but went riding on Sunday and broke my collarbone and 2 ribs. Surgery on Friday. I asked the ortho if I would be ready for the rally in mid-March. He didn't have much of a sense of humor (surgeons never do)....looked at me like I was from another planet! Said I'm bikeless for 3-4 months. Take lots of pictures!!
  23. haha! Here's my pictures from the trail. Just got a call that 6th and 7th rib is fractured also.... Ortho appt at 8am tomorrow. we'll see about my metal. I just have to be patched up by the NOOB rally
  24. To say this is a trip of a lifetime is truly and understatement
  25. Haha, Tim you gotta remember, the days are short this time of year!

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