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  1. Thanks for the route suggestions Bagstr. I realize it was pretty short notice, it was a spur of the moment thing. I'll give a much bigger heads up next time! Slaugo, I'll be getting around there around 9ish as well. Do say hi if you are around. I'll be wearing orange pants.
  2. SacRider

    CA and NV BDR Loop

    Nice pics! I've been meaning on taking a week of work to just go and ride the CABDR. Riding alone in the desert is an interesting experience all on its own. Thanks for the write-up.
  3. Hi all, It's starting to cool down a little in the desert so I'm going to be doing a little exploratory ride to get to know Ocotillo Wells and the surrounding area a little better, since I'm relatively new to the area. Plan is to check out part of Ocotillo Wells starting from the Holmes camp area starting at 9:30 am, head west on the San Felipe wash towards Borrego Springs and refuel as needed. Then head back and check out the northern part of Ocotillo. It should be an easy ride, 90% off-road, some may even say boring. There will be sand obviously but shouldn't be too bad. If you are an expert rider you will be bored. I'm aiming for 2 and half hours. It may be longer or shorter, it's very informal. If you want to join me the only requirement is that you bring a plated bike since I will be hitting the town. Any bike size is fine as long as you are ok hitting some sand on it :). I will be coming from the Carmel Valley area. Also, if anybody has recommendations on what trails to hit, let me know! -Jon
  4. I might be able to do it. If I get my bike in order on time....
  5. Awesome, I'll be there at 9am, riding a white DR.
  6. Also interested! I'll be there at 9am. The cul-de-sac on Pine Valley Rd right?
  7. Nice pics! I've been meaning to explore that area. Hopefully soon after the holidays are over we can get a ride going!
  8. Add me to the list, I'm willing to help any way I can.
  9. Hi All, I'm a newcomer to the San Diego area looking to be a part of the off-road adventure community here in San Diego. I'm been riding for about 10 years in the Northern CA area, especially the Mendocino Forest and the Lake Tahoe areas. Most of my riding has been in forested single track but I'm getting more familiar with the fast sandy trails in the southern part of the state. Currently ride a DR650, which has gotten me around the whole state without fail (slowly but surely) and a 125, for when I really want something to throw around off road. Looking forward to meeting folks to ride with! Regards, --Jonathan