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  1. Durf

    Lark anyone?

    Kenny, I'd like to join Saturday morning. I've never been there. Just to be sure, according to google maps, Old hwy 80 to McCain Valley Rd then down 2.1 miles?
  2. Great ride. I posted a few pictures in the Write Ups section. Link below Borrego to Fish Creek 4-16 led by Alyeska
  3. First off, a big thanks to Tom (Alyeska) for doing a great job leading, providing parking, and then buying us beers at Carmelitas after the ride. All of this just coming off back surgery. Great job! The weather was perfect and, other than a blown fuse, there were no casualties (thanks Homer for staying back with me while I swapped fuses). Note to DRZ riders: carry an extra 15a fuse or carry a tow strap. Luckily I had a fuse. I had a great time meeting some new riders and learning some new trails.
  4. I'd like to join too if y'all don't mind. I can be at the circle at 8. Beige F350 with white drz.
  5. Durf

    Rugged Radios 20% Storewide Sale

    Just keep in mind that Benny's post is from 2015 and when I go to RR's site I don't see these prices and some of the items are no longer there. Since I already have a perch mounted nexus style PTT, I'd prefer the ala carte too. I'm starting to lean toward Sena SR10 and a Baofeng if I can find a decent PTT for the SR10. *Edit - The items are still on the site but the links above might no longer be valid. Just takes a little searching around
  6. I work out at the Castle Dome Heliport quite often but I've never been past where the pavement ends. I've been wanting to take my bike out there and check it out. Now I know I need to do just that. Thanks for posting.
  7. Durf

    Hello from Dulzura

    Thanks. I will be eyeing the forum for rides out this way and hopefully get the opportunity to tag along. Thanks Steve. I'll text you next time I plan on riding. This weekend is also no good for me - anniversary. I should spend it with my wife. Thank you. Thank you. Reading through some of the posts I've picked up on a couple places I want to check out. I've never been to Lark and I've always wanted to check out the Old Stagecoach Trail/Mountain Springs area.
  8. Hi Everyone, My name is Donnie and I'm addicted to dual sporting. I've been lurking here for a while and thought I'd finally step in from the sidelines and introduce myself. Based on the ride reports, I see some incredible places to ride right in our backyard. I've done a couple solo local rides from my house and although fun, I'd feel better venturing out with some other riders. I ride an old plated DRZ400e and I'm open to pretty much any type of riding with exception to hitting long stretches interstate or freeway stuff. I've grew up riding dirt bikes and finally at the age of 43 I bought the DRZ. I love it and can't figure out why I didn't do this sooner. Most of my riding since moving to the San Diego area in '94 has been on a CR500 in the desert. Those were good times but I'm looking forward to more adventurous type rides. This last weekend I rode the 94 through Campo to Corral Canyon and discovered what a fun place that is. I need to get out more often. Here is a pic of the trusty ol' DRZ. Flag me down if you see me out and about.