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  1. Very excited to acquire this puppy from a good friend with 60ish hours and 1600 miles. Took it for its first trip in Ely NV during a work trip.
  2. timbo_slice

    Nature is cool

    that is of the Datura genus of plants, or commonly known as jimson weed. very dangerous hallucinogenic plant that was used by natives for rights of passage etc
  3. Wow what a thought about in ko pah. There is a ton of trail potential out there. Table mountain is a fun area, but not big enough to spend a whole day if you unload there, plus you have to be plated to get across the highway to valley of the moon. The el centro BLM is very poorly funded and I see staffing changes coming through often. I think since they are constructing now there may not be a way to request the project funding be used towards riding areas instead of disappearing into the department of interior?
  4. stop in at the wind farm if you want to say hi! Amazing out here today.
  5. timbo_slice

    Weekend loop

    I am busy this weekend unfortunately, but have been riding table mountain and other trails in Jacumba. I live down the hill in Ocotillo. Really fun lately and I recommend exploring the area if you have not already. Watch out for border patrol they are everywhere but mostly are going pretty slow/sitting around. http://www.blm.gov/style/medialib/blm/ca/pdf/elcentro/maps.Par.52652.File.dat/EasternSanDiegoRoutes_WEB.pdf
  6. So bummed I didn't check the forum lately. I work at the windfarm and ride all over there! Here is a map for ocotillo superstition http://www.blm.gov/style/medialib/blm/ca/pdf/elcentro/maps.Par.71065.File.dat/weco_rot_map.pdf
  7. You guys will be passing by my place in Ocotillo! I gotta be at work unfortunately... I just rode canyon sin nombre out to valecito creek and back to S2 to Ocotillo. Pretty packed down from 4 wheelz, but fun!
  8. This is taken from the trail that heads up from in ko pah to smugglers or moon valley. There is a comm tower of some kind up there. I live in Ocotillo, let me know when you decide to head that way again!
  9. hello from fellow IV rider! Ive been goin after work at around 630-7pm and ride to sunset. Morning is waaay cooler.
  10. timbo_slice

    Treated myself to a new KTM 300 XC-W

    Thank you for your service. If you ever want to race my 1997 250sx, come out to the dez! After watching a few vids I would suggest turning your rebound and comp in a few clicks (harder) on your forks. My bike isn't super comfortable to cruise around on, but when I get into some problems it rarely gets squirrely on me or tries to buck me off. Stock adjustment values are in the manual if you forget. Did you set your rear shock sag? This gets you in tune with where your at with your rear spring preload. Did you compare stock jetting to what is recommended for where you ride? My stock jetting was lean on the main and needle clip pos.
  11. Thumbs up to that! 79 for the return could be fun too!
  12. I am in! What is the return plan?