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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to start training for Big Bear Trail Ride and I've been riding my DRZ400 ever since I started riding 5 years ago and I've ridden around Miller Canyon enough to be able to just get by. But my problem is when I drop my bike on the gnarly stuff I can't pick it up since it weighs over 300 lbs. I'm looking for a lighter and smaller bike to start trying the harder trails in Big Bear like John Bull, Redonda Ridge, etc but I need to be able to pick it up. My budget is around $2000-3000 I've been set on plated CRF230F/CRF250X since it weighs around 250lbs and has plenty of torque from what I've read but obviously they are rare and not many on the market. I'm not a racer and don't have a deep pocket book so KTM is kind of out of my budget right now. I don't know what other bikes would be good for me right now that I can look at or if I'm looking at the wrong bikes since I've never done the trails before. Thanks!
  2. Bummer to hear about the injury, heal up soon and what a great adventure. Thanks for the report
  3. outlaws

    What to do with lost/abandoned puppies

    Thanks for taking the time to do so. Knowing cars are passing by there is a good chance they were indeed picked up or returned to someone's house, it is on the outskirts of a neighborhood after all. Thanks guys
  4. outlaws

    What to do with lost/abandoned puppies

    They were definitely just sitting there not roaming around just waiting in the shade I bet if you brought food they would come to you. I did not see anyone near them or signs of bigger dogs just them 3. I did see them on Sat so it's pushing over 2 days although they looked well fed so they are likely to survive this long if they are still alive out there but might require some searching.
  5. i came across 3 puppies on the side of a road yesterday 5/2, they looked like they were abandoned waiting for their owner to come back. they were right across from this body of water, i would've passed them if i wasn't stopped to take a pic of this lake N 33 36.131,W 116 44.465 does anyone live closer want to check on them again and check the neighbours or put them in a shelter? it's too late for me to go back now its a 2 hour drive it'll be night time and i got work next week
  6. outlaws

    Staging out of Idyllwild

    Does anyone know if there are any dirt lots for parking available to the public if I'm looking to stage out of Idyllwild for a night?