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  1. orange UP

    I need some muscle today.

    If you still need help hit me up, I'm just sitting at home resting now. I live just off of El Norte at Washington.
  2. It was a good ride. Didn't get any pictures, but definitely had some fun. I was starting to get pretty confident in my riding abilities, but that was all set back a bit by those deep rutted up hills. Ran a fun progression of get offs starting with just a foot slip type drop all the way up to inadvertently ghosting the bike over an obstacle. Bikes ok, I'm ok, and Steve was very patient. Big lesson of the day, DON"T use first gear for nasty hill climbs. Thanks for going out Steve, I learned a lot about my bike and riding skills and was definitely humbled a bit.
  3. That works. I'll be on the katoom, black dodge ram.
  4. Cool, I am free all day for the most part. I really wanted to stay local, but have never been there before and was uneasy about going solo. Just let me know what works for you, I am off all day and the wife is taking the kids to the zoo with one of her friends.
  5. Going to go ride somewhere tomorrow. Haven't made up my mind as to where yet. I'm in Escondido so could stay local, but have never ridden here before. Otherwise will end up out at Lark, Coral or Octotillo. Supposed to be hot out in the desert tomorrow, so if I wind up there will have to be early. Guess I'm just looking to see if anybody else is riding and where at. I'm not the best rider out there, but I manage to get around just tend to be a little slower than others. I've been getting faster though, so who knows.
  6. orange UP

    Places to dial in bike

    Looks like a trip or two to Lark is in my future. I'm off this week, but busy, so will probably head out there maybe Thursday. Already have plans this weekend, but will keep my eyes open for rides next weekend.
  7. orange UP

    Places to dial in bike

    I just traded the 690 enduro for a 300 2 smoke. I need to find someplace to start dialing in/learning the bike. Where is a good place to take a bike to start working the suspension and figuring out the bike characteristics? Never had to worry about places to ride that don't require a plate before. Stepping into completely new territory and am stoked.
  8. orange UP

    GPS Route / Track Sharing

    7 year old thread, might be a record.
  9. AM? Does that mean you can't listen to it at night?
  10. orange UP

    Lark / McCain Feb 16

    I had a lot of fun, thanks for putting it together. I had a hard time giving in and swapping back to my street tires. Oh well, I'm getting more and more efficient at changing tires.
  11. orange UP

    Sunday Feb 16

    As long as we aren't jumping up huge ledges or over big fallen trees I should be fine. Not that I wouldn't try, but might take more than once. I've been offroad before and seen more than my fair share of TT's. I have even had her on the Vet track at Pala. I assure you that you can feel every pound of her if you don't hit the landings right. Anyways, the bike is all loaded up and ready to go for the morning. See you guys there.
  12. orange UP

    Sunday Feb 16

    I'm in. I have not ridden either area and have been patiently hoping for a ride that is something other than truck trails this weekend. Will haul the bike down in the truck and stage someplace. Never been there so recommendations and directions would be awesome, but I can always look at a map too.
  13. Wish I would have seen this about half an hour ago. Oh well, maybe next time.
  14. orange UP

    New guy in Escondido

    I might be able to swing that, depends on wife's February class schedule. If it is all day, what kind of range am I going to need? My bike seems to get about 120 miles when gettin it, and around 150-160 takin it easy.
  15. orange UP

    New guy in Escondido

    Hello, new guy on here from Escondido. I have spent plenty of time bombing around out in the dirt on various machines/contraptions. I purchased a KTM 690 Enduro R about 8-9 months ago. I commute on it and then swap the tires out, if necessary, and hit the dirt whenever I get a chance. I've explored/ridden most of the dirt/fire roads near Ramona, Santa Ysabel, and Palomar Mountain. If the dirt is semi packed I'll rock it with confidence, not going to be the fastest though. If it has deep sand, I just recently started growing those legs. Looking for adventure and to see some of the other areas around here that a guy can't safely do by himself. Can't wait to link up and ride.