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  1. You fell for the old banana in the tailpipe trick!
  2. Just booked at Cal's and MSR. MSR only has 5 people booked from our group under Mike's name, so I put my name down as well.
  3. vanjoosten

    Life is fragile!

    Very tragic, losing one of our own hits close to home. RIP...
  4. Thought the rains were coming, but no luck... Temps are still down though, so I'm on the fence. Feel free to plan away!
  5. Looks cool(ish) and wet this week! Thinking about Wed or Thurs depending on conditions. Thoughts?
  6. vanjoosten

    Lemon Law Attorney

    Douglas C. Sohn ESQ (619) 237-7646 dsohn@sohnlaw.com I've used him several times, and referred him successfully to another member.
  7. vanjoosten

    DOT Rear Knobby

    Kenda Parker DT is cheap, hooks up, and DOT. However, DOT is kinda a non-issue as nobody really looks...
  8. vanjoosten

    Moab March lets go!

    I’m a definite maybe depending on the weekend.