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  1. Very interested, thanks for sharing !! Thinking October this year to go...
  2. Wish I didn't have to work Looks like a fun route and I would love to do it someday. Looking to go on some trails I haven't been on !! Looking forward to the ride report after !!
  3. Bummer, I enjoy that area a lot. How about the North side of the road, is there signs there?
  4. Jim, The road going in is actually a road, you are aloud to ride on that dirt road. There are some signs posted along the road for no trespassing mainly the hills along the right side, but not all of them. If you stay on the road tho you can go all the way through, if you want to play on some of the other trails you just have to look and be sure there isn't any signs.....The road can take you all the way to Alta rd by the prison, from there you can get onto otay truck trail, or go through the tunnel under Alta rd, Fun route. At least that is how the signs where when I was down there about a month ago. Next time you want to go, let me know and I would be happy to show you the pip pico entrance also.
  5. rydethis

    Looking for RAM mount

    Thanks Tom, will hit you up later today. Maybe see if we can meet up tomorrow
  6. rydethis

    Looking for RAM mount

    I picked up a good deal on a used Gamin Gpsman 60csx, really good shape and I would like to use this for Desert Dash. (if I can figure it out, kind of really new to the whole gps thing) I do have a way to mount it, however I feel more secure having a RAM mount for it. Can't seem to get one in time for Desert Dash. So I was wondering if anyone would happen to have a spare RAM mount that I may borrow or buy to mount to standard bar, I do have the holder for the gps, just no ball and bar mount. Any help would be great. Thanks
  7. Really enjoyed the speakers, very inspirational !! Was great to see some old faces and looking forward to the dash in a couple of weeks :-)
  8. Short sleeve black medium for my wife and if you can add 2 for my daughters that are going to help her also I will pay for those. Both small, same color.
  9. rydethis

    Good news on my cancer. Battle on.

    So glad to hear, keep up the fight !!
  10. rydethis

    south bay

    One of my fav local places...looks like a great day. It has been really nice down there this time of year
  11. Very cool, want to get down that way this year. Looks awesome and very inspirational !!
  12. Sorry for your loss Randy. We will be there on the new date...my best to you and your family.
  13. He did great!!! Bike is running great after cleaning the carb out from the last trip. No issues at all...he was really enjoying it another happy DR owner
  14. Little late in the ride report, Sunday was my first time leading a ride and what a blast it was. My shop Forman picked up a bike and wanted to get out and hit some trails (he got tired of seeing how much fun I was having, lol) So I invited him and of course a few others before I knew it we had a pretty good size group so I kept the invite small. We all met up down at Pio Pico at 9am. 4 plated bikes and 6 non plated, 7 riders that have never been there before. We did the norm, hit the antennas, bunkers...then cruised down to the electric plant to play, over to the tunnel that CVRICK showed me, all the way to the heritage road and back to Pio Pico. Found plenty of water and mud . Everyone did great even through the technical sections and the boat hill climb. It was a really fun day with a good group. Special thanks to wintyfresh for taking up sweep (that helmet sure makes it easy to know your back there)
  15. Randy, I will be riding this year but the whole family is coming out. My wife and daughter are willing to help you out where needed, they said they can help out with registration and raffle or whatever you may need. We will be at the meeting 2/3 and can see then if you still need any help.