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  1. johnnyg


    i was talking with a couple car guys, and they both said if the plugs are getting a bit more electricity, they make a better spark? i know all about the stator, don't you remember my panicked call to you during our nocal trip last year? thanks for the replies. best regards, johnnyg
  2. johnnyg


    I replaced my stock, shunt-type r/r with an aftermarket, series type. I test rode this afternoon and I’d swear it felt like it had a little more ooomph (I think I spelled that right). My question is, am I imagining things, or can improved electrics make the bike a bit livelier? Best regards, johnnyg
  3. following along on this one tom... enjoy your ride! best regards, johnnyg
  4. Details are here: http://www.cbs8.com/story/38496237/motorcyclist-dead-after-hitting-deputys-patrol-car-in-encinitas My wife was in the vicinity when it happened... a witness told her the bike was going about 60mph, and doing a wheelie. Such a waste... Ride safe y’all. Best regards, johnnyg
  5. "self-trained"? best regards, johnnyg
  6. great photos, i especially like the one alongside the river... such a beautiful riding area. thanks for sharing! best regards, johnnyg
  7. johnnyg

    Babes on sport bikes

    that part struck me as odd also. with friends like those...
  8. johnnyg

    The Wave

    i've done that... do you wave back when working? best regards, johnnyg
  9. johnnyg

    The Wave

    i'll wave to most everyone, but i always take it back when it's a scooter... and waving in corners is fun! this is not me, but someone clearly having a great time. best regards, johnnyg
  10. looks like great ride... who won the pool game?
  11. i chatted with the guy on the gsa with the red crash bars and frame (i think his name was mark?) at the gas stop in santa ysabel... i parked my girlie tiger away from the group, i didn't want to cramp anyone's style! looks like a great time! best regards, johnnyg
  12. johnnyg

    ktm flywheel tool help needed

    thanks for the replies... like tom said, it's gonna be a one-time use kinda thing. i'll prolly just end up buying one, so keep your eyes peeled for a flywheel tool up for sale in a week or two. best regards, johnnyg
  13. johnnyg

    ktm flywheel tool help needed

    hi all, i'm hoping someone here has an lc4 flywheel puller in their toolbox i could use to replace the starter sprag on my '03 640. your choice of beverage (within reason, of course... i'm not prepared to buy someone a bottle of '61 chateau le fit) and my undying gratitude will be your reward. best regards, johnnyg
  14. that's a great idea, any chance it could be on a wed thru sun evening? i'd be in... best regards, johnnyg