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  1. Love to do the loop again with you but I'm smothered in chores.
  2. Randy - Fun ride. Thanks for posting. Great group and perfect weather. No sign of recent rain.
  3. Wildwood - Still have room in your truck? I'd love to bum a ride at the park n ride. Yeah Bill, just me so far. I'll be there at around 7:15 to load you up. Great - I'll be there
  4. Wildwood - Still have room in your truck? I'd love to bum a ride at the park n ride.
  5. Looks like a fun event to watch. Think I'll ride out. Wonder which is the better to day to watch?
  6. I'm in through breakfast. After that I'm hanging out at Vail lake before heading home.
  7. Nice riding with you John. Perfect weather. I think I saw one puddle, otherwise bone dry.
  8. John, I'll look for you. Good to know we will at least be going the same direction. -Bill
  9. I'm riding this 2 hour loop from the PV cul-de-sac at 2pm. Anyone interested?
  10. Fun loop. Too many chores tomorrow otherwise I'd join you.
  11. Robbie Maddison https://youtu.be/lDi9uFcD7XI
  12. David - you ran out of gas and still beat me there... Riding the big orange adventure bike was too much fun as was lunch at Hideout and the warm ride out to Anza. Thanks for posting.
  13. Yeah, looks like 91 for a high on Saturday in Anza. Maybe we could just ride to the Hideout. I might also slab it to Julian later because my sister is catering a soft grand opening at Volcan Mountain Winery (formerly Jenkins Winery) off Wynola Rd. Open to suggestions. Meet you at high school at 9. We can wing it from there
  14. I might be in. Demo on an orange bike would be fun. Anza at mid day may be a little hot.