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  1. BaDDoG

    New in SD area

    Well ... made it down to the end of Eagle Peak, but the roads leading on were gated ... too bad ... great views from the road around there into the valley though ... ended up backtracking up to boulder creek and riding down to Descanto (Cedar Creek gated off on Boulder Peak side also) ... the Cedar Creek trail looks like a blast though ... oh well maybe next time
  2. BaDDoG

    New in SD area

    I will take my camera and take some shots along the way ... Looks like I'm off work tomorrow so I'm heading up there in the morning ... I will post them when I get back
  3. BaDDoG

    New in SD area

    Great! ... thanks for the input everyone ... I will be heading up that way hopefully this weekend to check it out ... I think I will try your route X-country-Rider ... Julian to Eagle Peak to Cedar Creek to Boulder Creek to Descanso then back home on the 8 ... looks like a fun ride!!
  4. BaDDoG

    New in SD area

    Hello ... I was curious if anyone has been down Eagle Peak Rd out of Julian lately ... would like to know what roads are open out there before I make the trip
  5. BaDDoG

    New in SD area

    Hello everyone ... Name is Rich ... originally from Colorado ... bought a 05' xr650l about a year and a half ago, but havn't been able to ride much as of yet due to work ... have been on about 20 or so rides in SD and surrounding area (havn't made it to the desert yet) and have found a few great trails, but definately a lot more fences, gates and signs ... boooo ... anybody know some good trails in the area that won't get you shot at, arrested, or chased by wild Indians ... haha ... (or a forum name that discusses such things) ...