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  1. Afry

    98 KTM 640 project bike

    Sold to a good home!
  2. Afry

    98 KTM 640 project bike

    Yup, fairly certain the motor is good, parts alone makes it. I'll part it on ebay if no one wants it, motor is worth it.
  3. Afry, where can I see the Bike?

  4. ** sold** Parts or runner you decide - barn find, I believe it's all there but I haven't checked it out. The previous owners ex wife tells me it was running then parked for a couple years. Then he tried to start it but thought it had an electrical problem so he pulled the starter relay and a couple other things and then found a dead battery was the problem. I checked DMV and it will take about $400 to pay back fees and get current registration.
  5. Looks like they are having $2 off a Cheersburger with a draft beer purchase as well as beer bucket specials and live band! https://www.facebook.com/cheersoframona/videos/1681159521926798/
  6. Yes right out front of Cheers - I'll be there with my bike as well
  7. Afry

    KTMs at auction

    Auction is over and the Ktm's went for $4200-4300, not a bad price but not a deal good enough to flip - remember the 13% buyers premium. The two newer ford van's went for big bucks, a 2000 E350 with super low miles of 28,677 went for over book @ 6900 and the 2006 E350 with 156,355 miles went for $4200. This one was a little rough inside. The 1988 Chevy van went for cheap @ $1500 with only 28,917 miles but it's old school and not sure I'd want to drive any distance in it. Would have been a good local moto van.
  8. Thursday 8/31 from 6-9 PM, ride what you have - dual sport, cruiser, rocket or whatever your cruising around on! Flat track race bikes will also be on display to promote the upcoming 11/4 race at Barona Speedway hosted by IV League Flat track (same promoter that does the Del Mar races). Special appearance by the #1 nationally ranked 250 amateur flat track rider 12 year old Travis Petton IV - be there! This is also the same night as Ramona's American Graffiti Cruise Night so there will also be some pretty cool hot rods cruising up and down Main St.
  9. Afry

    KTMs at auction

    Will do, these things are in demand. Most of the auction vans usually do not have power locks, windows or cruise control. But they usually have good tires and brakes etc.
  10. Afry

    KTMs at auction

    There used to be a lot of good deals there but since they went online the public has kicked up the prices. Last auction saw two vans I was watching for for more then CL prices. The best bet is the dealer/dismantler stuff but you need a dealers license. I pickup a 2002 E350 van with 146k miles in very nice condition that didn't run for $850 a couple auctions ago in the dealer section. Turns out it just needed a fuel pump ($35 on ebay and 4 hrs of my time) and she's now my moto van
  11. Afry

    Do you have any regrets???

    Yeah plenty but this might have been the worst - not grabbing Motorcycle.com, Weather.com, Fishing.com, Porn.com (lol) etc. domain names for pennies when the WWW went public 26 years ago today
  12. Afry

    SDAR DS Evolution shirts- sale/ input

    XL for me please!
  13. Damn good price, love those bikes.