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  1. Wakemedic

    The Enduro Shop Grand Opening

    That's funny. Both of those bikes have been gone for years ! I really need to get on the computer more. That's ok. My dating profile still says I'm 28 with a 30 in waist !
  2. Wakemedic

    The Enduro Shop Grand Opening

    Forgot to add its Sat Dec 13th from 1-4
  3. Wakemedic

    The Enduro Shop Grand Opening

    Hey Guys. I thought I would post this up. Ben is a Great guy and has always taken good care of SDAR members. The Flyer didnt upload very clearly on this site, but the shop is in Oceanside at 602 Garrison st. #101 right off Oceanside Blvd. There will be vendors, Knockout pizza and a couple of Baja Adventure tour companies showing up.
  4. Wakemedic


    Happy Birthday Brother !!
  5. Wakemedic

    650Ben - Rest in Peace

    Hey Guys, Haven't been on here much lately. Its been a couple of weeks and Its still so strange not seeing Ben around. As Rex and other close friends have testified what a great guy he was to be around I can only add that he was equally loved here at work. In the 10 years I have known Ben I truly cant remember him not having that big smile on his face. Every city employee knew they had a genuine friend in Ben. Not just his work crew, this guy was liked by every one ! Ben lived a few blocks from me and our daughters go to the same school. Whether hanging out together watching our kids in a school function, him stopping by the station to talk about a ride, or having him show up to some flooding call in Leucadia the guy always had a smile on his face. He truly will be missed. My buddies on another engine responded to Bens incident. It was a very emotional event for them as 2 of the guys on that rig had been friends with Ben for a long time. I think its great that a group of you are riding in. Ben would have loved that ! For what its worth right now at 8:30 AM its clearing up here In Encinitas. Im on duty today and will be showing up on our Engine. The gathering is centrally located in the city so Im sure a few engines are coming with the ability to respond to calls. Ben was loved by so many people at work and in his personal work I think this is going to be a large event. Ride safe today ! RIP Brother !! Eddie
  6. Wakemedic

    STOLEN BIKE - Need Help - DR650

    Sorry Bro ! Threw the pic and your dilemma up on FB. Good luck.....
  7. I say let it roll Randy ! I do like the idea of a Separate forum...... Like a God , Guns and Politics kind of thing. Enough former military and guys that got into Dual Sport because of the love of combining motorcycles and backpacking, hunting, and camping that sometimes the conversation goes into the outdoors, fishing, hunting and guns. A tremendous amount of passion right now out there because many people feel that this election is more than just a vote for a president, but for the soul of this country. We all have friends on both side of the aisle, we should keep it civil. This does give some serious insight on how guys think and after all I would still stop and help someone injured on the trail even if they are a Dirt Bag Liberal !!
  8. Wakemedic

    Real American

    Yea Gypsy, A true credit to our community. Even after he went down and knew his legs were gone he kept his brothers safety first. Called off the medics knowing the IED had not been picked up by his detector. Made the medics wait to come help him until after the area had been cleared by another EOD tech.
  9. Wakemedic

    HBD Bagstr

    Happy Birthday Dave !! I ran into your new riding partner at the track......
  10. Wakemedic

    60 Minutes Intereview

    For whats it's worth...... As a couple of you guys know I'm former Navy EOD. I just got off the phone with a close friend of mine from the SEAL Teams. As the rest of the country now knows 2 of the Americans killed in the attack in Benghazi were former Navy Seals now working security for the State Dept. Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. Word is that Glen and Ty fought to the last round and took well over 100 of the bad guys with them before they were over whelmed. Obviously I dont know if this is direct Intelligence. I got it second hand, but having served with and knowing how these warriors past and present operate, I have no doubt that it's true. A little reminiscent of the 2 Delta snipers that went in alone to protect the Downed Black Hawk in Mogadishu. True Warriors.
  11. Charlie. So yea obviously Strega is a rolling tool chest, but it's kind of bring what you feel you might need, some guys run pretty light. I took 1 tube, tire irons . Tools , co pump with spare cartridges A little soapy water in a small plastic bottle. Spare clutch cable Small first aid kit. Various Hose clamps. Assorted zip ties. Water. Jb weld. Small section of fuel line. Whatever tools you need for your specific bike. Then obviously water, jacket. Radio. Gps. Lighting. I'm sure throughout today you will get lots of replies. And posts with much better lists.
  12. Ill just beat Crawdad, Covered, Brian and Paul to the punch on this........ You dont need to bring any thing, just ride with Roger !
  13. Wakemedic

    Ham Radio class

    Hey Guys, Ron Perry Emailed me last night about the next Ham Tech class in Valley Center. Steel Rain, Covered and I took this one and its a long dry day, but you get your License which allows you to legally communicate through repeaters with in the Ham system. Sept 9th is the day and Ron is the contact point. Rperry@mediacombb.net He said anyone interested needs to contact him ASAP.
  14. Wakemedic


    Oh Yea its Crawdad , Strega and Hobiee Coming back from the last Bar 10
  15. Wakemedic

    HI from Ramona

    I wasn't going to say anything but riding in DV in the summer is not the best idea. It's hot and riding a dirt bike in 125 degrees is not my idea of fun. DV is great in late fall, winter or early spring but why ride there in summer when you can other places then do DV when it cools down Covered in Dust Yea, but in the summer he wont run into any ice patches on the trails resulting in this..........