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  1. RandyKTM530EXC

    Bishop Dual Sport

    NIce views, Benton, and Lake Crowley (good fishing their too if interested). Good times had by all. Thanks again to the great guys in my group: Ken, Steve, and Charlie for tolerating my snoring. I did bring ear plugs for Charlie.
  2. RandyKTM530EXC

    Bishop Dual Sport

    Hey guys, that is my bike!! Ken was more interested in taking pictures of it than me and answering my squeals of pain after I landed on my back pelvis on a big rock (pics to come)... Hey, not good marketing for the bike I decided to sell. See classified for 2009 KTM 530 EXC. The bike was actually fine after this lay-over. I'm walin' and not even a bruise. Randy
  3. Hi, Ken, KKrug, I, and three others are going up in a toy hauler. We are staying at the County Fair RV park. I also got cheap reservations at the nearby Motel 6 as a backup. Look us up, perhaps we can ride together. We will arrive late Thurs pm. Send me an e-mail for my cell number. Randy
  4. RandyKTM530EXC

    Next Maintenance Gathering September 26th

    I was able to use an Acerbis 3.4 gal tank on my '09 KTM 530 EXC with the KTM OEM fan and Trailtech stator/retifier.
  5. I am interested. Do you mean Thanksgiving Day weekend? When are you going? Randy
  6. Great pics! - Randy This is Goldmine on Sunday.If you guys went a little farther over that ledge about a 1/2 mile you would have found the Quarry.The last pic is the exit then its on to John Bull Trail.
  7. Hi Deb, We can talk at BB. I am inclinded to do the 10/9 event, but perhaps we could put together a smaller group and go in addition or earlier instead. -- Randy sure wish it was the weekend before.....those dates are tough for me...but seriously considering another trip to bishop/mammoth October 1-4
  8. Hey Randy, Yeah we're Hi-Tech now, I got a bar-code micro-chip embedded in my left bicept for this weekend, a video camera mounted in my left eye, and a Lexus impact sensor on my KTM when I back up..... Bye the way, what do pine trees look like? Randy Internet, iphones and laptop at a motorcycle campout ?? C'mon now
  9. I have a SPOT 2 GPS transmitter, so it can call 911, or send an e-mail/txt, or update my movement on a website. If someone will have a laptop, what is an e-mail I can pre-program on the SPOT website to contact someone at the basecamp with the laptop if I(we) need help? Thanks, Randy
  10. I am bringing a propane stove, do I get a permit from a Ranger as I enter the camping area? Thanks, Randy ******************** it would seem so....too bad, but I do totally understand...things are DRYYYYYY out there....the weekend will still ROCK!..fires or no....we will be cooking with propane as planned..... My current permit for propane stoves does not expire until the 15th. So we are set. And the Ranger that issued it knows I have the cabin next weekend. We're set, just need to behave. Also, as I told Deb the other evening, they are CLOSING the cabin to drive ins and group camping starting this winter. So we will be one of THEE last to camp there.
  11. P.S. Kyle, an organizer, told me today that they pre-road a ride from Bishop to Mammoth that is really nice, but around 120miles, so you need a large tank. There might be a fuel stop in June lake.
  12. I'm interested. Please keep me posted. Randy
  13. 4th Annual Bishop Dual Sport Ride 10/8-10 (AMA District 37) Sound's interesting. Anyone done this before? Early registration by 9/20 at $110. http://www.district37ama.org/dualsport/ridefliers/VCMC2010.pdf Anyone want to ride together? Randy
  14. I would like to go, probably for the full weekend and, or drive up Friday. I road the Big Bear Run in June and have the GPS coordinates for both easy and difficult. Perhaps someone can use them to build ours. I have a Tundra pickup or can carpool with someone with a truck or trailer. At this point I see I will have to use the Yellowpass site to park. I am a big-time snore bear so will probably camp in a tent away from the fait of heart. I have some ice chests, and white gas Coleman stove if interested. Randy

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