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  1. recycled

    990 Adventure info

    Mikey777. I was drooling over Vanjoosten's SE add, but that is well outside my target budget right now. Though as you mention, but the time I add stuff, I would likely end up at that price or higher by the time I'm done. I only get to ride a couple times a year since I work overseas most of the year so this would be a good long term bike since it is essentially a new bike. At my size, 175 lbs, I agree, I don't need or want anything bigger than the 990. Even that will be a big jump from my last bike which was a DRZ-SM.
  2. recycled

    990 Adventure info

    BP619. Thanks for the link. Plenty of good info there.
  3. recycled

    990 Adventure info

    I was thinking that someone here may have known who the owner was. Does the price seem in line with current local market? Current KBB for retail is about low 7's but only accounts for the age and not the low mileage. Is there anything specific that should be looked at for the 07 since it was the first year for FI?
  4. recycled

    990 Adventure info

    Mikey777. Thanks, that's the one.
  5. recycled

    990 Adventure info

    Hello all, I was looking at the 07 990 that is at Fun Bike Center and wanted to know if anyone on the forum may have an background info or history on this bike. I figure this may be the best place to start before I consider making any offers. Thanks in advance. Bob
  6. I think I will be waiting for something around a 450 and under 300 lbs. from the big 4. Hopefully it will be under $8k if it ever happens. Another dream is a baby Tenere based on the FZ-07 engine. For now I have the 350exc in mind to replace to overweight DRZ that I got rid of in 2012, just have to wait for the budget to support it.
  7. I think this was on KUSI with Turko a few years back. I have had the zip tie on all mine for years. Also I placed a header board above the door to minimize the gap when the door is pushed in. Just have to adjust size(1x6 or 2x4 about 3 feet long) and the placement, up and down, so it barely clears the door as it comes upward and inward on the tracks. Of course I also throw the manual deadbolt and go out the regular door if I am going to be gone for more than a day or two.
  8. apparently there is an entrepreneur in Montana that has reverse engineered this tool for about $100 less than the original. Here it is for anyone interested. Baja No Pinch Motorcycle Tire Mounting Tool Motorcycle Tire Changing Tool _ .pdf
  9. recycled

    bikeroutetoaster.com online map creater

    Check out http//www.rallynavigator.com if you are interested in making your own roll charts. Downside is that it requires membership.
  10. recycled

    SDAR Stickers...Getting the Ball Rolling

    Die cut sounds good. I would be in for $20-30 worth of ovals. I also like Dan's idea of the web site on the sticker. How about negative in the black oval.
  11. recycled

    Annual Porch Sale

    Annual porch sale at Chaparral Motorsports in San Bernardino A bit far for those in the south, but may be worthwhile for the folks in north county or Riverside county. Porch Sale Flyer
  12. recycled

    Motorcycle Jump rope

    Cool, I think I would be lucky to be able to jump rope without the bike.
  13. recycled

    Tire Tool Group Buy(on ADV)

    This tool is only for mounting the new tires. It does not remove the old tire or break beads. It is simply a hub centric "pusher" device that allow the tire to be stretched over the rim by pushing vice levering with a tire iron. For breaking beads on a super-moto wheel, I favor the 2x4's and trailer hitch method (or some variation of this).
  14. For all the people that expressed interest in the "tire tool" that Afry posted a while back, now is your opportunity to get one. EvanADV on the Adventure Rider site is sponsoring a group buy. The sign up ends on June 30th and below is the link to the sign up page. He is looking for a minimum order of 25 and it looks like the list is growing quickly. I see "Wintyfresh" at the top of the list, is that the same person from SDAR?? Kaurit Moto Tire Tool Group Buy on Adventure Rider
  15. recycled

    This tire tool is pretty cool

    For those that may be interested in this tire mounting tool, it looks like an inmate (EvanADV) on ADV is considering sponsoring another group buy. link to ADV post