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  1. vegetable_television

    Paiute Trail Trip

    I'm down to do the shakedown ride at Corral Canyon. I've never been there before...where specifically would we be meeting? I want to make sure I'll be able to find everyone...
  2. vegetable_television

    Maintenance Day Sat 6-26

    I'm not sure if I can make the tech day, but I'm definitely going to try. I'm hoping to get some help checking my oil and other fluids, chain, and possibly do a valve check if there's time and someone wants to help. And/or just try to watch and learn as much as possible from others working on their bikes too!
  3. vegetable_television

    Paiute Trail Trip

    Hey, sorry to flake out on the meeting after I said I could make it - I had promised to help my friend move sometime this week and tonight is the only time she can borrow a truck/trailer from one of our other friends, so I've got to go help her. Have an excellent meeting, I'll keep checking this forum for updates about the trip...
  4. vegetable_television

    Paiute Trail Trip

    I can make this meeting - is it definitely happening tonight?
  5. I'm down to go on the Sequoia trip. I don't have a truck so if anyone has any extra space for me/my bike that would be awesome...if not no problem I'd just ride my bike up there...
  6. vegetable_television

    Paiute Trail Trip

    This sounds excellent. I've actually been planning on heading up to Utah and Colorado in mid-July and would love to come along for this ride...is there space for my bike and me in someone's truck? If not I can just ride my bike up there...I'm a beginner in the dirt and want to make sure I wouldn't be holding up the ride by not being that fast yet...but I'm plenty adventurous and down to camp the whole time along the trail...
  7. vegetable_television

    Border Ride...Sunday.....IT'S ON!...

    thanks so much for the ride and especially to everyone who helped pick up my gargantuan bike and help me get through the rougher sections! i had a great time and am going to practice on a smaller/lighter bike with the right tires, and when i can afford it, pick up a used CRF or DRZ so i can hopefully fall less and be able to pick up my own bike more...now for some intoxication for me, and some combination of gorilla glue and duct tape for my bike...
  8. vegetable_television

    Border Ride...Sunday.....IT'S ON!...

    awesome, i'm down!
  9. vegetable_television

    new to dual sport ridin'

    Thanks that would be awesome...how about next week sometime? I can go pretty much whenever bc I'm not working right now... Unfortunately mid week rides are out for me due to work. The next weekend that we will be home, (ie. not camping) will be the 27th so let me look into putting a group ride together on that weekend. sounds good for the 27th...
  10. vegetable_television

    new to dual sport ridin'

    Thanks that would be awesome...how about next week sometime? I can go pretty much whenever bc I'm not working right now...
  11. vegetable_television

    new to dual sport ridin'

    Thanks, I do. It's my only vehicle [besides a bicycle] so I ride it everyday!
  12. vegetable_television

    new to dual sport ridin'

    Thanks...I'll be sure to check back and come along on the next ride...I've only got one person whose interested in doing Baja with me, but he's got an even larger bike [800 gs] and no Mexico riding experience...we're hoping to go down there with someone more experienced...in March or April sometime...
  13. vegetable_television

    new to dual sport ridin'

    Thanks, I'm going to check that section more often...I just saw an old post about a ride in Otay and wish I'd see it sooner! I was thinking about trying to do the Desert Dash even though my bike is probably a bit large for that . But I'm actually going with a group of people up to Death Valley the same weekend as the Desert Dash. I'm hoping to explore some easier dirt roads in the park up there...
  14. vegetable_television

    new to dual sport ridin'

    I just saw the post about the Otay ride...I'd love to join you on the next one...I'll keep checking the upcoming ride posts...thanks! So far I've just got one friend [he's got an 800 GS] whose interested in doing Baja with me, but we'd probably like to go with someone who knows where they're going...my spanish is pretty good and I've always had a great time in Mexico [Mexico City, Oaxaca], but I haven't had a chance to go down to Cabo yet and am excited to ride my bike there...