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    Off roader and proud of it! Been riding motorcycles since I was young. Got into Buggies then out of buggies and back on motorcycles. I have had my 1996 Kawasaki KLX 650 for a little over a year and I love it! Why was I not dual sporting before? Live and learn.---UPDATE-- bought 2010 KTM exc530 and traded KLX650 workhorse for 2 stroke Plated 2000 KDX220 to get 16y/o into dualsporting. Watch out he just may pass you on the trail, he sure passes me!
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  1. Randy, I am soooo not a gps person. I can try with help, we will talk about it on friday.
  2. I will be driving school bus that night. But will be at the ranch by friday afternoon. Ready to help out with anything.
  3. Awesome! A nd I saw our teakettle we left last month. Thanks for sharing Tim.
  4. maybe an suv that seats more than 2 would be better suited as an emt vehicle?
  5. I have been off the board for a while but I would like to help out again with whatever needed. I also have an 85 Toyota pickup with lockers.
  6. Hmmm...Lurking, could be a good introduction to an overnighter

    Shorai POS

    My new OE replacement cost $25.00 is very small and should last 3 yrs like the old one did. I have way better things to spend $150.00 on!

    Paint Removal

    That reminds me. I am due up to make a donation to a single mother. That's a good idea Dan. I'll look up a professional stripper. Hmm, Cheetah's, De Ja Vu? Which to call first. Try Little Darlings...those girls dont mind getting dirty

    SDAR Stickers...Getting the Ball Rolling

    They are all good... sign me up for a dozen!
  10. KLXBEN

    WooHoo! Finally picked up new bike today!

    Check out Clockworks for a tank. The one I bought for my '10 EXC has been great. I have a 160+ range. They design the tanks to sit low and still allow for elect fan kits www.clockworkktm.com
  11. I was thinking maybe we could organize a group to do some improvments to the fire house. I may be able to get some donated interior paint. That would spruce it up a bit

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