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  1. How about some more details like one way miles, percent dirt vs pavement, etc. Nothing exact just estimates every ride is subject to change, before or during. John
  2. John_Diego

    New KLR rider from Chula Vista!

    Thanks for all the welcomes! Yes, I'd like to go on a "Ladies" ride. I'm sure they can all teach me a thing or two:) Like how not to bury you bike on your 1st outing. John
  3. Hello, I've been riding since I was 15. After several years of not owning a bike I got back into it in 2000 with a 1100 Shadow, then a Valkyrie, and then a ST-1300. Started reading about dual sport and adventure riders and got hooked on the idea, so I got a 2009 KLR650. I took it to an ST-Owners event last weekend at the Salton Sea. A couple of other riders brought their dual-sports so we went for a ride down the Bradshaw trail, 60mi off road for the first time in 30+ years. The odometer turned to 300mi on the KLR during that ride. I have a lot to learn about dirt riding and hope you guys can help me out. Let's Ride, John