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  1. Note besides all the great stuff shown, try to keep that installation clean as possible, if its a dirty trailside fix, tear it down back home and clean itall up. No sand grit/sticks FOD will keep the friction wear down as well. Gorilla tape is my god of all tapes for everything. PS Michelin Air Stop tubes are also of the highest quality they also come in HD and XHD(4mm). 4mm is excessive costly and heavy, but I used those for years- they are super bullet proof. In Tecate I put a big open vee notch into my front rim on sharp rock exposing the tire bead, it was that deep the UHD tube was poking out and never pinch broke, we zip tied and taped over the "injury" and completed the all day ride with no issues. That's another thing for the butt bag, monster zip ties the big heavy duty ones are great for handcuffing bad blokes and great for holding tires onto the rim in a fix.
  2. Yes the 2nd loop had some pucker factor spots, for me I was gentlemanly and didn't play the agro push through game, my worst spot was completely on me getting lost for a while on the backside of the mountain, I think that cost me the most time along with a couple of conga line slow downs, where in some cases I could have pushed by and got some time back. I just felt great to get the clean finish after having my first fail DNF at the 100s MC 2017 final where I felt really weak and shitty and only finished 2 of the 3 loops , my first H&H DNF. Cant wait for the 18 100s MC final bike is great and my physical program is solid this year.
  3. spent years with glasses under the googles then many more with contacts, only to suffer a bad infection...so after over a year riding of riding again with glasses . I went to Codet Vision Institute in Tijuana and for freaking 2k I got both my eyes fixed!!! From a world class level doctor (Chayet). BTW I ride much better now (again like with contacts) without the doubled lenses, double dust coating, fogging etc etc of glasses under the goggles. Difference is now I'm very good as farsighted but I do need reading glasses for the up close stuff, where as before I had microscopic vision out to `12" but was virtually blind out past a few feet. Flip Flop on vision and couldn't be happier. another BTW if I used a GPS I would not be able to read it on my bars. If you stick with glasses use the goggles brand that are designed for glasses.
  4. glad Im opting for the TX300. which is now ready to go fully prepped
  5. You better be signed for this!! I want my minute mates to finish the Tecate on good order!!! see you up there Mr.!!!
  6. Pete no worries about finish, you just ride at your pace, safe but race pace , you will finish. this format is great and creates a class matching speed test not so much a knockdown drag out enduro survival test. I am sure they will throw some technical rocky stuff at us , but like Matt mentioned it comes at you in 5 mile test bursts, not at you like the 3rd loop after 80 miles of dez of a national H&H or the Tecate enduro type race.
  7. Great news all, We can aim to park in the same area, always nice to have a crew. I want to come up on Sat eve but may need to do the zero dark thirty run up on Sunday morn. regardless see yall there.
  8. Yea!! Great news Matt, see you there. Also there is a support effort for local D37 racer Ryan Kudla for his ISDE fund. I plan on supporting his trip fund to Chile! Also we will loop back in from tests right? I want fuel before the end of the tests, 50 miles is too close for comfort.
  9. NHHA starts are always by far the most frightening part of the race.
  10. Protection - From Slaven's

    Had Discover Enduro guards on my 2014 TE300 , actually broke one side and called them and sent in photos. I think the owner's name is Bernie, I can't remember, but he immediately sent me out a new one. I really was ready to buy another set , at the time I asked about the new pattern fork bottoms he said they were in work, glad to see them on the market. This is worthy product. 100% recommend these things.
  11. 20 OCT 2018 is the 4th and final round of this single tracl HS/XC series . It will be on all new trails in the Jacume zona east of Tecate.
  12. I moved this over to the Puerta MX thread.
  13. 20OCT2018 is the date they had listed at the start of the season. PuertaMX single track series. www.puertamx.com
  14. those who want a taste of Tecate S/T- the Puerta MX local series will have the final round sometime in Oct as well as for those of us that crave seat time.