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  1. the real one. OG http://www.joehauler.com/singlehaulers/singlehaulers.shtml
  2. more videos are starting to show up but I cant paste them here anymore
  3. well when Noah says it was the toughest yet , I really feel OK about the finish. This is also adventure riding , of the non-plated variety!!
  4. gotta add Fratello Gio Spinali was @ 2 minutes faster than me on Test 1.
  5. I caught up to Chilly at that bottleneck (Paul Eddy Step Trail) spot him and John Sed walked up the section and cleared @6 guys over the hump then Chilly passed the torch and went up , I went up and John was still helping, with my bike to the side John walked down and came up we got him over and he took off, Cyril and I pushed pulled his bike over then we handed the torch to the next group. We all burned some minutes there.
  6. that spot was a big screw up for me I probably lost a minute or maybe more at that spot, I turned around and came at it from a better angle, instead of fighting it, that angle from the left was a bad angle. BTW Ive been in that wash there in other Tecate HS/Enduro races and on local trail rides.
  7. Chilly did the same but fortunately it was his rear wheel I saw him (after he passed me) on a big flat rock working on it. glad you are OK. It always seems more sharp and rough when its dry.
  8. Happy to see more and more SDAR participation, they can tell their stories, but suffice it to say this was a dust year.......some spots were zero fun., ZERO vis fun....but everyone had to deal with the same stuff. unofficially I got 8th 50+ open from @ 60 in class racers.. which I am very happy with, got beat by some fairly fast worthy guys in the 50 class ISDE vets Grant and Chilly, at least 1 Nat H&H 50 expert, 1 AMA hall of famer (LR), and others, top ten was the goal and on trophy it looks like both goals met. I was very happy to see the checkers at that one. PS without that 2L of gas after the 1st test....I would have gone dry near the end of the second loop..or very very close to dry. It was very good tactical move to carry. BTW the horn worked most excellently when needed
  9. letting earlier minute folks know without all the yelling...that I've caught them up on the trail.
  10. making sure I get to 50 miles on my stock 2.6 gal tank--Xtra 2L splash to go the distance.
  11. Its back an all time fun and challenging event right outta and around the Santa Veronica area.
  12. Pietro has finished his Golden Triangle Tour and the trip report is flowing in FB and at the website.
  13. See PM thanks for all your work Chris.