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  1. not volunteering but will there be a vintage bike class..or a prize for the oldest DS machine doing the dash?.
  2. robertaccio


    In moto oddly enough there is another Brabec (CZE) and even a Brabeck (AUT) still in the race. The top 3 are within 1 min 15 sec of each other......top 10 within 15 minutes of each other. This is close racing over long ranges.
  3. robertaccio


    Brabec out blown motor, Skyler out with unhinged shoulder . a few more top tier and private guys are out as well ( Santolino, Dutto)
  4. robertaccio

    New Ride

    AND the Gnarley FMF pipe with Ti 2.1 silencer. I like tractors. so yea some personal performance add ons for my taste. Im very particular, I want no stall, low RPM crawl, go up a gear and torque power through stuff, no stabilizer, minimal protection/lightweight stuff. Oh and must have ARC Memlon Levers. But that is just me. Less is more for me. BR7EIX plug. 60:1 K2 Maxima.
  5. robertaccio

    New Ride

    I will add that I did add a V Force 4 Reed block assy, the OEM one is not as high quality but it is very much the same type design. The OEM Moto Tassinari side to side with the KTM OEM block just looks like a more precision quality device, not a mass produced part.
  6. robertaccio

    I don't get it

    if its not a check point, I don't even see anyone, I cant figure that guy out either. was there a course A and C loop break? I would not have even slowed down.
  7. robertaccio

    New Ride

    all these mods....truth is you should just ride the thing. after suspension set up and OEM carb tune use.
  8. robertaccio

    New Ride

    mostly I believe the float height was way too high. the thing would spill from the standpipe at low lean over angles (that's the quick check) I set it to the minimum setting and the thing works fine.
  9. robertaccio

    KTM 500 Twin ADV Bike

    I guess its just that gray area, dependent on what and who defines an ADV bike. to me , my race bike TX300 Husqvarna is a full on ADV bike.......do I rip to the tip? no way but every time I ride it its an adventure.
  10. robertaccio

    KTM 500 Twin ADV Bike

    My question to the ADV crew. Everyone keeps saying go lighter go lighter, go smaller....at that point why not just buy 500 (FE or EXCF) or other brand "small" DS machine and throw on a huge Acerbis or Safari tank, add your fave brand side bags etc., a rally windscreen, upgrade suspension for the weight and have a 300 pound ADV bike? My crew all seem to adore their 1090Rs (bigs) and love to challenge themselves to a fairly high level on them, as an adventure unto itself. They all have full on "racing" DS bikes (smalls) and non DS "race ready" bikes as well.
  11. robertaccio

    New Ride

    nice choice Ken. cmon down for the Puerta MX single track race on the 26th of Jan. Do as you want for induction, but OEM stock motor with good jetting (JD works great) and some float level adjust and the thing will run just fine. Take my word I'm on the 17 TX300 Husky. My jet spec is exact per the JD sheet all I do is swap needles for the summer/winter temp change. Tractor easy power and zero stall. Stock E head is soft easy power , power is nothing without control. Also E (XC-W) suspension valve is great for all that rocky crap we ride, just match up your springs to weight setting and add some reb to compensate for the heavier springs, tell S101 I said that. ( but do go with what Mr. S101 has in his bag of tricks)
  12. The final was postponed due to land use issues. The final will be a double points race on the 26th of Jan 2019. location tbt. get ready all you SDAR crew it should be a good one.
  13. nogo for round 1. but planning to make my race return on the 26th for the Puerta MX 2018 season final (due to postponment)
  14. robertaccio

    MISC Moto Related Garage Stuff

    OEM WP 42-260 spring from my 2017 TX300 ( shock type) for reference. 260mm OA length and 42 N/mm, comes in nice OEM WP box that looks cool on the parts shelf.