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  1. Jamul practice track up for sale?

    that was a good one TexasDualler!!
  2. What we want now or what had then, I had a CB100 Honda that doubled as a offroad bike and a GT250 Suzuki that was my road bike. But also rode my friends 750 Bonneville Triumph ( I was the only one in our crew that could start it) and other friends Z-1 900 Kawasaki around on any given day. 17 now I would like the FE350 Husky off road racer with a plate. Just like those core dual sporters from the 70s.
  3. It rained there on thurs nite hard. we rode on friday hard. by the afternoon there was already dust. temps were mid to high 80s with a enough breeze to turn the windmills. it was humid as the wet ground gave up its moisture. It was an unusual July day, and I am happy for that. Plus we rode with some cool people (5 all together) YZ450FX, CRF450R, YZ250X, TX300 and the mighty ('89)XR250
  4. ZR promo with DP Racing sponsorship (Baja Winning Team), will put on a mid summer HS race at the tower west of Hacienda Santa Veronica. Details to come. Heat prep for this one. Tecate Sprint Enduro Training. You want marked Tecate high caliber single track this one will work. For all you Pros payout will be good as well.
  5. Heading down to Hacienda Santa Veronica on 11 Aug for an organized trail ride if anyone is up for a intermediate level plus (enduro/XC/MX bikes) ride PM me for details. (Partner up is best)
  6. Colorado ride

    no no lectron. oem stock jetted for alt but with high comp head and other hi alt mods. low pressure=low comp add hi comp head to improve power in low pressure low oxygen environment. all the very basic WW2 aircraft industry pressure altitude adjustments. Ive got nothing against Lectron,shite even Kenny Roberts used them back in the 70s, but what I do know is that Keihin and Mikuni are the only championship carbs for quite a number of years also in enduro Dellorto was still winning recently. No other brand was or has been used in world class competition besides those three for many years. That's how I judge and not from the factory teams more from the satellite teams because they can use what the decide and collect sponsorship from. Sorry I digressed.
  7. Colorado ride

    For the 300 if you were going to stay up there you would consult with Jeff Slavens...he builds up the best high altitude 2 strokes. (his mule projects)
  8. It's Official and all events are within 4 hours of San Diego.
  9. Querly rides the Erzberg Rodeo

    Also start with local competitions. don't spectate-participate. 2019 AMA D37 Sprint Enduro series, looks to be a great option for all skill levels. I for one am planning to go full on into this series, with all venues within 4 hours of San Diego. And add the occasional AMA Nat H&H for a good beat down as well. of course I will continue hitting the PuertMX Hare Scrambles series south of the border as well, which also has good challenges to ride "over". My point is instead of dreaming about sea to sky, lanares, erzberg, romaniacs, Tennessee knockout etc etc. Get In on the local stuff, trust me there are plenty of challenges to overcome on your bike just riding the SoCal circuit, as well as supporting local organizers. And the cost and logistics are way easier to deal with.
  10. Querly rides the Erzberg Rodeo

    I'm with texas dualler here its just a rocky uphill road , but it sure looks like a instant separator. Hey the Kenny crew rode bye like a sunday drive in the park. Example of same thought process- On some of our private invite hard trail rides the organizers do a separator section right off the bat to cull the pack quickly and safely, so its easy for them to return to the departure location before they get wiped out way out on the course and need assistance to get back.... this ride is on my list for a bunch of years now...if ever I get another plated enduro bike, I will be happy to do this thing---any ride sponsorship deals will be considered.
  11. Querly rides the Erzberg Rodeo

    yall may want to start by riding national H&Hs, Last dog standing, king of motos* etc, you will get a taste of ugly sections to challenge you, no need to to go full ugly and spend mega $$ to get to EU or other. And instead of dreaming about those big international big $$ logistics required, these "local" events are readily accessible right here at home. Meanwhile raise your bar by not taking the easy routes * in at least a couple of Nat H&H we have been run through KOM sections, its just not those never ending relentless sections, just a few 100 yards at a time.
  12. Motorcyclist killed in Encinitas

    news report...always hearsay and grain of salt for my taste .. report says bike speeding (whatever that means) northbound, officer southbound , officer does the now infamous left turn across opposing traffic, with the usual never saw him, speeding or not......
  13. nope, not before I added all kinds of bling....
  14. stupid trials tires...... gotta load the rear not lift it......someday maybe I will get another plated enduro comp machine and join you guys. that is hard to watch.....10 k bikes being thrashed....