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  1. testing short , need to master the 125 action.
  2. green sticker no worries its grandfathered in before the cut off date. looks like the (canarino) canary Yamaha factory colors of the seventies like the Kenny Roberts era of machines.
  3. woooo my temp gauge read 105 in the sun........it was hot. good training just gotta know when to say when. float valve needs all new valve and seat, or at the least removal and cleaning. bike runs very very well.
  4. forgot to mention. green sticky bike.
  5. probably marketing and production wise they will do a more racey WR based on the YZF 250- KTM style DS. a race bike with a plate
  6. I rejetted the YZ to Yamaha manual spec for hot weather (we have altitude and heat so leaner jetting is not a worry, I know it will still be safe jetting) so went down 1 main to 450 (was 460) actually raised the needle (lowered the clip) from 2 to 3 ( I thought I was on 3 before), Pilot is a 25 and A/S is 1.5 per Yamaha manual, also I unscrewed the idle stop, we will adjust it on site, it was quite high and I felt it to cause a lean spot while riding when I chopped the throttle. Oh and I installed my TMX38 (bought for the TX300) thunder products torque wing into the carb. I ordered another for my TX300. I had that slight increase in power/acceleration when I backed off the throttle from WFO so this main jet should be spot on and safe. As for now no spooge but slightly moist and black at the exhaust tip. K2 Maxima synth at 32:1 with Shell Premium (ethanol is in it). Should show black but more dry now. Sunday morn will be day 2 . Oh and I checked and tightened a bunch of fasteners, and installed the gearbox vent tube. I may bring the gopro to capture some of the fun. Bike is soo fun the 3 hundo will stay in the barn for this weekend ( I have work to do on the 3 hundo). Testing 1-2-5.......Sun am will be at the tree-heat heat heat...... Have a 9oz Steahly FWW on order, I think it will be the icing on the cake and the final adjustment/mod.
  7. I was tired that day and wanted some pep, I rarely if ever drink that stuff. It works but so does espresso!! And espresso seems more natural I was too lazy to brew some coffee.
  8. lightening holes in my 2014 TE300 Enduro Engineering Radiator Guards....................lost about 3 oz.....up high
  9. Then "Peter" slowed down....
  10. just look at the older generation rally machines before the 450 rule came into effect. or for the now the KTM, Yamaha and Honda machines that are big but extreme terrain machines, of course some personal mod stuff is in order, like Michelin rally tires for example and probably some suspension work as well. Read- Peterhansel, Depres, LaPorte, Meoni, Trolli, Sainct for the 80-90s , but look to the last gen before the 450cc rule (which is a great rule on many levels) Hahahaaa Stephane Peterhansel Yamaha R1 in the Morrocan desert.....its all about the tires......and the speed.
  11. BP- The very nice Discover Enduro skids are my first choice but he has not jigged/molded up the shape for the new style axle clamps. I spotted these OEM special parts ones and they are fine, not as thick or the same type of plastic, but they will work great and are like zero weight, they may wear faster from scrapes but its OK if they are sacrificial let the plastic wear away not the alloy fork feet. Paul- Im not a fan of adding extra metal parts, EE makes good stuff but those fork guards may be effective but for me its just too much stuff hanging off and also they are ugly! (Note I am not a fan of the type of alloy EE uses, to me its a soft aluminum alloy (1100 series?) he uses for all his parts. However I may end up with EE rad guards those I like, but I do add lightening holes to all of mine.
  12. Just found out the OEM special parts catalog has fork clamp lower guards in hi impact plastic. I now have them mounted. P/N 79601994000
  13. still have my induction side mods as well as my rekluse 3.0 to install.
  14. Like BP said, I don't think any of the top guys use auto clutches. It's all about strong legs and loading the rear with your lrft hand "auto" clutch and with one leg loading while dabbing with the other. Huge balance skills and super strong legs. Gomez was very very impressive , but the old guy showed up as well, just a little late on his charge. Happy for Cody he also had a huge second wind and charged back up to the box.
  15. no mx track for me yet, im throwing a 9oz FWW on and keeping the handguards and skid plate. I do plan on doing a Cahuilla or glen Helen day or 2 after the summer.