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  1. sad story, hard to see in news foto but looked like a DR (DS) type machine thought I could see a turn signal and looked like those conventional DR forks. For sure it wasn't an RM (full on Dirt Bike). Hey all throw on the skid lid even for a test buzz up the street. sad story. way back in the day (78-79 time frame) we lost one of our HS rider guys...happened to be one of the best riders around, MX and street , he took a quick round block test ride on his epic wheelie machine RD400 Yamaha, no helmet, slid, hit curb and was an instant statistic.
  2. XR650R crank balancer index

    blurry but wider overall plan view of installation.
  3. XR650R crank balancer index

    This isn't seen? is end gear on C/B shaft flipped? (dot on the other side?)
  4. Freak Accident in San Bernardino

    just in case, but hard to rig up on a moto
  5. Kids Kawi for $150 on cl

    someone better snap that one up on the cheep needs only carb cleaning kids bike .
  6. Fork seal Q's

    FYI just for secondary info on the thread subject WP sources their seals from SKF, they are the contracted seal manufacturer for WP. I cant comment on Ohlins KYB Showa etc , but I do know that KYB Technical Touch sources only KYB OEM seals but that means nothing I don't think KYB is a seal maker so probably from one of the High end Japanese suppliers, when you look up these brands some are proud to say what high end seal system they using a fake news example "Ohlins proudly uses SKF super chignon formula uno seals in all our products........ So "aftermarket" is some what a gray area, like everything some stuff on the market are no name cheap low quality knock offs some are higher spec, high end products (like synergy brand or other spec SKF) others are the OEM high quality contracted manufacturer products (like SKF) that are the same as what came from the OEM. seals themselves are seals......meaning they are type and size numbered/named OD,ID,Depth. type single lip, v seal etc etc etc re: SKF- InnTeck is the major retail market distributor for SKF products Inn Teck-USA http://www.innteck-usa.com/media/e_885/News/2016/6/TOP10MXAApprovedProductsList.htm
  7. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsY-fbQFD2XCkId-_0D7I5igzKQPwg benefit to local orphanage.
  8. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsY-fbQFD2XCkId-_0D7I5igzKQPwg
  9. TX300 Husqvarna Thread

    use ZipTy XF2 or go with the original Evans sport non aqueous coolant no need to add my weight with fans. I am always trying to be minimalistic but bullet proof.
  10. TX300 Husqvarna Thread

    Probably the clutch assembly itself may fit but for sure the slave is different. so its easier to leave the set up on the 14 and just go new, Core EXP 3.0 for the 17. Also note I ordered a Moto Tassinari V Force 4 reed assembly, for bullet proofing and clean baseline of the induction system. And an FMF Gnarley for use with the OEM muffler for now. I will also plug in an Iridium plug BR7EIX, ARC Memlon lever set are also on the way (bullet proof), just got my TM Designs full coverage skid plate and have the Obie Link guard on order that fits the TMD item. BTW , a relatively new company is SXS , they make a 1 piece plastic skid plate that also covers the linkage knuckle, Jarvis' factory bike has one of these on it.
  11. 2014 TE300 Husqvarna 4 Sale

    Just a taste of what she looks like as is, now to get an idea. Forthcoming, there will be a full clean up and official sales portraits made.
  12. 2014 TE300 Husqvarna 4 Sale

    yes ive got 2 solid days on the TX300 aready, next week I will be giving the TE300 a full going over. I also have a boatload of extra stuff that will go with the TE300 and will post fotos once I get her in ready for OTD configuration. Oh and a price
  13. TX300 Husqvarna Thread

    Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 on the way. I now know where I miss the thing.....more on decel as a slipper clutch to keep the rear settled. Under accel I mostly use my clutch and gas to get full lock up anyway, but for me its on decel into corners where the thing really shines for trail speed.
  14. Sparking interest, details to follow, full listing of inventory, many extras including Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 with photos to follow, PM if you have interest, no price set yet. I need todo a full clean up/sale prep and put up a price. When I sell bikes they are ready to ride/race and enjoy. partial list- ZipTy Racing 4CS fork conversion REB on Top, Comp at bottom ARC Memlon Levers, Husky parts chain guide mount guard, TM Design Works skid plate with Obie link guard attached recently replaced chain, sprockets, drive train buffers and chain guide Discover Enduro lower fork guards 2016 front fender, headlite kit cool graphics Husky parts swingarm guards/covers Answer pillow top grips recently replaced R-Tech plastics new on bike , if you like, or in a box FMF Gnarly, Fatty and OEM pipes 6 all together in my rotable pool many need to go to Pacific Crest to be repaired FMF turbine core 2 and OEM silencer with Enduro Engineering S/A end cap recent Top end and PV clean up all new seals Samco Silicone Blue hoses ZipTy XF2 waterless coolant Metal pump impeller by Check point enduro (bullet proof) Enduro Engineering radiator guards brake snake Husky parts hand guards JD Jetted Extra airfilters and cages, rotable pool items Much more to come
  15. ARC Memlon folding Levers

    oh break down get both sides man they are trick!!! like I said they have been beat down on my 14 TE300 with never an issue