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  1. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    Also rocky mountain ATV has some good boot testing videos to help you choose.
  2. Looking for riding boot in wide width

    Look into top tier Italian brand Gaerne SG12 or other models from Gaerne they tend to run wider than the other Italian top tier brands. Also think to use summer type ("Sahara") socks from Moose racing for example to give more space, and still have good moto focus designed socks in use.
  3. well all of you as motivated and as fast as I signed up.........I can not make this one. Family function on May5.......so send my regards to the trails of Tecate you will have trail adventure stories to tell all year until the next one.
  4. sleep in comfort own bed get up ----0600 tecate border cross, be on site at El Compadre by 0730/0800 no worries. most likely won't roll until @ 0900 anyway and its not a race you go when the Don says you can go...or if you are with our crew you just leave when Tim goes. even if some have left no worries we will have dust and tracks to follow. PS 300/250 2 strokers install big tanks--better safe than sorry, that extra gallon will get you all the way around even with some miscue missed trail flubs...
  5. glad to hear a good contingent of sdar crew are doing this ride, it never disappoints. and the entire fiesta is great with the bar going and plenty of bbq food. best way to fly is to go afternoon before ride then stay over evening of the ride. I will most likely head down on Saturday morn ride drink beer and eat then stay over.
  6. too much waiting.... then I got really impatient....that guy in front was Alex and he knew it was me as was screwing with me badly,,,I did not know it was him. brilliant!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W6x_Z0u75M
  7. I lost track but Im pretty sure this is the last LAMC Trail ride, I see LAMC arrows.
  8. Here is Georges viddy from the trail ride 2914 version...wet one, we were all there.......but I was wrist casted so no ride just eat drink and be merry.
  9. I don't think we will be over in the brown jug section (that's north west of compadre) we usually loop from compadre to the north down the escarpment then back up and stay mostly east of the compadre road. That has been the usual format. Freaking Brown jug been up and down that trail numerous times with no issue......so at the enduro we went up and again I cleaned that little goofy first section got half way up slammed a big rock and went off to the left and looped......this is where buddy Reed left me behind and after catching back up to him I messed up on another semi familiar climb and he he finally lost me for good!! Oh but that is another story. This is the trail ride not as gnarly as the enduro. come down they always have bailouts to the compadre road along way to take you back to the ranch area, as well as hard and easy routes at certain areas.
  10. www.losancianos.com for info and sign up, 50 mile loop from El Compadre Ranch, Bar and food included, well marked ribboned trails
  11. thumbs up what DD said.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=IRYSdQbyhps
  13. lap 2 about, this is viddy 2, funny I must have hit something later that cleaned my lens the later viddy is more clear https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=0p4s_6yqME0
  14. another brilliant day with great company, thanks to all who came down, sometimes a little dusty, but mostly another great challenging course in "funner" tecate!!
  15. cool!! it will not disappoint , my fanboy mind is going nuts thinking that I will racing in the same class.....as Danny and Larry. the ZR races are dez races mostly so although that promoter is a also a great guy I'm not down with the series.