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  1. http://www.fim-isde-live.info/ US trophy team from 1st OA on Day 1 to 2nd OA on day 2, OZ took over top trophy position.
  2. A Salute to All Veterans, My Father and Brother

    Robertaccio Sgt. USMC, VMAQ-2 , 2nd MAW , Cherry Pit NC. EA-6B Electrical systems, flight crew qualified, WSQ swimmer. FahQ MC. Salute to the Vets. Way too many stories to post...and many inappropriate to post.
  3. 2x is enough for me, but it was for sure a bucket list item. and it is a big circus show. riding and racing your dirt bike around the town feels so illegal its great.
  4. I’ve never liked ktm...

    wow 1500. if top end is good and bottom is solid you got a good piece of the kato action for sure.
  5. Like!!!! min 36 is good place to be.
  6. BTW my OA money is once again on Gnarley Gary. It was going to be on Rediciotto, but he flew back to Italia for a while.
  7. www.losancianos.com News, whos who of pros as for ammies whos who of legends national international competitors champs and ISDE veterans....and solid ammie riders.. loads of trail talent this year. Robertaccio' s goal, is top 10 in the 50+ Open class we have 61 SSEN this year, its doable for trophy position. We are on Min 68 key. Reed,Dax,LR,Rob SDAR minute mates crew on min 61, Ty,BP,MtnMan,Blake SDAR everyone pin yer hopes on getting at least some moisture into the soil!!!thx-pray for rain before or even during the event.
  8. starting order is posted. old guys to the back of the bus. got about 260 riders to clear the rocks away for our minute.
  9. EICMA Milan November 6, 2018

    holy cow its been 10 years since I went to my first and last EICMA. (2008 version).
  10. Who is voting?

    wow that photo with Onestone looks like the secret handshake.
  11. Flying with helmet (airlines)

    wear it as a hat. doesn't count as carry on.........
  12. Who is voting?

    fake news about the Russians and/or Chinese, it's the N.Koreans.
  13. Found a .5" scratch on axle

  14. Fall Equipment Review 2018

    i would say that moniker is for the non DS models. race bikes are not euro 3, 4 compliant even FIM enduro racers that are all EU plated most likely would not pass the cert. with their GET and Vortex ECUs plugged in and fully uncorked. you get a plate with a proper vin as your base with all the foundation to build it and for under 15k you get a bike that can win a wold championship event....thats cheap for a machine with those capabilites.
  15. 1927 farm truck project

    great dirtbike hauler......they were very forward thinking back in the day. That thing looks brilliant geat job on the recovery and resto.