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  1. Hipster Hell!!!! They have died and gone to Hipster Hell.......
  2. Nice RFS.
  3. ahhh 250E/XC RFS delete all my comments....OK back to racing bred RFS small bore KTMs--Rubin won the 250cc 4T world championship in Y2K further development brings the 03 model and for E1 in 05,06 Cervantes wins and 07 Salminen wins. anyway its RFS powered bike that mean fairly bullet proof but it is 15 years old. with that age goes parts wear and tear especially soft parts. best of luck with it, it should be a good machine. I was late to the party.....thought you were on the 2 stroke path. suggestion do a full baseline dial in to replace worn stuff, partial disassembly for inspection and cleaning and full tune up and lube.
  4. Its a Kato 2t, basically bullet proof, evolved from Juha's 01 world champion machine. But at about 15 years old, look for the usual old bike items. hours are what does them in . If purchased I would strip her down and get a good baseline on it. and it is a 250 which when fresh is a ripper, its an offroad/enduro race bike. and for trail riding EE has all the good stuff for these (owner Al Randt was Laffertys factory mech for many years and was a AA rider back in the day)
  5. I need to really get going on training again.....I am targeting any chance to ride that I can, hope I can pull off at least a few hours into the gig.
  6. sad state of affairs and its such a hard call when an accident is not really accident...5 to 10 sounds trivial but even 5 in the big house is hard time for an idiot that probably doesn't have a hardcore background.. I am becoming a fan of all the anti collision computer controls in cars as more folks are getting run down from inattention and downright irresponsibility in automobile drivers.
  7. Love the flair of Italian bikes (and cars) and love the classic Husky brand.......but after my first KTM, a 1991 300EXC, My regret, I should have never left the KTM brand, I would have maintained a lot more smiles per mile.....I would have even more plastic trophies on the shelf as well. Before the first KTM for full on dirtbikes it was KDX200, Swede Husky 510TX, ATK 406 then 1st kato KTM300EXC, KTM250EXC, a list of Italian Huskys all 4 stroke (the 2 stroke ones were Cagiva based and good), then back to KTM.....OK under the Husky brand 2014 TE300 and now the best thing ever the TX300 no regrets here. Should have waited for the FI...nope no regrets I love the Mikuni TMX for its utmost simplicity.
  8. Calling Dr. Phil, paging Dr. Phil....
  9. this is the start of a brilliant thread.
  10. I need to aplogize for the fake news..and digs on the Chinese..due to lack of is who Shinko is.
  11. hahaaa stuck vehicle blocking trail so motos cant go........the silliness never ends. Almost as silly as when our group came upon rock crawlers all hung up in a boulder section and we stopped for a sec to regroup as they were telling us we shouldnt go ahead it was too gnarley.....after which we all rode off the boulder and casually continued down the rock infested trail. Looks like a great loop, I was wondering what all those vehicles parked there were as I passed by on the 8, and someone later remarked that they were unloading vintage tractors....I was figuring some club was doing and offroad ride up the dirt road.
  12. Clarify we are talking about the MX216 Shinko, it's the GT216AA clone (which truthfully is simply an FIM spec pattern clone in fatty size). The Shinko MX216 90/100-21 fatty is the one I ordered from Slavens Racing, looking at the photos on Jeff's site its a GT216AA clone. I just don't know if its a 4 ply or 2 ply tire, from the price I'm assuming its a 2 ply which is what I want. I could have called Jeff and asked but I just ordered it immediately , no worries if its stiff I will stuff old beat down mousses into it. These have the FIM "standard" enduro pattern which for the most part is the same pattern within the FIM spec as all the major brands Pirelli/Michelin/Metzeler use, if the tire is really FIM approved for enduro comp the knob height and pattern is the homologated design. There is even a design code for it which I cant recall at this moment its in the FIM rulebook. BTW top tier manufacturer Michelin also makes an Enduro comp 4, 90/100-21 Fatty they just don't import it here in US, not enough demand for enduro comp tires. US riders hate E tires........I'm the exception to that rule. I will even have the Michelin E comp 4 front on my YZ125 for the next tire.
  13. I just hope these will be 2 ply construction version not be like the GT Desertone 4 ply type (DST). For trail/enduro use the softer/flexy 2 ply belt carcass is better for me. for the price maybe they are 1 ply!!!
  14. that's what happens you source manufacturing to China..........simple clone, no scruples, probably molded in the same facility!! I am in for a try at that price, I owe no allegiance to GT for 100 bucks a pop I'll for sure jump onto the shitco bandwagon for @80 bucks delivered ...... I have one on order 90/100-21 fatty MX216 Shitco