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  1. Congrats Roger, all the best to you and the bride. Wait I see 3 pictures proof as they say on ADV.
  2. Did you find that rock next to the little town made from rocks all painted up? They even made a weed dispensary. Should have gone the week I went temps were quite cooler. muley is a fantastic place to camp.
  3. Darn I'm off on the same ride, same bike but leaving the 21st. checked temps and is going to be mid 80's
  4. A co worker's friend opened this place next to Inky's bike shop on Broadway. Taqueria Las Mulas, it's the bomb, brought his cuz up from TJ making some good tacos ala south of the border style. Pepe runs the joint. Little closer to home then Taco's Jalisco in Ensenada.
  5. Those two know how to haul the mail..holy cow
  6. rubarb that is one very cool set up.
  7. My dream garage, wife's nightmare, got a friend on vacation up there right now, am forwarding this.
  8. You Know the guy at the other bar is still mad for not getting picked. Welcome, I also live in Blowmona.
  9. It is an awesome place, I worked with a guy named Dennis Harriman who was part of the original group to plant the Husky. Love the inscription on the bench.
  10. Randy your the one who turned me on to SDAR ran into you at the dez with the wife and my two boys more than a few years ago.
  11. It's gonna be hot in Blowmona, stay hydrated.
  12. Left my dentist's office yesterday after a nice 2 hour torture session and found a SDAR glossy postcard on the tank of my white Super Tenere. Funny thing was inside talking with the assistant's grandson about dual sports and bikes seems he's a racer out in Havasu. Just curious which one of you inmates were in the Cajon Zone Thursday.
  13. congrats on the weight loss, have the same jacket good stuff. Maybe post it on CL in the midwest.
  14. Lucky man, got great memories of trying to keep up with LR's dust out of RSV for the Los Ancianos charity rides they put on.
  15. Bro in Law in N Carolina got tired of hitting trees on his CRF 250 and now has one of these. Loves it