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  1. Chris, BP619 relayed your post.... Would like to see if we can help. I’m co-founder of CalHomeCo Construction (www.calhomeco.com) I’d like to know more about the situation, what needs done and if we could be a good fit for you. Blake 619-300-4778
  2. blakeNY9

    Bathroom remodeler

    Hi Tom. PM sent.
  3. Yep DNF.... Second kid born last year combined with a 3 just turned 4 year old equals me on the bike around once month the last year. This also equals my fitness for being on the bike sucking. The event was great. First loop was fun. Second loop was some really fun terrain but it was during the later half of this loop that despite the fluids and energy gels my grip was lagging, my legs were cramping, the bike started riding me instead of the other way around and I started not having fun. I finished Loop 2 with time to ride out on loop 3 on time, albeit with no rest, but I called it quits and had a beer instead! I'll be back next year, and some how figure out how to sell my wife that I need more riding to time to prepare for the enduro!!!
  4. Wait... Let's focus on what's important here.... You got a new bike? Why is this the first I'm hearing of it?
  5. blakeNY9

    Tire Balls?

    IMO.... Bib Mousse is the only way to go IF you want true protection for NO flats. Granted as Pasta said they have their own trade offs. You should mainly only ride off road (stints of pavement are ok to connect trails, but not hwy commuting). They do require occasional inspection, re-lubing and re-stuffing as the foam gets softer. But you get to do that in the comfort of the garage, and never out on the trail. I've put over 2000 miles on a front bib mousse. It's done two desert dashes, a baja trip, several dual sport rides and countless half-day rides locally in between. I have removed it, inspected, re-lubed and added additional sections only twice in that time. That's acceptable to me. I'm bib mousse only now. I'm currently running mousse in the rear as well. I have been very happy with both. FYI per above post.... I did try the tube saddle. Met the owner at a SoS ride in Kennedy Meadows. Great concept. I ended up getting a lot of tire creep on the rim and I'd have to reset the valve stem alignment every few rides. It could have been the tire, the rim lock, who knows..... so I have an used 18" tube saddle that anyone is welcome too.
  6. blakeNY9

    Rekluse Core EXP 3.0

    It is completely worth it. Robert was a "never" on rekluse now what? Never say never. Just sayin. Anyone looking into the LHRB I would recommend the Ox-Brake, google it. Cable actuated off a lever extending rearward off the foot lever. Half the price of Rekluse hydraulic LHRB and way easier to install and maintain. The foot lever is still there but level of modulation you can apply using your hand is way above what your foot can do, plus you dont have to move or shift your weight to get your foot at the brake. And did someone say right hand corner?? been using Ox-brake for over a year and no issues.
  7. I totally agree the Broncos are awesome, I think a better package would be a 98 or 99 f150 4x4 with 5.4 v8 and a shell over bedI'm also debating creating a moto van or truck setup with either a dodge 12v Cummins and shell. Or a converted handicap van Moto Van!!! In my future.
  8. blakeNY9


    I'm doing 13/48 for trails and 14/48 for long trips/open Dez. Same concept as above. I may be trying the 50 in rear.
  9. The Enduro Shop has them. They are a similiar type plastic to the TMD stuff.
  10. blakeNY9

    Tire thread/ Golden Fatties

    Slavens Racing having sale on Golden Tyres. http://slavensracing.com/shop/gt-216aa-front-enduro-tires-by-goldentyre/ $99 for the 216AA front fatty. If you've been on the fence now is the time.
  11. blakeNY9

    DeLorme inReach holiday rebates

    Biggest decision point for me on going with the Delorme is the real time two way communication. Pairing with the phone via bluetooth it is very easy to send texts. Also provides a way for my wife to contact me if anything were wrong at home. I've had great experience with Delorme over the last year and more than a few trips to places with no cell reception and it gave those at home piece of mind they could reach me if needed.
  12. blakeNY9

    KTM vs. DRZ + YZ

    +1 on the 350 for a well rounded all around bike. It won't be as good as a big bore for wide open spaces, it won't be as light and nimble as a 2-stroke in the tight stuff, but it does everything pretty damn well. The biggest surprise for me was how much lighter it road than the 500 even though they are only a few pounds different in weight. The rotational mass really does make a big difference. I am very happy with mine after about 8 months of ownership. As you can see from my signature I've run the gammit on bikes. I've loved them all and they all have their strong points. Try as many as you can from the cadre around here. I'd offer to let you take mine for a spin but won't likely be riding in the next few weekends. PM if you want some details on mods for it. This one is a great deal. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcd/5380706119.html
  13. blakeNY9

    I may need a place to live - February 1

    I have a place for you Saturday night and can store your bikes after that!!! Besides, look on the bright side you were considering a move south, now someone has made that decision easier. Bummed you have the headache though.
  14. Dang it.....another guy in the 50 class that is faster then me!!! Glad to hear you are in Matt, So you can find us- I will have my ford explorer sport trac white, Cyril will have his brown VW camper, Tim will have his Sportsmobile Tan we are all going on Fri and setting a pit/campsite. keep in touch for time schedule. Tim usually leaves early, me Im more early afternoon time frame. My bike will be in GNCC mode no enduro stuff (no lites) except a watch. Planning on heading down Friday late morning as well and heading home for family duty Saturday night. Ty and I are likely carpooling. We'll either be in the Veys van or my off white F150. Seth is in as well, last he said, he was looking to do both nights.... Seth what say ye?