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  1. No problem, just remember on a past thread that that subject was going to be addressed. Thanks!
  2. No problem, and thank you very much for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing the new site and the new feel it is going to have. Will there be a new feature for liking somebody's Post?
  3. PMB will be responsible, he's just kidding. People leave their horse trailers there all the time. Be a long way home by horse if towed. Got the bike loaded and gear ready for tomorrow. Have a family XMAS party today in Santee till eight tonight, so I only want to have to get in to my riding gear in the morning, and get on the road...especially since PMB will be Johnny-on-the-spot by arriving at the staging area by 4am.
  4. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    He was changing a front tire! Using grease on the beads makes any tire change look like it's a wimpy tire being installed. It's easy! Just did the front and back on mine in 40 minutes. The only point that is important in this video (for me) is that applying talcum powder to a tire sucks as a deterrent for pinch flats. Grease works. You may have more of a challenge during tire changes Bags due to you are running two rim-locks both front and back.
  5. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    Slickery is good...
  6. This 5 minute video has everything to do with Sunday's ride; please consider giving it a look.
  7. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    This short video by world renowned rider Adam Riemann demonstrates the reason that I use rubber grease (heavy silicon grease) on tubes to avoid pinch-flats!
  8. I myself would not attempt riding a 690 through the Squeeze (a rock pile) or down HAH. I know many big bike riders can, just not me...Paul has a nice big bike that he has experience with and will need to help in this situation if necessary. I will sip my water and cheer him on though.
  9. Pauls right, if there is a section of the trail that someone absolutely does not want to tackle... one of us will be glad to get your bike to a point of comfort for you. Having said this... "anyone thinking of attending" this Sunday, please do a "gut-check" whether this is the ride for you. Someone that has little to no dirt experience... this is not the ride for you. It will be challenging. Someone wondering if the Desert Dash event (how this thread originally started) being held in February 2019 is something you would like to enter, and are willing to become a member of the AMA to ride in the Desert Dash, have some basic confidence in their riding abilities off-road... than by all means sling a leg over your bike and lets have a nice, easygoing, fun, and instructional practice ride traveling much of the trail that the Dash will cover.
  10. Hey Bagster, you have 48 hours to find that pesky thorn! Hint Hint...
  11. Good Danmule! I resonate with the back-half of your name! The Mule Society is gaining strength in numbers.
  12. I noted Borrego Springs rain total at .68 in.. Depends where the rain gauge is located for sure. My pool has increased by 1.5 in. but I'm close to the mountain near Palm Canyon. .
  13. SD Noob

    Welcome Steve!
  14. Probably 80% dirt. Most of those attending this ride do it on the glorious 500 exc. Hope you make this one; it's going to be a fine time had by all.
  15. It's always a very good idea to expect the occasional washout on the desert floor..ie look ahead... not at the front wheel. The fun part about a nice rain is that the dust will be gone and there will be much more traction. Very nice conditions!
  16. New Member - DangerDave

    Welcome DD! Keep the pretty side up.
  17. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Scissors+Crossing,+CA/shelter+valley+rv+park/@33.0785178,-116.467401,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80dbd25b9faf6f4d:0x30d3c674c488974f!2m2!1d-116.4752939!2d33.0964325!1m5!1m1!1s0x80dbd354eb40af3d:0x5b5faf0bbab7de8!2m2!1d-116.4249448!2d33.0603897 Look at the gray line (dirt road) just a 1/4 mile to the south of the RV Park off of the S2. This will be the staging area. Easy Breezy...
  18. Coming from you Chris, this a true compliment.
  19. Yep! Bringing layers and a water resistant and wind resistant top layer if necessary. As the kid that I am... I love to jump in puddles! Not Poodles.
  20. One must consider Einstein's "spooky action at a distance." and "string theory." I should not have posted my philosophical moment...too distracting! from the intent of PMB's offer for a safe ride for noobs to come and practice a bit of challenge before the Desert Dash! Obviously at your own pace, guided by two guys that will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and to give amateur advise when asked thread.
  21. Here is an overview of the area that you are asking about. Just a few miles to the South of Scissors Crossing on S2. Go a 1/4 mile past the little store and RV park turn left and follow the trail.
  22. A philosophical moment shared by an old Mule... Wherever you are, is just fine…You can get to wherever you want to be from wherever you are… It’s time to stop measuring where you are in relationship to where anybody else is. The only factor that has anything to do with you is where you are in relationship with where you want to be. Excerpted from Asheville, NC on 10/25/03 Our Love Esther (Abraham and Jerry)
  23. The youngest? We have had a very nice and slow (off and on) light rain for the past 24 hours, that usually tamps down the Desert floor to a pristine riding condition. Plus... its fun to look at the roost marks left by the non-noobish! I'm either way for the ride on Sunday. Most of us that might go Sunday are going to put in around 500 miles in the three days we're down in Baja so... my "old self" will be filled to the brim in Motology for the month of December!
  24. Tacky or Sloppy? -- Anza Borrego Washes Dec 6

    Tacky! Been a slow soaking light rain. It's always a Perfect Day in the washes of the park...