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  1. Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    I don't know a whole lot about the technical aspects of radios but I have one of the Boaefeng 7 watt radios with a high gain antenna and helmet kit and it seems to work good but the scan is super slow on it and now they have a 10 watt https://shop.bajaracinggear.net/brg-10-portable-10-watt-race-radio.html
  2. Brought the baby home today!

    That's one sweet looking ride
  3. Another fantastic ride guys, thanks for leading the way Dan, Roy
  4. Thanks Mr JAJA, I will see you guys out there, hopefully get there about dark thirty or so if I can leave work early.
  5. Dan, I really wanna do this but cant get Friday off so I'm thinking about slabbing it out after work Friday and meeting you guys at picacho, that is if I they don't need me to work Saturday. Do you know for sure which campground at Picacho, from what I've read there are 6 of them? and probably no cell service, if not I could just check em all.
  6. 2 1/2 day ride

    Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys, I had a great time and can keep reliving it with all the fantastic pictures posted.
  7. I will be meeting Danrider in Escondido at 1;30 and after that still to be determined
  8. That sounds good Danrider
  9. Mr.JAJA  948 8th street Ramona. See you on Friday.

    1. royboyz


      Thanks and if you need to get a hold of me the name is Roy and # is 619-952-2882

  10. I cant leave at 12;00 but that's OK I have to work also in fact they're probably gonna freak out when I tell them I leaving early period but I was only gonna work until noon so could probably be on the road before 2:00. I knew I should have retired this year like I wanted to. Oh well. Wierdrider, I feel for you I have a dog that's barely able to walk now due to old age and its tough to even think about putting him down. I can also meet up at Idyllwild if needed
  11. Do you guys run with radios? I have one but left it in Ocotillo and could ride out and get it if you guys use em
  12. woops Woops, I for some reason thought you were going this weekend, never read the date until just now like a dummy. I'm in with street tires as long as there isn't too much sand next weekend. Have collected most of my bikepacking gear.
  13. I will be watching for another one of these rides. Got the side cases for the v-strom one day too late for this trip