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  1. It was good to meet you guys, Charlie, John and Bob. Also, finally got to meet "the man, the myth, the legend" KKug of whom I've only seen the legendary photo of just about everywhere and that was awfully nice to bring up the camper and cook dinner for us and good seeing Jim and Darren again, Good ride guys.
  2. Good ride and camp out although could have done without the hurricane force winds on top of the mountain but it’s all part of the adventure. Thanks guys
  3. OK, I'm gonna do it last minute. Gonna be at the park and ride by 9:00 but if not no worries. Going to strap on the bags to the old 525 right now
  4. I guess you forgot the razor, eh. You will have to get used to people saying eh a lot in Canookia, my home country eh.
  5. Dang, I'm jealous it looks like fun. Safe travels to you
  6. Sunday Ride 6/24

    I managed to get from Anza south to Warner last weekend down cooper Cienega truck trail aka California hiking and riding trail but took a wrong turn halfway down Puerta la cruz truck trial and didn't do the eastern part of it into lost valley aka lost creek. If you scroll down towards Warner on the same google maps you will see it
  7. I would like to become a supporting member but everytime I think about it for the last few months it doesn't seem to be too easy. Can you direct me please? Thanks

  8. CNF 100

    It was a fun ride. thanks for leading it Darren. Feeling a little bit whooped. It sucks getting old but beats the alternative
  9. CNF 100

    OK I will head up there if you want to pm me your address I will just meet you there
  10. CNF 100

    Its kind of late notice but I would like to ride with you guys tomorrow that is if my fuel tank is fixed which it appears OK right now after fix. Mucho experienced rider on a 525 so you wont need to wait , were are you leaving from? Is it the pine valley gas station at 8:00 or 350 thumpers house which I don't know location.
  11. Looks like a nice ride, I did part of it a couple of months ago namely the apache trail and mogollian rim and it was awesome scenery
  12. It was definitely a good time