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  1. Hmmmm, The BIG Public ride: LA - Barstow - Vegas, is about 400 miles, the dual loops I mapped is 520 miles.... Maybe too ambitious So, since ocotillo to Laughlin is only 260 miles, that sounds easy - haha Better yet, Winterhaven to Laughlin is only 211 miles, heck, that would leave some time for a cold one now and then , THIS THREAD IS SIMPLY INTENDED TO THINK ABOUT POSSIBILITIES FOR ANYONE TO ANYWHERE, AND POSSIBLY MAKE SOME PLANS. CHEERS.
  2. Thanks Kiwi, This working stiff meant to imply that two of the three Sunday/Mon/Tues days of thanksgiving week may warrant an outing, or two. A good outing early in the week makes the holiday later in the week easier to manage . Haven't figured it out yet, but some pieces and parts of the draft below is likely: If anybody has insights about this draft (flaws, suggestions, especially dead ends.... specifically warnings... ) please chime in.
  3. Well, I was craving a ride, and a few regular riding buds couldn't rally. So I thought I would give the SDAR bunch a 10 minute notice - smiles. I left my house in El Cajon at 9, pulled into Ocotillo at 10:15, Locked and loaded for riding by 10:33. Took off north east with no plan but to end up at the bridge. It was truly fantastic. The temp was nice and I didn't pass one other bike, truck, anything, for over an hour. The bike ran perfect, and since I had no agenda but to wander north, I was always exactly where I needed to be . Rock, Sandy, Whoopy, dirty fun. Rode the very soft ravine fast as I approached the bridge, no hints of the bike wanting to take a nap (could it really be that new Golden Tyre Fatty up front? - hmmm). I zipped under the bridge, stopped, and took my first 30 second break since leaving the truck. It was 11:41, had a good solid hour of riding already - yahoo, everything else would be icing on the cake. I was surrounded by about 17 side by sides, everyone was lounging. A glance around, and off I went- Well, I normally skim the west edge of superstition as I head south east, but today I decided to circumnavigate the east side. It was much slower for me given the rocky terrain and the more drastic whoops, but it was good riding, challenging for me to go fast, so had to tip-toe near my redline, which was likely more like yellow line for me since I was riding solo (and like Sunday riding for some of you SDAR Pros!). Good stuff, skimmed the edge of the Bomb zone and cruised down to Seely to gas up, it was 12:41. Another GOOD hour of riding! Then headed further south towards Camachos as I was getting hungry, and I wanted to cruise casually along some canals. It was very crowded at Camachos today and I was the only one who wasn't wearing camouflage. May have been opening bird hunting day?? But lots of tired old fellers were waiting a long time for food, so I asked the nice waiter to bring me a bowl of beans and a bowl of rice with chips, along with a cold beer. Damn good, and I walked out in short time. With a full belly and content as could be, I headed west a little more calmly to look around at cool stuff, like more canals, and cool looking sprinklers (pic didn't really show how cool it really was, but still nice): Feeling dang good, opened it up under the power lines... front end got a bit squirrely at around 65 on the gravel sand mix, but not to the point that it felt dangerous, just fishing around a bit.. all good, kept an eye out for the sneaky drops, and zipped across Yuha back to ocotillo. This was the loop: 95 miles. Back to the truck by 2:23, with about 3.5 great hours of super riding solo in the wilderness completed. Next time, I will try to give more notice, say... 20 minutes? - haha. Headed west on Hiway 8 by 2:40. Home before 4. I should do that more often !!! What a great wander today. Most certainly got my riding fix all taken care of..... Until next week Cheers.
  4. OLD POST a week+ ago -On this Saturday morning, Nov. 11, 6 am, this 59.95 year old - casual rider - lining up the daily chores..... but, the Desert looks cool, winds look calm, and I haven't ridden for awhile..Just a quick lap - want to finish while sun is in the sky- (thoughts for thanksgiving week - pieces of Bradshaw, picacho, red cloud, Kofa?).
  5. Well done fellas, Looks like a great outing. Hope to jump in and join you all next time! Cheers.
  6. Wow dizz, that is super cool!! Very nice blog, report, photos... ADVENTURE! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Hey Weirdrider, Happy Birthday!
  8. Damn, that sure looks good! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Well done! Those mini roam arounds can be worth a million!! Cheers.
  10. Great stuff fellas. Like many of us on this site, I can't think of any scenario in your story that I wouldn't have enjoyed riding alongside. Truly, it was an adventure ride! So nice to ride along with the detailed descriptions, thanks for taking the time to share beyond facts. Cheers to you all.
  11. Nicely articulated Mikey!
  12. That looks super cool Mikey, just wondering... how much of that skill set and technical understanding appropriately transfers to the ability to go into a sharp right-hander.... at maximum speed, ....in the dirt.... on a 350...... loaded with gear....... while chasing 2 top notch riders......... when they are on 500's ? smiles. It can be considered a rhetorical question, just imagining how hard that might have been keeping up with those dudes who can simply haul a __ __ on the street and in the dirt. Good to see you treating yourself to higher levels of learning!
  13. PbdBlue, I was so happy for you when I heard you were going to retire.... you Lucky dawg! But I was also so happy for us knowing you would become our tour guide Thanks.
  14. That sure looks good, Thanks Bagstr. Seems I have been waiting an eternity to play in the sand box. Glad you all had fun.
  15. PM sent. Not sure message system is working, so feel free to text through real phone.