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  1. Hey Kug, although a mystery ride, could you share if extra gas should be carried on the bike in order to reach more remote areas. And, how many, or which meals, should be on our bike upon departure ( maybe drive-by pubs will be on route - haha). I am helping a buddy pack for an overnight for the first time and wondering if I should let him buy or borrow bigger bags if packing overnight stuff gets him "Maxed Out". After a couple good size bumps in the road.... don't want to find his stuff scattered along the route like breadcrumbs Thanks.
  2. It was a great day in the mountains, cool temps, beautiful terrain, and volunteering time towards something valuable. I opted to bring the car instead of a bike or truck to represent the Corral Canyon vintage Honda Accord off road team , but luckily the South-east portion of the perimeter road was recently scraped smooth so I was able to follow KTMrad in his off-road sedan to a portion of "#12 - Ranger " trail to start the clearing of over-grown brush. After parking in a turn-out at Trail 5 and the perimeter road, we began our trek to Ranger, with Doc running alongside. We turned west at the Ranger - Trail 5 intersection and began trimming until we ran into Hacksaw Pete who had logged some miles in earlier in the morning. We then all trekked back to the intersection and began snipping our way east. At one point, I was able to see our starting point where we parked the Off-road sedans (at the tip of the loppers): From that point, I could also see most of the valley that we had cleared. The #5 trail intersection is about where the snips are being held. You can see how nice the region is if you were to be riding a bike: There were quite a few of us on Ranger, but we were dispersed in sections so we could cover as much terrain as possible. Consequently, at times, it seemed that we were working alone, which was quite peaceful. Many times, I envisioned how sweet it would be to be on my bike riding along this single track through the brush... so dang nice, but for me, I would also get a bit discouraged when I would come around a corner and see a wall of rocks that would represent a "no-go" for this older newb. However, knowing that some of the group are able to navigate that advanced terrain raised my spirits. Oh my, to be able to ride that with confidence would be a treat! Just like BP does as if he was out for a Sunday Jaunt He rode it a time or 2 yesterday to check on everyone and to paint guide lines so folks don't get easily lost while crossing some of the more expansive Rock-only portions of the trail. Once Hacksaw and I ran into Ed, we turned around to head back to clear some portions of #5. Hacksaw and Ed had a chat about the finer points of Trail Clearing.... and anything else anybody would want to know about trails in BLM Land, as Ed is completely immersed in all of the issues. If you have a chance to buy either of them a beer sometime soon, they deserve it. After the clipping, most of us headed back to the campground for a burger and beer, where once again we found Adv Bum slaving over the grill as he often does to support our efforts. His dedication to supporting the group does not go unnoticed. Thanks again Adv Bum, it is appreciated. It was also nice to meet a few other SDAR folk, and to see a few fellas who I had ridden with a couple of years back, like bushwacker. Just like a couple of oldtimers, we started jawing about our past rides, and planted the seed to future ones (like Death Valley in the Winter from Panamint springs..... look for a future posting Cheers to all, and enjoy the trail, I did!
  3. COBDR

    Well done CID, and great to see Fall colors as that must be a heck of a treat zipping through them on a bike! , and you got a little more challenging route thrown in. What a great time to cruise the COBDR. Good idea!!
  4. Wow, that is great stuff!! After a couple days, you both must have felt like you were at one with your bikes, I wish I could of seen you both (from a helicopter ) ride Sherman Pass from Kernville to 395 (next time ). I am sure it would have been impressive, just like the rest of that loop you did. Good road choices! And, Looks like you were traveling pretty light for bigger bikes too, for a better zip, zam, zoom!!
  5. Well done Bags, sounds fun. Next week, please find the new Adventure yamaha
  6. HBD Champ and Kirk

    Heck, Uncle Champ, I was using the excuse that you were faster than me because you were younger than me, but now I know you are older than me by a month, damn, I will have to find other excuses. haha. Cheers
  7. Delorme SOS

    Wow CID, the odds are astronomical that the delorme could do that, hell, that must have been bouncing around like crazy! Heck, an exact bonk to hit the safety lock off, and a bonk to hit the power on, and a bonk to move the screen choice and the nav button to choose a different menu item, and then back to another button again to signal ok, and then the sos button, all in sequential order. Holy Toledo. Go to a casino as soon as possible - haha. Glad you are ok. I don't even recall a section that bumpy on the BDRCO, except maybe just out of leadville BP brings up a good point, as it would seem that delorme responders would see GPS movement... but I guess if I was beat up or broken from a bif, but could still ride, I would get closer to a town or easier access point for help if I could (not a lot of ambulances are 4 wheel drive). Kinda worrisome that the device lost power eventually, as that would be bad if needing to be rescued, and I think the delorme doesn't have a mobile charge attachment for a 12 volt adapter (or does it??) Colors must have been great, cool weather too, looking forward to some pics.
  8. XR650L versus 500 EXC-F

    Simicrintz, many of us know that spectacular feeling of a transition to a new (or new to them) machine... SO Nice! Congrats. And, get some seat time with a group, or even a bud or 2, the newbies watch the oldies, and the oldies watch the newbies - and they all turn to each other with smiles at every rendezvouz along the route.
  9. Well done Dirt Dame, the way you zip up to BB to get in those mountain rides is impressive..... I want to follow your lead, both in getting to local higher dirt roads, and literally so I can gain some knowledge from you about those mountains. Cheers.
  10. Agree with all above.... When going over 30 mph, or in dusty conditions, or when front tire is kicking up debris, and not in the lead, goggles are definitely on. If solo on cleanish road, especially on steep slow climbs, no goggles needed, and much much cooler, only glasses are fine. When Goggles are on, I use SCOTT OTG (Over the glasses) which are similar to oakley, but maybe not as fancy, but not as expensive. They have a nice slot for the frame to slide by without putting any pressure on your temples, nor allowing a gap for dust to find its way under the goggle. I ride with Goggles 90 % of the time. However, once it gets gnarly, or when behind a group spraying dust everywhere, or for long fast paved rides back to the truck at night, or in mega powder dust, rocks tossed back from other riders, rain, snow, cold, bees, gnat swarms, etc... I drop the Adventure Helmet clear screen on helmet right over the goggles and smile from the significantly increased additional protection. Not often, but seems heaven sent when I need to. I have tried the helmet shield only, with Goggles in the back pouch, but almost always, it gets too hot real quick and I have to pull over and get goggles on. Maybe a fancy helmet that breaths super good doesn't heat up as much. I wear a lower cost helmet (G-Max), but it has done well, especially because it is one of the only adventure helmets that allow the helmet shield to be pulled up so far that when wearing goggles only, the helmet screen is entirely out of view.
  11. Cosmo and Dirt Dame - HBD

    Happy Birthday to you both! Dirt Dame, you sure rode great the other day to Julian and back on the SDAR ride - Yahoo, well done.
  12. FS - Delorme Inreach SE

    Thanks PBD, I always agree with you I will buy it if still available.
  13. FS - Delorme Inreach SE

    Hey pbd, do you, or someone else know, if you have 2 of them, is there any discount on the monthly fee, or is it simply double the fee to be live linked to 2 radios? I own one already, but have considered having 2 of them. If some of the fellas who ride long remote trips in groups don't have this, I would highly recommend it. There are a bunch of good reasons to own one.