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  1. Just an fyi, The generic rugged radio set to use on a moto is on sale often, right now for $ 217. And, for 2 hours only yesterday, some noticed that it was on sale for $185. https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1104&products_id=1911 The Ham radio license is not hard, takes a little time, but is inexpensive (even free at times, Thanks SDAR), and there are great internet study guides to guarantee that you pass. It is worth it.
  2. Very Cool Fellas, Big Adventure bikes at play ... and right from the garage! Nice.
  3. Hey 97, thanks for the info. I have wandered those hills some, but mostly from kayaking the area, so I don't usually go inland that far. I didn't know about that oasis - Good find on your part!. You must have a strong 4x4 as I remember that the sand in that area is a quite soft and deep. My regular riding buddies asked me to postpone this loop as they want to do it too ....and no sdar'er bit on the bait...... but dang, the weather is so nice right now.... maybe I should check it out even if solo... maybe sleep in truck in Glamis tonight, and head out early-ish :).... hmmm. If not, I will post again if we go. Thanks for sharing, cheers.
  4. That may work just fine for me too. Riding the mountains on a pedal bike today, so the bike with a motor to ride the river may take place Tuesday or Wednesday.
  5. Yep, something I have wanted to do for many years. Nice winter weather too! I have regular riding buds that can't seem to find a unified time..... so, I will loop this Friday, 12-29 (or the first week of 2018), solo or with others. 1 day ride, no overnight gear on bike (but may car camp before or after). Not sure of start point yet, Likely Senators Wash. ROUTE: Senator's Wash to Hidden shores, to lake martinez, up red cloud, to cibola, cross river, to palo verde, through old palo verde road, might go to see radio towers in remote area, then down to Indian Pass, back-way into picacho, a celebratory brew on picnic tables , down picacho road, play a little on side roads, maybe out to "Rock Faces?" then cut across to Ferguson, then back to Senators. Could drive tonight (or night before) or very early morn. Could stay Night after ride, or head west to camp or head home. This 60 year old likes to keep moving, but nothing too fast or technical for this newb on a 07 525. Will have- Ham radio and Delorme and GPS. Will have, as all others should too- tools, tubes, cold and hot gear, munchies, water, (extra Gas?). cheers.
  6. Great pics in this thread! Good memories for all! Below: Lots of Open land, and ride as far as you can see in almost any direction.....anytime you want.... above Jawbone and below Lake Isabella, I will connect them all this spring super single track too. Great Moments below during the making of my own personalized Colorado BDR in 2017 - yahoo! Although this first trail was a bit damp and bumpy when loaded up with all my camping gear ! Almost an entire Campground to myself, and plenty of wildlife! As you all know, gotta like the machine you ride.... and what it symbolizes when ready to roll..... knowing adventures are in the forecast!! In this case, a small adventure bike packed for multiple nights in places that don't require reservations - haha..... Hoping that 2018 brings many more great moments (documented with pics of course ) to you all. Cheers.
  7. Thanks again. Great info. I may target this friday (12/29/17) for the loop. Should be nice along the river, .....both sides
  8. Thanks dstss, that is great info. Gas on route - yahoo, didn't want to ride to Blythe, and a cool looking ravine wash route along "Old" palo verde road, and then a lower cross over 78 to find misc. dirt roads along east side of ogilby. On google earth, there looks to be a straight shot down to indian pass to enter picacho from the north (maybe a pole line?). I will assume that when you said that you are going to Super - to mean superstition. Last Friday I rode Ocotillo to Painted Gorge to super (mostly to ride that section that has gates locked january to June for birthing) (must have been a major wind storm a week ago as I made "first" tracks along the almost 70 miles. Big, and many, sand drifts across roads (except that damn rocky section "hard climb for this newbie" on the trail up that north east side of super to climb to the ridge!) But the new tracks were super cool, except some major quicksand on the side of super coming back down on the west. Once, my entire bike sank instantaneously to almost top of tires. I can't recall ever being tossed from a bike and landing so softly - haha, but sand Everywhere - I will be cleaning air filter tonight!). Maybe that is silt, not sand! And, hard to see it coming up and how big and steep it invades the road when goggles create a bit of a "white out" effect. Safe and fun riding to you and family.
  9. Hey Kiwi, sounds like you have alternative game plans. And wildwood, the Bradshaw area ride with Crawdaddy sounds like a good time. I will likely drive solo to Winterhaven-ish (tomorrow or next), and ride from that area north (eastside, cross river, and then south, cut over to picacho) to do a loop (I think Cibola is the only closest bridge besides Imperial Dam) east side to west side. I haven't checked mileage yet. I would like to avoid the pavement to Blythe just to gas up, so I might carry rotopaks, or 2-3 MSR bottles so I could immediately turn south upon crossing the river (at levee and river roads - I hope to heck that actually is an open bridge since I haven't been there). I would plan to have a brew while sitting at the picacho boat launch. I could just do a partial of any of the above just to follow side roads till they end just to wander around - as opposed to a distance ride. Laughlin from Descancso could still be considered, but only if 90%+ dirt- would need to get tracks. If any SDAR riders can add info or options that should be considered in that area, feel free to chime in. Cheers.
  10. dstss, my guess is that lots of folks here have done the Co BDR. If your goal is to have fun mostly on dirt, go over high passes, and go through some streams, while dancing with a 450, start your ride from Delores. If you need more info, feel free to contact me for more specific info. More in line with this idaho thread though... it would be cool if someone knows of more dirt tracks, even if not BDR's, to loop back to the trucks to avoid the road drone back... or hire a shuttle driver. I know a few Colorado shortcuts, but none in Idaho. I want to do every BDR, if only time and money permits - haha. It will be interesting to know what dates of the year would be a good Idaho choice? Cheers.
  11. Kiwi, I'll be wandering around that area between xmas and Jan 7. Not yet sure which 2-4 days of riding will match schedule (but your schedule might work). Since I just did Bradshaw, I will likely do a loop or 2 that will include either red-cloud, Kofa, and/or Picacho. I plan to truck camp (either remote, pirate, or RV campgrounds (Fountain of youth is very comfortable and clean if you do Bradshaw) and may have a driver to help with misc. drop-offs and pick-ups to keep my ride on almost all dirt, and to carry all camping gear, firewood, coolers, Large gas cans, ... etc. I could help shuttle the extra gear of others if a plan comes to fruition. First night may be from, and return to, winterhaven, or Imperial Dam, or near the Ghost town at Castle Dome. I will watch the thread (I do not plan to ride a vstrom, it will be a more dirt oriented bike). I could also consider a northward, one-way ride trek, from WinterHaven to Laughlin (Kiwi, Buy a GPSMap 78 or similar, and maybe Crawdaddy or DanRider, or ??? will offer a couple tracks that would guide your first GPS tracking experience - I may have a couple snippets of tracks in the southern region, and I have Bradshaw tracks from a couple weeks ago to give you). Cheers.
  12. Well done Governor. Like others implied, I long for weekday outings as well. Solo can be mighty fine too. Perhaps a weekday outing between Xmas and new year. Way to go for it and find new lands!
  13. Once upon a time....(Sept. 2014) I wondered if I might like riding a 2 wheeler in dual sport fashion.... so I decided to give it a try on a 1983 Yamaha XT 550, on a ride designed for newbies, on my very first ride with SDAR, and met this fella,..... who helped me navigate a couple ascents and desents that day... Bright yellow shirt, groovy glasses, and very welcoming.... Who the heck is this character.... haha, Thanks Bikeslut. Happy Birthday. (and thanks for giving me grief about the hiking boots I was wearing that day, I thought they were cool, but you were right, I needed real moto boots). All the best.
  14. Thanksgiving week was approaching and I knew I had to get a ride in..... But, not out there near ocotillo wells on opening day of riding season with the multitudes, and not squeezed in between thanksgiving and then back to work.... and not with holiday traffic, either direction.... so preferably early in the week so lounging comes easier back at home at the end of the week (knowing I had already had an adventure). Had a couple ideas... I threw out the line, but only a couple of nibbles, so.... Sunday rolled in and I still didn't have plans, and the chore list was getting longer. So, around 4 pm on Sunday, I told my gal I was headed out for a couple days, didn't know where, solo. She asked if I wanted some company, ok, so we packed up the truck and headed east, no destination in mind. We rolled into Yuma around 9 pm Sunday night and I knew things were going my way when I asked her to put in her vons card at the gas pump and it said that we could have $1 per gallon discount!! Heck, we were only going to pay $2.45, so now it would be $1.45 a gallon. Nice Cruised over to Imperial Dam and paid $15 dollars to have a magnificent campspot over-looking the Reservoir near Imperial Dam. A couple/few cold ones with the stars fully visible to the horizon, Nice A beautiful red sunrise and a casual drive over to Lake Martinez. She got to read in the sun while I hoped on my bike and rode over to Hidden shores via the dirt/rock/sand shortcut (orange-red ish on the map). I had always wanted to do that, and I got to do it twice! Nice After a great ride, lunch and some lounging by the river, we cruised out to KOFA. I thought about roaming out that way, but we had a good groove going so we kept cruising up to Blythe. West on the hiway 10 for a bit, then we turned south on 78 toward Palo Verde. Was thinking about Picacho, but I had her pull over as we crossed Bradshaw trail. I suggested that she drive ahead to the Salton Sea, and get a campsite at the "Fountain of Youth", and that I would meet her there in about 2.5 hours after I rode Bradshaw trail. So I unloaded the bike, geared up, and we planned to meet at the campsite. She proceeded south (to go all the way around...), and I headed west on a trail I had never seen before. Heck, it was only 80 miles of rock/sand/gravel to navigate, wide open desert, riding solo, Nice Oh my, it was cool, and the afternoon sun highlighted the surrounding mountains, and the road was nice enough to ride comfortably between 35 - 60 mph. I was riding about as fast as I could going solo on a road I had never seen before and the road did seem to have the potential to have a tight corner on occasion that would be a bit too hot for my skill set, and a few random 2-3 foot drops due to cross flashflood ravines cutting across the road.... and some long deep sand stretches.....but open it up, keep your eyes open and alert..... and enjoy the smiles from ear to ear.... wishing my buds were riding along! Nice I think this was about mile 50 The road eventually turned from Bradshaw to Summit, and headed towards the train trestle, the Salton Sea in the background Nice So, you might be wondering if there was even 1 moment of funky - ness... and yes, the road from this trestle west for a few miles was the worst gnarly washboard I had ever ridden on, heck, it was not fun, and I couldn't even imagine why I couldn't find a line, or a speed, or any secret anything to ease the vibration... heck, I have been riding for over 3 years now, so you would think I could find some remedy!! haha, oh well, still Nice I pulled into the campground, saw my truck, it was just like coming home, and I didn't even need to use the Ham Radio to find my gal. A massive big meal, warm pools, very, very clean showers and facility, beers and then cocktails for dessert, feet up on the footstool, oh my, the Fountain of Youth campground had so many happy people walking around.... heck, it was super Nice I wonderful casual morning, ..... yep, that was this morning, and a big breakfast, and a cruise over to Glamis North RV campground to rent a RZR. If you look at the map above, you will see a little outcropping of a orange figure 8 ish to the west of the canal road towards the Salton Sea. That was the RZR route this morning. We hoped into a 800 and flew around the Bat Caves, washes, Oasis, Canal road, etc... laughing and bouncing all the way. Heck, might need to buy one someday..... but my guess is that may have been the intent by renting one.. Nice Well, now back in town, and a couple days off coming my way..... It was a truly wonderful 44 hour trip..... and "how sweet it is" knowing that I have already had a mighty fine adventure to start the week. Nice , All the best to all the SDAR riders, and their families, on this holiday! cheers.
  15. Great photojournalism Weirdrider, well done!