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  1. Well done Crawdaddy, and fellas. Driving west from Flagstaff yesterday, I was impressed with the terrain near Kingman as I was looking for riding areas all down the 95 as well as I went through Havasu, Parker, Blythe, and even a little of Bradshaw trail... etc. Didn't rent a rzr, so looked for 2 wheel routes. Looks like you know them all! No surprise!
  2. Happy Birthday KUG!

    Hey Ken, I had Lunch at Guadalajaras in El Centro today, where you and I ate on our recent ride around Yuha +. Was thinking about you and ba-bing, today is your B-day. Have a happy one! Cheers!
  3. Thanks Mikey, after last weeks campout, which was intended to be a trail run (and although the big red bag was just a tent, sleeping bag, chair, and pad), I was still thinking of lowering the load and increasing volume. Might as well give it a try. Cheers. Appreciated!!
  4. Sure looks like you got in a fair amount of dirt on that ride, nicely done!!
  5. Great Campout fellas. Thanks Bags. A super ride out to the wilderness on Saturday afternoon (110 miles from my garage). I took as many side roads as possible to stay off the freeway so I could just purr the loaded bike on empty country roads all the way to Jacumba, it was glorious, then a slow cruise down the hill with the trucks. Quite a bit hotter in lower Borrego than it was up near Boulevard. Stopped at the Ocotillo Chevron for a cold one (actually, a cold one to drink and the rest of a six pack to fill the Fifty/Fifty Growler with cold beer for the Campsite). I was quite impressed with how green the Lower desert is just now, and especially with the colors of so many blooms. A very calming and peaceful standing cruise through dirt roads and up the washes with Blooming ocotillo all around in twilight was a treat. When I arrived, the group looked to be in vacation mode already. Good stuff. Some good laughs at night and a wonderful sense of remoteness on this Get-away. Stars to the horizon as the moon faded away. Warm night, no wind, Good sleep. Up early with good coffee and nice to see bikes and tents all around! A short hike up on the ridge as the morning sun began to show signs of a new day, and once again a large smile as I noted a ravine full of adventure bikes and a bunch of solo tents scattered about.... well, except the Taj Mahal that Kiwi brought, but then, who is to say that a one man tent can't be 10 ft. X 12 ft. haha. A slow comfortable morning with coffee brewing and a casual pace to pack up. Most of us had different exit strategies. (Glad mine did not include a flat tire, sorry to hear Wildwood, but looks like it was only a small bump in your journey!). I don't normally choose out n backs over loops, so I decided to head up Banner to Julian instead of an about face. Of course, this would include a cut across to get off of Diablo and on to Tapiado. The track was smooth and I stopped at the "popular" camp site just before dropping into Tapiado to absorb some of the beauty of the morning light. Mighty fine!! Then a zip zam zoom on Vallecito, out onto S2. Oh my, the Greenish Yellow flowers were truly spectacular going up through Box Canyon, but surprising how much colder it was at Blair Valley compared to the Mud Caves region. A nice fast pace up Banner, over through the Cuyamacas, and then the dreaded hiway 8 drone home (112 miles, too funny how the mileage was so close each way). Have to say, not a bad 21 hours of wandering around Cheers.
  6. Ah heck, missed the wildwood train due to work, and may still need to be on call tonight. Regardless, I think I will still load the orange bike (for the first time), target Diablo Canyon from Gillespie Field, and unload as if to stay overnight, and then pack up as if I did. The practice will be good for this summer's Backcountry Discovery Routes. If I go to garage now at 1:20 and pack bike, ETD at 2 (Gillespie) and ETA (Diablo) before dark (might be a long ride home, but all good. I'll check just before 2 to see if anyone else had last minute thoughts to go. Cheers.
  7. Hey governor, good rally up. Thanks. I am on emergency call this weekend and doubt your wilderness campsite has regular cell reception, unless you know otherwise. Unfortunately, also not confident with linking a satellite phone to regular cell. However, to get my bike fix, I still might ride out from El cajon just the see the camp spot and then back simply for a wander about. Anyone riding with SDAR Ham radios? Since overnight for me not likely, Maybe I should pack a few brews (or a wood log or two if you have a mini metal container) instead of tents/bags to leave at the camp site (if no emergency calls and I can make it out there). cheers. Wildwood, down to banner to oriflame still?
  8. Way to go, looks like a good adventure. Thanks for the write up and pics!
  9. Nice report Dirt Dame, Super cool, and wish I was on that ride too.
  10. Dag Nab, I cancelled my lake martinez-picacho loop last week due to possible 3 digit temps, and cancelled this week's martinez-picacho loop, to be followed by a borrego camp out, due to 2 digit wind speed.... Grrrrr, I should be worried that I might be on the doorsteps of becoming a fair weather rider!!!! Good job Tntmo, I will loop to somewhere in the morning from Packards no matter what conditions with an eye open for you cruising by.
  11. Sorry to hear Bags, Nice work coordinating.
  12. Thanks Beta 450, I would likely pack up an orange 525 for this route. On this bike, more dirt is more fun. Thanks PastaPilot, Hell, so much for my "horizontal BDR" thought, or my "Latitude loop" - haha, there is already a Beach to River Ride. Thanks, I rode along Goggle earth with your descriptors, Nice, and thanks.
  13. WTB - Jon Boat and motor

    If the line has started... How much for one?
  14. Wildwood, I wish I was in vegas and could have placed a bet that you would offer insights, I would have won! Thanks, I know you have wandered that area..... You once told me about heading out to some towers near ogilby... and I wondered if there was a harder dirt road than soft dunes to get the the west side of the dunes from that area...... and I was hoping one direction would be a zip zam zoom right along the border near Calexico all the way to almost yuma.... I'll wait to see if others have wandered that way, or I will go look myself.
  15. For those of you who have played in the area south of glamis, and/or those who have adventure biked west from Ogilby or Winterhaven area, do you have any suggestions, routes, or pdf pics of route options to connect the dots (the least amount of asphalt possible if it exists, and using routes near hiway 78 and hiway 98 as east/west loop pieces)? I would like to stage near ocotillo, head east-ish..... to do a loop to include the colorado river going north or south (picacho side or Fisher side) , counter clockwise or clockwise, and then wander back to Ocotillo (eventually Borrego Springs too). I would likely ride across the Yuha basin as part of the loop, cruise along farmland and canals, etc... and although I used to be a soft sand 3 wheeler rider near Buttercup and Glamis in my earlier days, I have never connected Calexico to Yuma. Plaster to superstition to El Centro is good, but don't know if a dirt route exists from Brawley to Glamis to Walter's Camp or Palo Verde. I will wander and get lost exploring, so no worries, but if you know that I would be better off following some specific dirt roads, or 50 feet from the border all the way, or a specific canal road to avoid mega soft sand, or closed land due to endangered species/military/private farms......... it would be appreciated. Eventually, I want to create my own BDR (backcountry discovery route) across the state using latitude 32 and 33 - ish . Thanks. Cheers.