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  1. DRZ 2008 for sale

    Thinking about changing some the horses in the corral. 2008 DRZ 400s will be the first to go. $3300 on craigs soon, or less to SDAR. I was keeping it to eventually use as a commute bike, but a different bike serves that purpose... and was waiting for BigJon to sell his DRZ before posting this. Runs great, COBDR experienced, black. PM if interested (PS, if your neighbor has a nice 2016+ farkled up some, loved, and gently used orange 500 sitting his garage.....to sell, hmmmmmm)
  2. Thanks fellas, good to hear. I will follow Ken's lead and support C&D and enjoy my new GT 333.
  3. Just back from a nice ride at Troy meadows campground, and about to create some loops in colorado and/or Utah-ish, and need to buy another Goldentyre GT 230 that I bought from Veys last time, dang, I think they discontinued the product, or maybe just really hard to find, none at Motoworld (nor full throttle shop, and 8-ball doesn't carry them) either. The full rack at Veys is a distant memory to them... The helpful fellas at C&D said lots of riders really like the GT333 (DOT), but no 230 or 232. As an older newb, good tires make me ride better so I will stay with the Fatty up front forever, but not sure where some folks are buying the GT230, GT232, or is a GT333 just as good, as I would be happy to support C&D? Would like to support a Local bike shop, but maybe internet shopping has the best inventory for this product- Thoughts / hints? Thanks.
  4. Owners Manuals

    Good idea Champ. I have a mitsubishi Galant manual for free, and... Today, I found a "Clymer CB 750 DOHC Fours 1979-1981" service/repair/maintenance Manual. If you want it for free, let me know.
  5. Way to go Tom, great stuff
  6. Colorado ride

    That looks great! , the trails and the blue sky (no smoke?), I was going to ride 2-3 loops out that way and cancelled due to fires, dang, maybe not so bad. That bif looked Scary though!! , even only a few feet drop off. I try to carry about 20 feet of strap and a few chain links when riding solo just for that. Glad all ok. Well done!
  7. Hey CID, a good garage day for me too, cleaning some air filters, checking for bad gas, charging batteries, changing tires, etc... don't know how you do it with so many bikes. My last Honda was a 1981 CB 750 Custom. I really liked that bike, and am still pissed that I am solely responsible for its demise. Today, I found a "Clymer CB 750 DOHC Fours 1979-1981" service/repair/maintenance Manual. If you want it, let me know. (if not, anyone else). Good luck with your chores. Hope you have a coffee or a beer on the workbench today!
  8. Good to know, thanks for the insights Oracle and PbdBlue, cheers
  9. Hi Y'all. A few buddies and I have decided to ride for a couple days in a spot where none of us have ever gone. I was thinking of going up to Weldon Sunday midday, and then ride south around sunset....towards Jawbone, but weather may be scorching? (but KOA with pool, showers, and a restaurant n bar? ) So, as a possible alternative...... I saw a few recent posts on SDAR that got me thinking..... I have always looked west when going by 9-mile canyon road just past Pearsonville when heading to the mammoth area up the 395. Frankly, hard to believe that the magnet of not-knowing what was up that canyon was been ignored for so many years. My guess is that it will be 10 - 15 degrees cooler up near Kennedy Meadows. On the net, seems like first come first serve campgrounds. AND, some jeep roads and single track riding. (or go up the Kern road to get there? trucks and trailer ... or bikes on a full day trip?) Logistics for eat/sleep/ drink..... Is it likely that we would find a campsite easily sunday night, or should we target a slightly different location, or likely we will need to pirate camp? Logistics for riding.... pretty easy to find best / cool rides? and which direction from campground? I ordered a map, so that might help, but hasn't been delivered yet. A few 60 year olds want to roam around and check stuff out. Thanks for any info or insights. Mac
  10. I rode twice this week.

    Dang Paul, That is spectacular!!! You lucky Dawg! I can't believe the snow is that clear at the top of California Pass already! Well done.
  11. Windshield refraction issue

    Thanks Zubb, did you actually dip something, or is that a company name or style of paint that is rubber textured that you actually spray on like spray can paint? And, playing devil's advocate here, if easily removable by peeling, doesn't the wind and vibration make it start peeling without you wanting it to.. ? especially if put on the wind side and on the bottom edge?
  12. Windshield refraction issue

    I put a new windshield on my bike. I like it. Except.... it is thicker than the original and at night, it picks up light from headlights and then bounces/refracts the light all of the way up to the upper edge of the screen just below eye level. It is almost like I wanted to generate an ambient outline of the wind screen, but I like total dark inside the cockpit. I only want light out front from headlights when riding at night (meaning, the edge light is very distracting and fatiguing for me). To the point: I have heard that some folks either (for the lower edge and then up about 6 inches inside and out) Paint the plexiglass, or Tape it, or Vinyl wrap, or contact paper?? Thoughts?
  13. Looks like a good choice! I plan to ride a Colorado loop every Summer, usually in July, but maybe connecting the spectacular south peaks of the BDR to this event would be a good plan for later in the Summer, at least I wouldn't have to worry about the timing of snow melt for mountain pass navigation...thanks for info.
  14. great looking terrain, sure would like to cruise around up there some day with you as it seems like you know a bunch of routes. Well done.
  15. Well, you are likely thinking that a ride from one to the other isn't very far, but it took 2 days (24 hours). Called a buddy to ask if he could get out of town early Friday afternoon to beat the eastward traffic as I had arranged an early departure from work. Zip Zam Zoom home, load up, call to ask where to meet so we could ride sunset in Borrego. Gotta go, gonna get hot there soon!! A quick call from the truck while getting on Hiway 8 to the Casino Inn to order 2 burgers and 2 beers had them on the bar upon our arrival. Scarf a burger, savor a brew, take a deep breath, and jump on 8 east. 60 to 70 degrees until about Jacumba, pretty strong winds down the hill. About every 100 ft down the hill, it went up a degree. Mid 90's and windy upon heading North on S2 around 4 pm. Pulled into Bow willows, but not a soul to be seen, so didn't really want to leave trucks and gear there, all alone back in that valley, so headed north. Pulled into Agua Caliente, paid a few bucks, looked forward to pools and showers later, and geared up. 2 Bikes then rolled south on S2, and oh my, twilight in the desert on a hot day was so nice. For our Yuma and Borrego members, it was a cool afternoon and frankly, going 50 - 60 mph in the warm air without a hint of chill was very nice. Dropped down into dirt as if going to the mud caves, zipped toward Tapiado, then toward Diablo, then to the dead end of Carrizo Creek, not a soul in sight. I had hoped to see the old house at the end. It seemed that there had been a fire in that valley and the no-go sign/gate seemed a bit sooner than expected. Oh well, turned toward South Carrizo and Canyon Sin Nombre intersection, but I really like the little shrub route that splits the 2. Super nice! It seemed a bit more open from recent jeep traffic, but still super nice. Then up to the knoll on the driveway to Bow Willow, always a good view: Then out to Indian Gorge, only a few miles away. Super nice road that splits the hills and then to a Y, so we took the south canyon route all the way back to a spectacular valley. It was getting late so we chose not to hike to what might have been a nice oasis. The next 2 pics have the bike parked in the same spot, one pic to the east, and one to the west. This might be a good spot to stage to hike to Sombrero Peak. From there we buzzed back to camp, had a cold one, dinner, a campfire, maybe some more cold ones.... Next morning at sunrise, geared up, and ready to roll.... a glorious morning, no breeze, warm, no jackets again: A nice casual ride up Valley to exit at Orriflame. The lower sandy route seemed to be more groomed than normal, the sand must have been packed down from all the 1200 BMW's going through recently - haha. Rocky as usual on the climb, nice ride over to Banner, then east on 78, to Scissors, then South to Pinyon. Sand seemed smoother there too, so we zipped out to the Sqeeze. It was super nice riding. A short break and a return to S2, but only rode S2 south for about a mile, then eastward in the dirt before the Blair S2 saddle to enter Blair from the top, a smooth quick trip around Little Blair, then the Main Valley, then back to the Tarmac to find a cooler and a snack. And although I had hoped to show my buddy some wildlife while riding, we were lucky enough to see some right as we sat down for a brew: Nice, then a quick pack up, a super nice shower, and a swim in a wonderful clean pool. Luxury after riding all morning. Then headed west with the goal of a celebratory cold one at Flynn Springs Inn, but upon arrival, it was gone, closed, new name. So, if you ever want to ride from the Casino Inn to the New (Flynn Springs Inn?), you know which route to take, as all you need to do is wander for 24 hours and you'll get there.... knowing the trip will have definitely been worth it! Cheers. PS, Trophyhunter, thanks, my buddy is enjoying the bike , it is faster than the other one he has - haha