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  1. Lemon Law Attorney

    Douglas C. Sohn ESQ (619) 237-7646 dsohn@sohnlaw.com I've used him several times, and referred him successfully to another member.
  2. DOT Rear Knobby

    Kenda Parker DT is cheap, hooks up, and DOT. However, DOT is kinda a non-issue as nobody really looks...
  3. Moab March lets go!

    I’m a definite maybe depending on the weekend.
  4. SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    Oh my god, what terrible news! He was one on the good ones for sure. Such a loss for everyone. Condolences to his family...
  5. I think that's dualsport-sf.com
  6. Do you have any regrets???

    I regret not buying your rental property for $700K because just 7 years later it's worth $1.4M...
  7. I was thinking about buying it myself, but matching helmets and bikes would be too much...
  8. Not mine, but I do know the guy, and the bike. He's fastidious, which is a nice way of saying OCD, so everything should be well sorted. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/6088534277.html
  9. SOLD.

  10. Ktm 690 r what do you think of themp

    What's old is new... I'm on Strega's old 07 WR450 for the time being. Leaning towards a Euro 500 something, but not quite sure what yet.
  11. Ktm 690 r what do you think of themp

    I just sold my 690 so take this with a grain of salt... If you are looking for a dirt bike to put in long miles, and still be able to navigate real off road conditions, there is no better bike. However, if you are looking to do single track it's kind of a pig, and if you want to ride freeway for hours it is going to beat you up. It's a jack of all trades type of machine, so you just need to know what your mission is. If you're looking for more travel you can go with an 09-11 KTM or the new Husky 701 which both have an extra inch. Also, a good bash plate should be first on your list.
  12. Looks like a little rain and warm temps up in Ramona today. Anyone up for a two-fer?
  13. It's yours... Gonna be a tight fit though