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  1. Can someone post a link for where it will be held with an address or something for those of us not familiar with the area
  2. I just heard about this on ADV, I am sorry to hear of his passing.
  3. Is this the Campo down by the border south of the 8?
  4. I have a 3500psi pressure washer you can try worse case....
  5. Only had ADV gear so wore that since its a close second 🙃
  6. I did go inside but since not sure whom was whom stood at counter for bout 10 min got a cold drink then wandered around outside to look at bikes (sic) oh well next time I guess
  7. Got there and hung round till 730 lots of harleys only three flat trackers most people were inside drinking not my cup o tea
  8. Soda will be the least abrasive of any media blasting material of course if you find a place local the does it would make sense to bring the wheels there and see how it looks post blast since it doesnt appear chrome is an issue you could then powder coat if you wanted afterwards
  9. I have to weld the sleeves into my front dana 30 but due to the conditions cant use my tig welder. I am looking for someone that is experienced enough in mig to do the job if certified even better we are talking about 6 plug welds the two full circumference welds on the ends. Material is 1/4" thick I have the machine set up with 70/s6 035 wire and the machine itself can do 3/8 single pass so it is more than adequate for the job. ???anyone??? If it could be tig welded this would he a no brainer....
  10. Depends do you want to restore in place or fully disssemble the wheel that makes a diff in what you can do wd40 will break down the adhesive without being too aggressive goo b gone works as well too
  11. Cant be moved front end has to be apart to weld otherwise you melt all the bushings and balljoints which would be a bad thing but appreciated anyways
  12. Thanks for the replies, I never got notice they were there until now. The vehicle cant be moved so welder has to come to it, I will do it myself worse case just will have to run a few hours of practice beads if need be. Hoping can con Wildwood into lending a hand...I have beer...
  13. I am in Escondido. I have the welder and will be running 70s6 solid wire with gas. Just not skilled enough for this kind of work with a Mig. Wish I could tig it.
  14. Cycle gear here in Escondido charged me 20 to balance the tires, I installed them myself. The installation is never really the issue it is the balancing that poses the problem. Dunno bout changing street tires will have to try that next time on the Strom. Up in LA the shop there charged 30 to R&R and balance but you disposed of the old time. Just my .02
  15. Well maybe the next ride will be 990 teritory up through big bear etc. get back into my old stomping grounds. Would have to be a small group itherwise you end up with huge gaps due to the dust this time of year. ☚ī¸
  16. Love the yellow leds makes it easy to find myself in pictures. 😂😂
  17. Dan thats for putting this together is was great to have such a large turnout for my first group ride since coming down south. look forward to doing this again, maybe when its not 107 😂
  18. To prevent this i hadmine ceramic coatedinside and out ive lostthe sensor plugbut this is new to me material is pretty thin to begin with i assume this is the frontheaderpipe?
  19. This is LITERALLY right down the street from me cant wait for them to open, much better than having to troll Cycle Gear...I mean come on their building is painted RED..like a Reaver's ship (we will see if anyone gets that reference).
  20. Who is the guy with the German (??) accent riding the 1200GS. Whom ever you are we talked about some welding stuff, please shoot me a PM with your contact info. I want to get in touch with you.
  21. No problem the machine makes most tires a cake walk but damn the one from the vegas bike was cooked on there. dont be a stranger, wait let me rethink that....
  22. Thanks to everyone that showed inam terrible with names so if someone could do a rollcall of name to bike I would at least remeber that. toll for the day 3 sets of tire changes ktm, klr, and front tube on an old dr the suddenly gave up the ghost. Big job of plugs , valve check and brake pads swap and fluid change on an old 900 tiger. Man that thing has a lot of bolts holding it together. one person did an oil change so much for haveing a capacity for 10 gallons of waste oil ? Since I dont know the names of who showed up i can say one item was left behind. A cabella fisting cap in tan, advbum has it. everyone cleaned up and pretty much left the place as you found it and that was much appreciated. I will put this out there to do again in the near future, and those have came if you have a dire need pm me and something csn be worked out for access to the speciality tools if needed.
  23. Sorry to hear that hope you make it we have a metric fk ton of burgers
  24. Fyi we only have non alcoholic drinks being provided if ya want a brew it is all on you.
  25. Worse case change the tire take over to cycle gear for balancing i dont have a balancer use Rideon to dynamically balance tubless tires if i cant get them balanced for some reason. works for tubes as well but you cant patch them if you get a puncture