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  1. Well last one was in july and figure with holidays over now might be the time for another one so puttimg.this out there for suggested weekend date. Same rules as last time ill collect oil etc We will have the grill going with and sdar donation jar set up (all of which goes to sdar) Only think peeps are responsible for it taking their used tires home with them.cause i cant put them in my trash. If needed stuff can be shiped to my house in advance and there are three bike shops accross the 78 from within 3 miles. Thoughts? Oh and friendly dogs always welcome.
  2. Stuck My Hand

    That looks wheely fun
  3. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Zubb We need to pick a day and have your come down to properly resolve that wiring issue you have a legitimate fire danger under that tank way things are now, do the quick disconnect fuel fittings at the same time. the verbal abuse is free of charge it alleviate the tensions when having to do mining βš’ operations before being able to remove a simple spark plug only to find afterwards there were no replacements on hand You failed to mention that little chore we yad to do 🀬 you might also look for black oxide finished bolt to replace the sheard one etc they can be found at better hardware stores while there get a πŸ”₯ extinguisher just in case Still wont touch the cables but can get you sorted on the other stuff pm me if you decide to do this and n dt time there will be no penance beer since it all went into advbums cooler good riddance
  4. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ πŸ‘
  5. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Smaller turnout than last time but bigger problems to get sorted will let others post up the details but a frame bolt extraction and assorted fun was had by all. Great company and look forward to next time, but still not doing 1150 throttle cables. 🀬EVER🀬 πŸ‘
  6. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Gates are open dogs not been fed for two days and their teeth are nice and sharp who's first ?
  7. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Crap well there goes the neighborhood
  8. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Wait now?! bring it tomorrow’s then we will talk
  9. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Fer christ sake make up your mind
  10. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Looks like a good turnout someone has said something bout doing the throttle cables on an 1150, that would be a NOPE.COM cause having done that job you really need to plan two days for all the little ---- that you will find once your that deep into it speaking from experience here IT SUCKS
  11. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Well heck I will sit with a beer to watch that...when you get here honk so we can line up to watch. Look forward to seeing you on saturday.
  12. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Ok people remember we have to close the gates a little before 1ish..
  13. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Location: 925 Chardonney Way Escondido,Ca 92029 Stone brewing is in my back yard, just have to climb a fence and hike up a steep hill if you want to take the short cut
  14. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Well since its at my house guess Ill have to be there too no way I am letting you clowns have free reign of the shop unsupervised i would come back to a burt out shell of a building
  15. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    2/10 gates open at 830am if you need to get here earlier let me know directly we can work something out
  16. SDAR stickers for sale

    Can you bring some of those stickers to the Tech Day I would buy one or two for sure.
  17. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Sure but you will have to deal with my wife..... I place my money on her FYI
  18. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    I have done that before, it can be a real pita of a job, if that is your plan get here early cause you might be here for a while. I close the doors at 4, anything left in the garage by default becomes mine.
  19. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    I think 2/10 is going to have to be the date I’ll be out of town following weekend and then we have desert dash on the 24th so what does the collective say?
  20. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Then maybe the last saturday in jan or first in feb to accomodate anyone needing to do something to their bikes prior to desert dash makes sense?
  21. Can u please update the first thread with a map so people can easily find the location to meet, by people I mean me. but others might benefit as well
  22. New member in Escondido

    Welcome from another esco dweller
  23. Its a small thing but if you paint the underside of the cabinets a high gloss white it helps with reflective dispirsal of light and makes the areas a little brighter just my .02 i did that to yhe back wall of my garage for that very reason
  24. Looking for someone local that has either of the following bike that might let me take it for a ride here is my situation. i have a 70 mile commute one way I am looking for a bike that get 50ish mpg commuting and is between 600-800cc the biggest issue i have is finding a bike that give me clean air to ride in i have a 990 and gen2 dl1000 neither of which is proving to be a good tool for this job so hoping someone would let me try a quick sprint on the freeway to get idea if either of these are viable options i need an upright riding position which is why i gravitate towards these kinds of bikes so.....
  25. Tiger 800 / DL650 Gen 2

    Had an 07 dl and rode the wheels off it was able to get what i wanted with madstat and a micro screen not working w the new one i have