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  1. Soo had this on my calender but last minute decision to fly back to Jersey for my bro's birthday. Get em Loren!!!
  2. KTM 990 Owners?

    X2! - close enough
  3. Bought new plastics kit for the flat tracker and I don't use a front fender - New in bag. Not a red fender - it's black. Says it fits: CR125/250 04-07 Crf/X 250 04-16 Crf 450r 04-08 Crf 45ox 05-16 I'll take anything in trade including tattoos, gemstones, Nigerian checks and debit cards etc Actually you can have it for free!
  4. Fish Porn

    Bait or flat falls? I'm heading out next Tuesday on the Vendetta. There are Schools of YFT 4 miles wide coming up.
  5. Palomar Mountain Options

    No dirt options to Palomar except Nate Harrison from the west, none from the east. Doans pond silted in after the fire and is gone as far as I know which recently was 3 years ago.
  6. Sondra, I'm guessing 11ish. Loren, hope you can make it! Stop by for breakfast if nothing else
  7. Meet at Kountry Kitchen in Ramona @ 8 for quick breakfast. Then head up 78 to Southerland Damn to Black Canyon (easy dirt road). Mesa Grande to Pine Hills to Boulder Creek (another easy dirt road) to Descanso. Slab it up old Hwy 80 through Pine Valley to Buckman Springs to Campo to watch Flat track races for an hour or so then off to Alpine Brewery for lunch. Then on your own, I'm slabing back to Ramona.
  8. Happy B-Day Afry...aka: Arnie

    Uncle Champ, no not racing this but going to stop by and say hi to FT buddies. Not to be a snob or dis the efforts but this track is not really flat track suitable. Frank us a good guy but they cannot run knobby tired bikes with flat trackers. The DG surface dies not stand it to it. I so many races on a motor and tires and choose to use them elsewhere. Having said that I will ride the 950 over there to spectate and support. I'll post a ride ds rude up tomorrow
  9. Thoughts on knee scooters?

    Cup holder for "drinks" and basket for everything else. Was a life saver for me.
  10. Torn on the v-twin thing, narrower and more torque, although the newer parallel's are getting skinny. It better be 40 lbs less then an AT or capable of being made 40 less.
  12. KTM 950 SE 2008

    Knew you would snap out of it I agree with the tank deal, those Safari's are tooo bulky. I run the saddle tank and have 200+ mile range.