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  1. Thoughts on knee scooters?

    Cup holder for "drinks" and basket for everything else. Was a life saver for me.
  2. Torn on the v-twin thing, narrower and more torque, although the newer parallel's are getting skinny. It better be 40 lbs less then an AT or capable of being made 40 less.
  4. KTM 950 SE 2008

    Knew you would snap out of it I agree with the tank deal, those Safari's are tooo bulky. I run the saddle tank and have 200+ mile range.
  5. I never knew exactly where this happened but now from the map it looks to be just north of the Caselli memorial.
  6. Flat tracking Campo Saturday

    I'm running the 50+ class only this time. Not sure what Chris is running.
  7. Flat tracking Campo Saturday

    Oh and pretty sure they have a run what you brung knobby bike class for those of you wanting to have some fun!
  8. Flat tracking Campo Saturday

    Chris (ozzy) and I will be there representing SDAR This is a new track they built and they are bringing in experienced track graders to keep it together this time. It's also a slightly bigger track which was needed. Practice starts at 10:15 and I'm guessing heat races about noon. If you come on out stop by and say hi in the pits - #45E
  9. 690 enduro r, CL

    Glad to see you came to your senses.
  10. 690 enduro r, CL

    Not sure I would like to slab it to Sierra Vista on a thumper.
  11. Picking up bits and pieces that 2 maybe 3 riders passed during the race. Not sure if these deaths were crash related or if the extreme heat was an issue. This year's course did not run along the Pacific and had a lot of inland sections combined with temps as high as 110-120 made for brutal conditions. Remember Dakar this year cancelled part of the race due to similar conditions. I'm sure SCORE will be at the center of debate over this course routing. Also an 8 year old spectator girl (possibly an American) was killed and mother injured about a mile from the start. Prayers for all those involved.
  12. Well, bye!

    Great trip, make sure you stop at Antlers Cafe and bar in Young. Also have a french dip made with Navajo bread at Tuuvi Cafe in Navajo Nation.
  13. XR50 Pit bikes

    The red one has a clutch
  14. XR50 Pit bikes

    Trust I already would have but have no time.
  15. Friends discount $325 :)

    1. hodnettjj


      I'm currently out of the country... But I am in discussion with the wife about getting this for the Grand daughter...

      I'll be in touch... but it isn't looking good... heck... My bikes have been in storage since last May...