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  1. I've been wanting to do this trip and always seem to get side tracked. My idea of this trip is not a "Rip to the tip" but rather "Chill to the tip". I like the idea of the wr250r as a dependable bike that will eat slab if needed, ride it and sell it. The rumors of a Crf450 Rally would be interesting if Honda builds it and sells it in our market. I'll be watching your wr250r thread if you go that route.
  2. HP Ranch is $100 and includes the breakfast and dinner - awesome food! Best $7 margarita in Baja as well.
  3. None at Mikes yet but he does have a working router on the counter in the dining room so not sure what's up with that. It was nice to have it at Cal's to let family know all is good.
  4. Yes but now 5 of us.
  5. Thanks, I am leaning towards the Riskracing foot peg setup as long as it fits my lowered flat tracker peg height. Looks secure and no load on the forks or front wheel bearings and no extra straps needed. A little more money buts thats the price I'm willing to pay to be lazy
  6. Like the Bike Shoe or Lock N Load etc? Building a moto van and want to keep it simple so looking for feedback good or bad.
  7. Myself and three others will be at Cal's on the 27th then on to Mike's and spending the last night drinking at HP Ranch - maybe we'll see you guys out there somewhere!
  8. New KTM 800 spy photos

    Hopefully the weight will be less then my 950SE, drop the centerstand and raise the front fender! They can also drop one of the front disc's and screw the traction control.
  9. New KTM 800 spy photos

    Probably trying to disguise the bike, I'm sure production bike will look a bit cleaner
  10. I heard from a reliable source in the know that KTM tried to make this work using the soon to be released 800 Duke frame and it didn't work out. Back to the drawing board for a new frame and a one year delay before production.
  11. Goldentyres

    I can tell you that their flat track tire designed in conjunction with Chris Carr and now marketed by Cheng Shin sucks really bad. Guys are giving them away after one ride - me included.
  12. EICMA Yamaha T7 Unveiled

    Here's the 790 Duke, so the new twin is for real. Rumor has it Husky will get the 790 Adventure before KTM
  13. I've been running the MT21 on the SE but since I put in the 4mm tube it feels vague up front. I think the Rally has stiffer sidewall? Then maybe I can back down the tube thickness for Baja.
  14. Rally

    For a club event sure use gps, no different then the Desert Dash or any other local ride we do. If we or anyone else wants to put on a Rally event it should not include gps. If you try and combine the two it will be easy for the road book equipped riders to follow the riders or tracks of those navigating with gps.