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  1. Goldentyres

    I can tell you that their flat track tire designed in conjunction with Chris Carr and now marketed by Cheng Shin sucks really bad. Guys are giving them away after one ride - me included.
  2. EICMA Yamaha T7 Unveiled

    Here's the 790 Duke, so the new twin is for real. Rumor has it Husky will get the 790 Adventure before KTM
  3. I've been running the MT21 on the SE but since I put in the 4mm tube it feels vague up front. I think the Rally has stiffer sidewall? Then maybe I can back down the tube thickness for Baja.
  4. Rally

    For a club event sure use gps, no different then the Desert Dash or any other local ride we do. If we or anyone else wants to put on a Rally event it should not include gps. If you try and combine the two it will be easy for the road book equipped riders to follow the riders or tracks of those navigating with gps.
  5. Rally

    "this guy" is the above mentioned Dan Bartolucci Damn I'm going to have to get another "small" bike
  6. Rally

    I like the idea of no gps - that's the whole idea, anyone can follow tracks. If you think that's spendy then don't go racing
  7. Rally

    It would seem like an opportunity for a small time promoter to run "blue collar" rallys with classes based on age and ability. Heck just finishing an event after navigating by roadbook would be rewarding. Looks like a decent roadbook setup costs between $800-1000. Cool info
  8. Rally

    Rally is cool stuff and the future of Baja racing on a motorcycle. The landowners down there are more agreeable to they're gates being left open for less then a day compared to Score where they are open for a couple months. It's also much less abusive to the dirt roads however probably less money being spent in Baja compared to Score. Todd and I just spent 3 days riding in Death Valley with Rally competitor Dan Bartolucci who had some great stories about last year where he finished an impressive 4th in Rally 1 and 9th overall and is is preparing for the Sonora Rally in March. I'm looking forward to growth in this sport, this year it seems there was an increase in entries from abroad. And it was cool to see Lawrence Hacking competing and winning in the adv class on a basically stock Africa Twin. He finished 35th out of 60 riders in the overall. I would love to see a rally where average joes like me could compete in a lower cost one or two day event. Something without the huge amount of support needed by the bigger rally's. Maybe an open class and an adv class for bigger bikes, both in expert and amateur classes.
  9. My good friend, racer and fabricator has built many race cars and buggys - Clint Newman 619-599-3650 if your in North County he just bought a machine shop behind Churchills bar in San Marcos and can do anything we would need.
  10. First thing I'd do is unbolt those crash bars he just bolted on
  11. Yes but he prefers to be called Todd Lite lol. He did end up with an adventure van but not quite the beast that one is! And Larry is correct but i'm looking for some new trails in Baja so i only have to turn left, you know steel shoe and all that. Actually we are just talking about our annual post Xmas Baja ride coming up, maybe a little warm up before that. This DV ride at the end of the month has eight - yes - 8 count them 950 SE's on the flight plan and maybe one 950 Adventure we invited just to carry our beer. Do you hear me El Zorrillo - I'm talking to you Tom!
  12. Doesn't need to be a Joe Hauler brand carrier, can you send or post pics of the knock off? I think mine is a knock off but it's stout.
  13. Todd Whiteside needs one for an upcoming DV trip, needs to be a heavy duty 500-600lb rated model.
  14. 990 advice

    Fixed it for you PMB! However for two up the SE seat is a bit lacking ...