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  1. Don't forget to take a moment to Pin It and Do a Burnout for Arnie too!
  2. I have both MN 1 and 2 purchased/downloaded. Also have the modern Dakar documentary DreamRacer on DVD that I'd be game to show at a SDAR meeting / movie night or something. Not too much good footage for the dualsport / ADV enthusiast out there. Both MN videos are fun but won't win an Oscar. That said, I'm glad to support a good cause and the imagery is fantastic.
  3. I seriously doubt you're getting through that gate. Lots of well established fences/gates have popped up south of Ramona's / Sawmill. Gates on the Ramona's side and gates on the south side. If necessary, you could head into Ojos for gas or down to Heroes de la Independencia. As you travel southwest from Ramona's / Sawmill, there are a couple turnoffs south (left). Some people had luck (at least 2 years back) at the turnoff for the fire lookout. Not sure if that is still open. When traveling from the south, the big horse statue turnoff (north) looks promising but I cannot verify. A month or so ago, I came from the south and turned north fairly far west of Sawmill - but just east of the most southern portion of Compadre Trail (that pops out along Hwy 3 - not Ojos). Sure it would have been faster if I hadn't had to travel so west but at least the roads are wide open and smooth. ymmv
  4. Top Right corner of your screen, look for your mugshot and the name Zubb. There is a drop down menu. Select Account Settings. A new window opens and look to the left on that window and you'll see Signature. Edit / Save it from there
  5. Michelin Desert IT -- next ride will be 300-350 miles Run It OR Replace It (I'm leaning towards Running It)
  6. When arriving or facing Mike's front door it's the road that goes due west (right) Up the hill like going to Simpsons. From there follow the main road signs to Rancho Coyote (not taking the the next right (north) onto Simpsons. You pass Rancho Coyote and hit the paved Observatory Road then continue west downhill towards San Telmo. There are some off shoot / parallel dirtbike routes to this paved Observatory Road which I want to explore. At San Telmo there is a gas station just towards the north end of town along Hwy 1 and you can a take a major road west from Hwy 1 towards the hostel / surf destination Quatro Casas. Rancho Coyote is North of the Observatory Road and Meling Ranch is South. They are very close to each other however. I've stayed at Rancho Coyote but not Meling Ranch (yet). While the Observatory is allegedly "no motos" I've seen a RR where politely asking and promising to ride slowly got a 'pass' from the guards. It looks like a scenic place to visit. Gold road is the paved Observatory Road. Green arrows is 'likely' the route they took. The first arrow is a bit more techy / sporty and the black arrow is Simpsons. The 2nd red arrow just continues down the paved road. Look at the topo lines on Simpsons and the first Red arrow
  7. I'm glad to hear it! From Mike's did you guys go back into town (Valle de Trinidad) and then out to the coast via the big road we took? Or head up the hill from Mike's along a potentially rocky track towards a long paved twisty road?
  8. Excellent pics thanks for sharing! So you stayed at Mikes the 1st night and where the 2nd?
  9. Kiprock & WilliamArcher - post a RR / pics whenever you can. I'm interested in seeing how this ride went
  10. Cross south in Tecate on bikes for dirt access. Crossing north is very quick as you can split lanes easily and ride to the front. Cross south in San Ysidro via truck for slab (take toll road). Crossing north can be very long in a truck - on bikes splitting lanes with vendors isn't all that fun. If trucking south across the border, they will check to see that the bike is registered to you and not stolen. You likely won't be checked when simply riding across. Best to have a copy of your vehicle/bike registration. Best (maybe legally mandated) to have vehicle/bike insurance - bajabound, baja-mex, discoverbaja all sell it. ymmv If staying longer in Baja, look into the FMM Fuel range of 80-100 miles minimum is ideal (longer for big miles). If off-road, anticipate rocks and possibly nails. I've had 3 Baja flats - all from rusty nails used in construction. I've heard 18/15 psi or 15/12 psi "mandatory" for baja rocks. ymmv Functioning headlight imho is mandatory - it's quite easy to get caught in the dark on long days even if returning via slab. Most every place takes dollars. Pemex will give you change in pesos if you pay in dollars. I've been exchanging money ahead of time and paying everything in pesos and it's simplified things greatly. ymmv. Hostels such as Coyote Cals / Mikes take dollars. I've heard / read of more than a few trips where bikes have ended up in the back of a pickup truck. A small tow strap / cord (to secure the bike) and some extra cash may be beneficial in requesting a ride to the border should a bike break. Stickers / $5 / cigarettes can open gates or smooth interactions with guards. ymmv Bottled water and soda/gatorade work great. Carry immodium "just in case" While medical care in Baja is high quality, finding available resources to promptly rescue / attend to you while you are in a remote area may be difficult. Be aware of this. Spot Trackers, a 3x5" index card with your full name, contact info, emergency contact and insurance info is highly beneficial to carry with your passport (let your riding partners know where this is). Don't crash. Always be aware that every dirt road is a 2 way - even in the most remote sections. I've been caught off guard. Watch for cows / wild horses I recommend for travel in SoCal I recommend for travel in Baja ymmv on all of the above postings. Baja is a fantastic place with great people. Mandatory: show respect, slow down while riding through ranches / communities, wave to people, close gates behind you if they were closed when you arrived, tread lightly.
  11. bump for the trailer vid still no updates if the actual movie release will ever happen
  12. I had a DRZ with a bad stator. It would start first push of the button cold but after riding it for a while it would get hot and not want to restart / very hesitant to start - estart nor kick. Once cool (say after lunch) it would start up right away. Eventually it gave out on me by cutting out while riding and it would not restart. The stator needed replacing and due to it's intermittent malfunctioning, the voltage regulator also needed replacing because it got fried too. Use a multimeter to see how many volts your bike's battery has cold (in the morning) and when hot (after a ride) and see if there are any differences. A dash mounted inline voltmeter sounds like it may be a beneficial gauge to monitor the bike's electrical system considering its past history. A quick search on ebay for used OEM stators show them at <$150 Not saying this is your problem but the multimeter test is easy / free