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How to Insert a Link

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Inserting a link........copy the link you want to insert, from your address bar, when you're ready to insert it in your post, click on the icon above that looks like the world (next to the envelope), a window will pop up and you paste the link address into that window, then another window will ask what you want it to say in your post......for instance, if your pasting a link to your own website, after you paste the link in the window, then it asks what you want to call it (enter title of webpage)....you type in "my website", and that is what will appear in your post.

Another way to insert link........when you are typing your post, you may highlight the words where you want to insert a link....for instance, if you're inserting a link to the AMA.....

"Hi, here is the website for the AMA".....you would highlight "AMA", then you click on the "world" symbol up above, then paste or type the link in the window. With this process, another window will not pop up asking what you want it to say, since you already highlighted the words that describe the link.

Hope this makes sense.

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