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This is from the Stewards of the Seqouia Website.....this explanation applies to being a member of any of the major off-road organizations that are making a difference in fighting land closures. If they weren't working for us, and if you don't join to help, then the wilderness advocates will close all the land and we won't have anywhere to recreate.

If you aren't already a member of any of the off-road organizations, please seriously consider joining and supporting them.


How YOU Can Make A Difference

You ever think that anything you join really has an impact on the things that you care about? Well joining Stewards of the Sequoia does!!!

Why you ask? What does my membership do?

It does two very important things. First it provides the financial resources for us to educate the public about who and what the Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Community is. How we are the environmentalists that do the trash clean ups. How we are the ones that rebuild the roads and trails that have been destroyed by nature and map the existing trails for many of the land management agencies. How we are the ones that are involved in self patrolling areas for people that have no respect for the land, to educate and sometimes rid those that damage areas, so those areas are available for our kids to enjoy in the future. It is not the radical environmentalists out there doing this, but members of the OHV Community.

Second, by being a part of a group that represents OHV recreationists, you provide us with the political leverage that we will need to impress upon our local, state and federal officials, the width and range of the OHV community. They need to understand that we want continued access to our public lands and are organizing to make our voice heard. Everyone from the Rock Climbers, Hunters & Fisherman using SUV’s & ATV’s, Horse Riders using their SUV/trailer to access riding areas, Trail Bike riders & 4WD enthusiasts, Mountain Bikers in their SUV, to the Sunday family SUV adventurer that comes out for a nature drive, is part of the OHV community. That is who we are, a diverse group of outdoor recreationists, who wish to share the roads and trails with everyone.

We are the moderates and we are the majority in California & probably the nation.

Surprised you say. Next time you stop for gas on a weekend, or pull up to a fast food drive through, look around and count the amount of Off Highway Vehicles you see. The number of people enjoying some form of OHV or Wheeled Vehicle Recreation is large & growing in Sequoia National Forest and our goal is to reach them all. Our culture in California is closely tied to the outdoors because of the great weather and lifestyle that we lead and getting there has always entailed the use of Off Highway Vehicles and we want input into the decisions and policies that impact that.

Nations, buildings, and organizations are begun with just one person starting the process and you are that one person. Take the time to really evaluate what is important to you and realize that being part of Stewards of the Sequoia will make a difference in Sequoia National Forest keeping the public lands open for all. Stewards also reaches out to other areas in California as well as elsewhere, to help keep them open. Supporting other areas & those areas supporting us greatly enhances our abilities to keep our trails open everywhere. This forest, state & nation are big enough for us all to enjoy the great recreation opportunities, and we are the grass roots organization that starts with you. Your support will make the difference. As always your donations go directly to keeping trails open. We have no paid staff. All our efforts are volunteered.

Thanks for all you do, enjoy our great outdoors and all its natural wonders, and join Stewards of the Sequoia to have a say in the lands that you and all the public owns.

Chris Horgan

Executive Director

Stewards of the Sequoia

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Another bump......there's more than just belonging to an organization, and Stewards is not the only one, just one example of a group that does A LOT to keep trails open in it's area.

Being involved means sending those crucial letters and attending occassional OHV meetings when necessary, and most important if STAYING INFORMED OF WHAT ISSUES ARE AFFECTING OUR SPORT.

You cannot possibly know what's affecting your riding areas, if you don't belong to the AMA and/or any of the Off-Road Groups.

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