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Shout out to Christi over at Applied racing. I ordered a top triple for my Franken bike Dr/rm. They made me a top triple to replace the stock 95 rm triple. The oem design was crap as the handle bar mounts were designed in such a way as to come back at the rider with a 45deg angle. This design would also not let me mount a stabilizer. I got lucky as 95 was the first year they started making a new triple for that bike. Got the part quickly, looks well machined and fit perfect. Had the old triple off and new triple on with bars/ accessories mounted up in about 20 min. It gave me more room on the bike and a better angle/ control with the handlebar risers. Dont forget the SDAR discount.

Thank you Christie

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So glad you are happy with our products. We aim to please! Thanks!

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