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  1. Anthony

    Suzuki V Storm 650,a real dual sport?

    Ain't that the truth. No bike will be 100% versatile in all arenas. I REALLY want a dl650 ABS, but they have yet to roll into local dealerships. I am getting really impatient and am thinking of hopping on a DR650 first.
  2. Anthony

    DR650 on the highway

    Steve is selling his.DR650 for sale I'm looking for a DL650 (V-Strom)
  3. Anthony

    DR650 on the highway

    Never ridden the DR650 so I was going to sit this one out. If you want one bike you have to compromise. If you want to ride SDAR get the DR and suffer long hours on the freeway. If you want to see the country get the DL and sit out the goat trails and deep sand (the DL650 will go a lot of places, but you'll destroy it if you try to keep up with thumpers in the dirt). Thankyou for the feedback. I'm just waiting for a deal on a DL650 to show up, either that, or I may buy one new, as ABS is a mighty nice highway feature. OF course I'll have to rig up a kill switch...
  4. Anthony

    DR650 on the highway

    I know I'll need both. I'm trying to figure out which one to get first. I'm sure it will be at least a year until I can afford the other.
  5. Anthony

    DR650 on the highway

    But would you ride one from Riverside to SD? I dont have a truck or a trailer capable car. I do not plan to get either one of these in the near future.
  6. Anthony

    DR650 on the highway

    So I'm getting back into riding after a 6 year hiatus and am currently looking at the DL650 and the DR650. I realize that neither are substitues for each other and that I'll eventually just have to own both. I used to own an XR650R 2000 model which I made street legal.... I should have never sold it. What I'm wondering is how highway capable the DR650 is. I know people on forums like ADVrider and Thumptertalk say they are, but the majority of these people do not live in SoCal and do not realize what it is like to drive on the 215/15/91/10/etc. It would nice to be able to ride from Riverside to SD via 215/15. So who thinks this thing is highway capable?