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  1. #97 (Devin) and I had been battling pretty good, he got ahead of me by a couple hundred feet right before he went down.I didn't see him crash, but I saw a big cloud of dust and saw him in the middle of the trail not moving at all. I found him in a pretty flat part of the course, still astride of his bike, so I'm guessing he had hit something prior to that, and coasted to a stop. I never went back to see what it was that got him. We got Facebook famous just a few minutes before he crashed: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10209029181437334&set=pcb.10209029217798243&type=3&theater. Devin, I'm glad to see you are doing ok, you were out for a couple of minutes, and incoherent up until Lesar loaded you up in their UTV. Heal up quick.
  2. I had a really good race going, the course was a lot of fun with a little bit of everything, some fast stuff, some sand, some technical rocky stuff, and not a ton of whoops. Unfortunately the race ended early for me and the rider that went down hard right in front of me and had to get flown out of the desert.
  3. SDlineman

    Home solar system

    A reliable source told me that the way electric bills are calculated for SDG&E customers with solar will be changing, possibly as early as August, but existing systems will be grandfathered in their existing rate structure. If you're thinking about doing solar, I would recommend doing it sooner rather than later.
  4. Oh man, that sucks. First your gf, now you. I hope you took good care of her when she was hurt, and she's healed up enough to return the favor.
  5. Not gonna make this one, dammit. Let me know if you still want to pit with TNR, I can get you in touch with them.
  6. SDlineman

    For the electrically enhanced.

    Bagstr's advice is pretty sound, with the only exception being 480v delta is around, but the only place I see it is for giant well pumps in groves and water districts. But it doesn't matter whether it's produced wye or delta as long as you only need the 3-phase power and it's wired properly.
  7. Hey Ken, I ride a Yamaha WR 450, #63s. I'm part of the Top Notch Racing club, we're a pretty small club, but it's a great bunch of guys if you ever want to come pit with us, or just next to us. I ended up 34th OA, 3rd in class. Edit: My first name is Jeff, sorry forgot that part. Hope to meet everyone out there sometime.
  8. http://amad38.com/messageboard/download/file.php?id=4423
  9. Hope your gf heals up ok, 350thumper. I stopped for a downed rider right after the bomb run, he and his bike did 2 or 3 cartwheels right in front of me. He ended up being banged up but nothing serious, so I took off again, pretty much in last place. I ate a bunch of dust the first lap, but I felt like I was riding really well, and passed a bunch of people to get back up to 35th OA. I thought they told me I was the 3rd senior novice also, but maybe not. I'm thinking I lost about 5 minutes total, curious to see where I would've been without that extra time. OTB has an actual working electronic scoring system, so I should be able to see pretty soon.
  10. I'm planning on being out there for this one as well, also in the senior novice class and the creaky knee club. Just Sunday as well. There's quite a few guys in that class, should be a lot of fun.
  11. SDlineman

    Current Communication Equipment

    A couple years back someone here (Dig Dug maybe?) gave me a page with a bunch of the local repeaters on it, and all the tones needed to use them. I can't find it anymore, does anyone have a copy they could post? It would probably be good info for everyone with a radio to have.
  12. SDlineman

    Got Logs?

    Power poles you say? Let me know when you can come up to Ramona, and I might be able to get you 1 or 2 or 30. I've got a tractor tire tire in my yard I'd really like to get rid of also.
  13. We can definitely put you to work somewhere, you can never have too much help!
  14. Correct, you don't need to share a bike, we will have wristbands that you will need to swap at the rider exchange. I'll be working a checkpoint, or I would team up with you. I could use some volunteers also if anyone is interested.