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  1. well it was the stator ,after all... i put in the trail tech 100w DC unit , and it sparks ...:)/>
  2. racer270

    KTM oil change

    i always change the filters when i do a oil change...( mine has 3 filters),2 in the case and one in the oil cooler.. then ether pull the spark plug , or pull the compression relieve and spin the motor over .. that way you don't load the bearings ...before you get oil pressure...
  3. Bad/insufficient stator could explain all this- ask Roger how I know this. If it were me, I'd take it up to BajaDesigns. They've seen it all... that's about what i was thinking.. it passed the om meeter test.. i have been reading up on the thing.. im looking at going to a Trail Tec 100 w , full DC system.. so i can have real lights & a radiator fan.. i think/ hope it's also got a 525 EXC stator & flywheel.. now..? ive just never seen it yet..., from what ive read , there is a part # size difference.... i guess i have to pull the side cover and take a look see ,..for a part #...to make sure what i have ,.. befor i buy the trail teck stuff... the CDI's and Coil have the same part #'s.. it started life as a SX.., but it got a 6 speed and e start Battery and some and some good, " bells & whistles " parts before i got it. i wonder if the previous owner remembers what he put in it.....lol
  4. Everything that I have researched about "new construction" or "Specially constructed" says that you MAY REGISTER the vehicle, but it is NOT FOR RESALE. I do not believe Orange county choppers can sell motorcycles using this process. no im sure OC , would Not try this... but joe did.. the title states year..: 20## ...KTM plate ## With ,.....no exc. /mxc ,/ sx...ect... nothing..added vin# motor....### vin# frame.....### i have no idea about Resale ...? im just going to ride it...
  5. Did you have to take the take up to San Jose? What was the cost? Thanks, Rick update..: the bike comes back as a, "new construction "..... Custom Built Bike,..! just like OC choppers does on there TV show... titled by them ,.. DMV inspected ,..by them and blessed by the CHP on the light and horn , rear view..ect..,.. by them..! with a new Titled Vin #..as a NEW custom build bike ,with the motor #'s on the title....with zero miles. , all by Joe.. the DMV,...has not failed to send out the renewal notice.. the coast for his work and fees (plate reg. and title), and supplying the OEM KTM parts was almost $1,200 ......................................................................................................... now the bike has some electrical problems... i have been searching the forum for the info but can't find what i need ...?? .... I now have a non related,..." crank won't start " , .with." no spark ",...problem.. and the charging system is not working , ether .. but.,....everything else still works ,.. lol i think the problems could be the voltage regulator , ..or the pulse generator..or the CDI..and coil.. but i know the CDI is a bench test only unit... can some one give me a name/ place near el cajon,... of some one that knows KTM's ,to take a look at it for me...? so i don't have to start thoroughgoing parts at it..@#$%^&* thanks in advance
  6. racer270

    Need some help

    IN THE FUTURE.. take a nut that is the same size as the broken bolt , and lay it over the bolt.. now take a mig welder ...and start welding the broken bolt through the inside of the nut you placed over the bolt... your welding a new nut from the inside.. to the broken bolt.. when it is welded up good , and is just cooling below "RED HOT"... take a wrench .... and start turning the new headed nut broken bolt..cambo..\\ the heat helps a tun..!! ...easy.... this workers grate in most cases..much easier then drill , tap & easy out ...
  7. racer270

    Gas tank cleaning

    methanol and potassium hydroxide ...(KOH)... LYE KLEAN LIKE a white tornado... varnish , rust...ect... then use the tank sealer..stuff... MIX 1 gl of methanol& 1 lb of potassium hydroxide ...(KOH)... LYE .. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL..!!! IT GET 150 DEGREES.. and has a " WILL KILL YOU ODER "...!!!!!!!!! a respirator,...rubber gloves and eye protection , ARE A MUST...!!! if you like your eyes hands and breathing...lol ALSO.... " ONLY ADD THE LYE TO THE METHANOL.. NEVER ADD METHANOL TO LYE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use the chemicals for making bio- diesel .. and i cleaned out a older motor home fuel tank... that was killed ,with rust and varnish that looked like tar.. .... and turned it back into a working furl tank.... in 2 treatments.. ....."" WARNING USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.."""
  8. racer270

    Guns and Ammo

    i am glad i have all the guns i need , and hundreds of pounds of ammo...for my guns....
  9. for anyone looking for a motorcycle carrier....i got mine through the second link: @ BIZRATE.COM I got mine for $100.00,.... with free UPS shipping ....! BUT it looks like the price has gone up too $116.00....?? i not sure if they have free shipping still...?? but i am sure the place will honor the $116.00 price....if you go straight too them , and tell them you saw the bizrate price...! Gordy http://www.motorcycleramps.com/motorcycle-carrier.htm http://www.bizrate.com/automotiveaccessori...1__sfsk--2.html
  10. racer270

    property line dispute

    now that i see the height of the of the wall, not only would he have needed a permit,....the wall would have to have a "engineering report.." to be built ...!!! send the owner of the property a notarized , registered letter.... and demand that he tear it down and rebuild it properly ,on his own property..." by code",....and clear all rubble form your lot. and give him a deadline .....to have it done by. then if he does not respond....to your demands.......you can tear it down, and send him the bill....
  11. racer270

    property line dispute

    Call the city. He would have been required to get a permit for this wall. This permit would confirm that it was built in the correct location and built correctly(to code). Most likely there is not a permit because of its location. In this case, the city would require the wall to be taken down by the owner of the wall. Good luck! That's the best suggestion so far. The concept for which folks are grasping is Adverse Possession. After a LONG period, if the property owner knows and approves of the use of his/her property (like a wall on the property, and the property owner says, essentially: Oh, that's ok with me) then eventually that part of the property will become the "encroacher's" property. But it's rare, and there are many hoops through which one must jump. fn my 2 cents... if the wall is less then 32" high he does not need a permit. it is called "flat work"..! the Adverse Possession law, is the big problem..! he has to meet 3 rules of law. 1)if he has used the land for more then 5 years with out interruption. 2) he would have too have payed TAXES on the land. 3) his actions would have to be detrimental to your title.. if you go to court and he has done all of the three things above , he can "claim the property" as his. and if he has not , you can tare down the wall...!!! and take him to court to recoup all your money + attorney fees. but this will not be cheep , unless you know a attorney...!!! ps. i have a friend that is fighting this same thing..! but in his case the guy went and changed the boundary line and recorded it and he was paying the taxes on the extra land,for the last 4 years. he was after a easement right to a privet road , so he could gain access too the rear of his property so he could build 3 houses on a peace of land in El Cajon.
  12. racer270

    Get together?

    hi, did some one say powdercoating...??? what would it cost to have a 04/ 525 KTM FRAME done..? i just happen to have a "new",extra one..
  13. well ladies and gentlemen..... the bike is plated, and the title is NOT salvaged... she's a dual-sport..!
  14. racer270

    Saving fuel and money

    :fool: Now if we could just brew up something for gas guzzlers! LOL, if i could run a still for ethanol ....instead....of buying methanol....@ $4.66GL... ...I COULD MAKE FUEL for about $.75 cents a GL. SO WHO WONTS TO BREW THE WHITE LIGHTENING ...?
  15. racer270

    Saving fuel and money

    i brew my own bio-diesel @ $1.65 GL. at home. my Dodge 2500 4x4 has a 60 gl tank and i gets 21mpg. unloaded, at 70mph.... & 18mpg towing a 10,000 lbs. trailer. i love passing by $4.50 a gl signs ...
  16. hi all a up date: quote>if you go to Joe Racer you can get a plate, but you wind-up with a "salvaged" bike.< end Quote: NOT TRUE....!!! The bike will not have a "salvaged title" , i just spoke to the guys.... it will be a KTM 525 I Will get the "pink & plate"..,at the same time... ill report too you all what the pink states....once i get it..! thanks Gordy
  17. well the paper work is done , it is coming back as a 525 KTM.... on the pink. some delays.....: 1)Joe is adding a new second shop... and 2) i went the "OEM" root as fare as the parts kit....the parts got hung up in costumes for a wile. 3) not sure about the "DMV" stuff...??? 4) i lie a little...lol i just got it insured SO... i should be on North street in the next week or so.... i am tied up right now making a bio-diesel..kit, and brewing it... ... for the record i like the 6 speed , the E-start and the big tank too... PS. he openly advertises the stuff.. and at my age.....a year is a long time.....
  18. racer270

    the new guy....

    hi all, my name is Gordy....and this is my first post.....and yes i am a newbie...to the forum. i have been riding bikes since i was 5 years old. i spent 9 years racing cars @cajonspeedway..before they shut her down.... i just got this 2003 KTM 525 SX and i am making it a dualsport , it will have a plate in a week or two. and i hope to see you soon out on some rides.. if any one needs the info. on how to get "ANY"... BIKE CALIF. PLATED ...."PM" or email me : rustoleum_rocket@yahoo.com ...it's ez... :beach: thanks Gordy
  19. racer270

    the new guy....

    i raced in the "street stocks".... the 270.....was my car # ...at first it was a 1970's red chevy . chevelle ...then in 2002 i changed to a 1999 Monte Carlo...i still have the car....and i still do some dirt track races....in el centro and pairs ca.... but now she is called a "PRO-stock"... and i get to run a 4 bl carb. and racing heads.. about 550+ hp
  20. from what I gather, you are in a "gray area"... the bike purchase date qualifies, but the first license date does not... I expect the year of the vehicle will let it slide under the radar... you could always take this root....a picture is worth a 1000 words..... http://joeracerproducts.com/gallery/bikes/Picture_061 i did.....Gordy