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  1. Looks like you and your boys had a good day riding! Now, about the sputtering at WOT, a change to a smaller main jet would be the first thing to consider but you must be running relatively rich at sea level also since a 5000' elevation difference doesn't usually require rejetting. Check your plug or better yet put in a new one and do a couple of WOT runs and assess the plug color (try to use gas that doesn't contain ethanol, although that's nearly impossible these days).
  2. Looks like you had a great trip! Glad it went smoothly.
  3. Badfish2

    Covered in Dust getting a rebuild

    CID, any update on your recent surgery? I am scheduled to have a total hip replacement on 2/19 and would be very interested to hear how your doing.
  4. Badfish2

    Stalled at a stoplight

    Did you rebuild the XR400 motor yourself? If so did you document the process? I'd be interested to see.
  5. Badfish2

    Any Saints fans?

    Don't mess with Roger. I love it! He sent a huge message to all the organizations that he is in charge and if you F with him you're done.
  6. Badfish2

    KTM engine case: It's what's for dinner

    Agreed, I love your posts Piratemonkey!
  7. Good info, Sidi's are the next boots I am going to consider. That is, if my SG10's every wear out.
  8. I believe Tech 10's are one of the lightest boots out there. I know they are lighter than the SG10 I have. I would be interested to know what are the lightest boots without giving up the protection of the higher end boots.
  9. Badfish2

    SDAR Registration / Approval Process

    I know when I tried to join the first time, I got no response for several weeks and then re-registered and was approved in a few days. If the intent is to "hand pick" members, then the current process is fine, but it is a little different than most website registrations. This is only my opinion.
  10. This is an age-old issue with an infinite number of opinions but my experience has shown you need to pick a ratio to run and then jet for it. Do not adjust your ratio based on anticipated riding conditions, rather, make jetting adjustments. Trail riding is typically 40:1 to 50:1. I understand there are people who run 100:1 ratios but that is a little oil lean for me. Also, if you are running any type of spark arrestor (which you should be) eliminating "spooge" out the pipe is nearly impossible due to the reduced velocity of the exhaust gassses within the silencer. These are my opinions only.
  11. Badfish2

    Great Suspension Experience

    Steel - What was done to the suspension. Revalve, new springs, new fluids? I thought when i read suspenders original post that he was offering preventive maintenance service only. It sounds as though he tuned your suspension with different internals, is this correct?
  12. Me too! Glad someone was able to use it!
  13. Badfish2

    94 XR600 rebuild

    Or these guys Big Bore Thumpers