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  1. siverson

    Where to EAT in San Diego

    Phil's BBQ!
  2. ok - map removed above...
  3. Ah, that worked better. I suppose I need to explore a little bit (this area?)... (ok, map removed; I was just guessing, haven't been myself...)
  4. Sounds fun - I'd like to try and make it next time. Where is "deer park road" in Vista? Google Maps is confused too... ? -Steve
  5. siverson

    Oceanside riding?

    I'm in the same boat. Is there legal riding up here?
  6. Hi SDAR, It's been a while since I've made it to one of the group rides, but I'm still around. We moved to Oceanside about a year ago and I've actually been taking the big 650L out to Pala a couple times. I've very slow, but it certainly helps me build up my riding skills. Anyways, I wanted to see if anyone knew of any places that rent dual sport bikes in or around north county. One of my brothers is visiting this weekend from Milwaukee, and was thinking of making a trip up Palomar or ? Or does anyone rent MX bikes at Pala? I'd be interested in trying to lug something other than the 650L around the track, too! Any ideas? Thanks, Steve
  7. > And Siverson, sorry you had a spot of trouble there. Hope all is well and you made it home safely. Bring a lever with you, next time out. Maybe the other group will post their half of the ride soon. Yup - already ordered (2 - one new, one replacement!). -Steve
  8. siverson

    Sunday the 20th

    I'll be there! -Steve
  9. siverson

    What kind of bike did I have?

    Yes, I started with a Suzuki RM 60 (or something). I'm not sure what year it was - I have a horrible memory for this type of thing. Probably around 1983 or so... My next dirt bike was my XRL650... -Steve
  10. This is the one surviving photo... From memory, I think it was a Honda CR80. Does that look right? What year? This was a great place to right off Bell road in Phoenix - it was in the middle of nowhere. -Steve
  11. siverson

    Sunday the 20th

    > I can meet at the P.V. exit Sunday A.M. (or anywhere else for that matter) - What time? Me, too. -Steve
  12. Looks like fun - I'll have to make the next one... -Steve
  13. Didn't see the other thread - posted there now...
  14. Sure - I'm in. Where and when to meet? -Steve