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  1. done, good luck Randy
  2. socalhodaka

    Trans-America trail "Road less traveled"

    Two guys? That's Obi wan bro
  3. socalhodaka

    New to SDAR

    Welcome, that so cool your daughter is riding a DS bike. Mine is 24 for now and we have been riding offroad together for a long time but I can't get her interested in riding a DS bike.
  4. socalhodaka

    Rob from RB

    Let's talk, I'm right in PQ.
  5. socalhodaka

    Looking for a YZ 85

    I found a stock 2012 and he took right to it. Thanks for looking..
  6. socalhodaka

    Looking for a YZ 85

    My boy is growing to fast. Want a Yz 85.
  7. socalhodaka

    CALVMX at cahuilla

    It was just the wet conditions and the road getting in is what I heard on FB
  8. Made my donation, Thanks Randy and Mike for everything.
  9. socalhodaka

    New project

    My son started at 5 on a Honda xr50 now 12 on his 3rd bike, RM65 that he is now out grown now will be looking for #4 and hope the growing slows down, but it's been a blast watching this progress
  10. socalhodaka

    Anyone use online training programs?

    If you want accountability get a partner and meet at a work out somewhere, it doesn't have to be a gym. But you don't want to leave your partner down. Now for me, after join Fit Body Boot Camp about a year ago that I learned about from Crawdaddy, I'm 30lb down, off my BP Meds and lowered my cholesterol 40 points. I go 4 days a week. I have also made serious changes to my diet. As for my accountability is my wife, even though are scheduling and what kind of work out we like we do our own thing but are together on food.
  11. socalhodaka

    Informal GPS course?

    OK, so when you say get familiar with these links? I have a dualsportmaps account for example, I log on and then what. I have a californiatrailmap account also but don't know what to do. Like how do I tie in a map underlay with the others? I know this is probably really basic stuff but I guess not for me, I need some guide on how it all works together.
  12. socalhodaka

    New project

    KTM fender
  13. socalhodaka

    Vintage enduro reviews

    Most of you know my feeling about vintage bikes. I have rode all from 100cc, 125 and 250. It's a different kind of fun and it is fun. Part is the challenge of just riding a old bike and how you can push and keep going. I know someone who rode a 100cc and completed the TAT, my other friends did the TAT on mid 70s Yamaha enduros, you can find these adventures on adv rider.
  14. Posted on the FB page. The Harry Taylor Cup World Championship is the real deal. The promotor is really excited to bring the Hodaka brand to the Don Matthews CZ World Championship race. The first year will be a learning curve for him, but he has a lot of ideas and events for Hodaka owners. Here is the lowdown on what he has planned. On Saturday morning he is having a bike show in the main area featuring all of the CZ's in year of production. in the past he has had upwards of 200 bikes. What he has proposed is the we, the Hodaka owners, will display their bikes on each side of the walkway leading up to the CZ display. This means the spectators are going to see the Hodaka's first!! You can't ask for anything better. On Saturday afternoon, there will be a Holeshot contest (side by side drag race). You can race your buddies and also he will be having a actual competition with 100cc, 125cc, 250cc, and open class entries. Last racer standing in each class will be declared the winner. Saturday night they are having a Spaghetti supper ( I think it is $10 ) with a vintage pit display contest and then some bon fires and movies to round out the evening. On Sunday, the races will start around 8 am. They will have numerous gates and moto's for the CZ's ( remember, it's their event ), and they are going to have 1 moto, yes 1 moto for the Hodaka's with 3 gate drops. The 100's first, then the 125's, and then the 175/250's. There will be expert, intermediate and novice in each of those classes and they will be scored individually with 3 podium finishes and awards for each skill level in those 3 classes. This way, ALL, Hodaka's will be on the track at the same time, representing the Hodaka brand. He is also working on a womens class with CZ's and Hodaka's running together, but this is not been finalized. The awards are sounding awesome, they will be different than the CZ riders ( those are like 48" tall for 1st and work their way down to 3rd), but I can't say what they will be yet. They are still being worked with a few details still being finalized. Also on Sunday at intermission they are going to have a 125cc shoot-out, CZ against Hodaka, with the winner take all, having bragging rights and a traveling trophy that will be brought back the next year. Stay tune to the Harry Taylor Cup Facebook page for more updates. Let's try and support this event so it becomes bigger and bigger every year.
  15. A few more people then I like but a great place for new riders. My sons first time out in the open on his RM65, so far it's only been on a track. This place is very flat with just the right amount of soft and some nice small mud hills. So he's really learning clutch skill and gear selection.
  16. socalhodaka

    Anza Borrego, Peg Leg rd

    I sure have fun on it and any of my other one. My daughter rides one and now my son ask when he gets to.
  17. socalhodaka

    Informal GPS course?

    I say after Thanksgiving also
  18. socalhodaka

    Informal GPS course?

    Today I stopped by and talked to the owner Ken at 8 Ball Motorcycle Tires, right next to San Diego BMW in Kearny Mesa. He said we could use his place for any kind of meet up, he would let it be use after hours during the week or he would even open it up on a Sunday. Plenty of room, we could use the kitchen even. Also everyone would get a $5 off card for any tire, and there prices already look really good as any internet price. If you don't know Ken started Bikebandit, sold it to retire and now starter this, his right had man is a member here Rob Fish. I would be more then happy to put it together, I just need the volunteers on who will lead the talk. Also access to the net if need. Kelly
  19. socalhodaka

    Informal GPS course?

    I'm very interested with learning gps and how to use the California Trial map thing.
  20. socalhodaka

    New Brit to the herd

    1966 Triumph Tiger Mountian Cub with black CA plate.
  21. socalhodaka

    New Brit to the herd

    And this was the garage.
  22. socalhodaka

    New Brit to the herd

    The guy I got it from was right in Carlsbad, he got the Cub from a estate sell but he's not into the small bikes. This was his living room.
  23. socalhodaka


    Wow, never thought under the visor. Are just trying to keep it from hooking up on things?