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    Old School

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    Old School

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    Helmet thread, not oil,not tires

    If Arai fits your melon good stick with them. XD4 is the DS adventure helmet
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    Royalty maybe?

    As some of you know I’ve be involved with the Hodaka club and Hodaka Days for a long time. 18 years now the club has hosted Hodaka Days. We host a trail ride call the Bad Rock, named after the two day qualifier held back in the 70s. We ride the same trails as they did back then, the event was hosted by Hodaka with the biggest names showing up. As treasurer of the club I see who signs up for the ride each year, and it don’t get better then this.
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    New Ride

    It’s been awhile since I been on my KTM, the F800GS has been getting all the love. But man it felt good today to ride the DS. I’ll work on a Tuesday Sunset ride.
  6. My neighbor and friend just got just got a very nice used 2016 KTM 500 exe. We went for a short ride around Black Canyon today, he is coming off a 02 Honda XR 650. Everytime he pressed that button I could see smiles. We hope the Two for Tuesday’s come back, would like to join in.
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    New Ride

    I’m still trying to find my way to the top of Black Mountain, I’ll work on it, two fur Tuesday come back.
  8. Looking for suggestions for boots the you can by in wide width. My current Alpinestar Tech8 MX are good for about 3 hours, then the pain hits on the bone area outside of my foot and inside. So Im looking for a new boot. Right now the only boot I think you can get in wide in Forma?
  9. My friend Greg lives in Golden Valley Arizona right near Kingman, just got a new Honda AF about 6 months ago. Up to now about the longest ride for him has been around 100 miles and he was ready to stretch it out. So I planned out a 3 day ride of around 200 miles a day with some dirt roads in it, also as its his first multi day and he his no camping gear we stay in hotels. Starting from his place we rode to Chandler Arizona for the first leg meeting up with a friend that took us to dinner. Day two with loaded up for the Apache Trail, here we would ride through Goldfield Mining town. From here through Tortilla Flat. Now onto the trail which is about a 30 mile dirt road with some tight turns, washboard and nice scenery ending up at Roosevelt Lake. Then on our way to Winslow for the night. The next day we made our way to Williams passing by the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. On our way out of the park I was able to use my new limited GPS skills, I put together 45 mile dirt road track right outside the park gate on our way to Williams. This was a blast, found some future camp spots. After Williams, we jumped on Route 66 back to Golden Valley. This is the longest existing part of Route 66, over 100 miles. And that was it, great ride. 3 days and a little over 800 miles.
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    Good Information for those that use their GPS.

    Is there a link?
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    Hard Bags

    This summer I will be doing a 3 week west to east coast road trip solo. I decided I wanted a little more security for my cameras and other stuff, I normally use soft bags and more off-road. I decided on the AcmeMoto2, I like the Pelican type material and the price point of under a grand for everything. I also like the fact that is top opening unlike the side opening on the pelican type. I will be testing them out soon on a 3 day trip around Arizona, but as of now I’m really digging them.
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    Hard Bags

    Thanks Riggerdan, going to the maps now.
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    Getting ready for Hodaka Days in June
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    June 21-24.
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    Ken, now that your retired you should come up to Hodaka Days, there’s a ton of good riding up there and your wife may dig on the small towns. I’m going to stop by Seat Concepts o. The way this year and say hi to Roger, it’s right on the way. I’ll be taking a few bikes plus I have a ton of friends and can get you a Hodaka to ride around and get you on the trial ride.
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    Ogio flight vest

    I have one and haven't been bothered by the heat, you are more the welcome to try it out if you like. If you decided to buy one I can get you one for $110 total. You would just have to pick it up as the shipping would cost to much. Im in Penasquitos or San Marcos. Kelly
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    GPS Question

    I used Here in Death Valley and worked great.
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    GPS Question

    Here’s my e-Trex setup I have use on the Desert Dash. I bought the cradle and mounts from GPS city.
  19. socalhodaka

    Found oil

    I run Amsoil in my bikes with no issues, KTM 520, Yz250f, and my KLR. Even ran the two stroke oil in my mixed gas. I have also run just about anything else with no issues also.
  20. Ill be there, say hi. I will have some kind of Hodaka shirt on
  21. socalhodaka

    Great deal on Helinox chair $55