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  1. sjtraina

    Non Bike question re: Rhino's / ATV's in baja.....

    The KOA has nice clean showers too.
  2. sjtraina

    Non Bike question re: Rhino's / ATV's in baja.....

    Rancho Ojai (KOA) is clean and secrure. 5-10 bucks a day to park. Or down the road at Rancho Santa Veronica. I dont think using the parking lot is a good idea on the US side of Tecate beacuse if you run into problems with anybody's ATV/UTV or motorcycle(or an injury) you have to wait in line to crossover to get your pickup truck and trailer. You never now how long the line is going to be at the border. If you have only motorcycle we split the lanes and ride up to the border. They dont care if our bikes are plated or not.this move can save you 2-3 hours on a sunday crossing.
  3. sjtraina

    Best beginner women's dual sport?

    TW 200
  4. Can somebody give me a list of the green / red sticker riding times of the year. I had a list in the past. Looking to go riding with the family and every machine I have is a different color. just trying not to get anymore tickets...$$$$
  5. sjtraina

    Garmin 62stc problems

    My boss got a new gps and I want to download a few tracks & waypoints from my mapsource files. It's see the gps on the computer but when i go to "zap" it...it doesn't send it into the gps. And it doesnt give me the option of sending the waypoints. Is there a settingsI need to change on the garmin gps?
  6. sjtraina

    James Stewart suspended

    No reason about the line. He seems like a good guy. Maybe that was wrong to say that. Dont know what prescription drugs make you test positive. I just find it hard to understand that if you go to your doctor for a problem, get a prescription that you can loose your job for taking it.
  7. sjtraina

    James Stewart suspended

    I think he went to some club, party, whatever and did a line. I enjoy watching Stewart race. Fan or not better racing with him in the mix. I just think it's very hard to have money at such a young age.
  8. sjtraina

    James Stewart suspended

    go to racerxonline.com
  9. sjtraina

    James Stewart suspended

    That was from the 19th. Today they posted it officially. I've never seen them list the drug the person failed with. They did and said it was amphetamine.
  10. sjtraina

    James Stewart suspended

    Your thoughts? Prescriptions? CHINO, CA (June 19, 2014) – Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing’s James Stewart has reported that he received notification from the FIM on June 17th, 2014 that a WADA test administered to him on April 12th, 2014, after the Seattle AMA/FIM Supercross, showed a positive result for a substance on the WADA 2014 Prohibited List. The medication in question is and has been prescribed to Stewart by his physician to treat a long-term condition. Stewart, with the full support of Yoshimura Suzuki Racing, is willingly communicating with WADA and taking all appropriate steps to resolve this matter and plans to be at the starting gate at the Tennessee National in Blountville, TN on June 28th, 2014.
  11. sjtraina

    M.R.R.(mini riders ride)

    I just called the market. They have them there. Thanks again Johnny
  12. sjtraina

    M.R.R.(mini riders ride)

    Ok so I've read the posts. Thank you. Now tell me where I can buy the adventure pass. How long is it good for? 1 day or a year?
  13. Ok I'm tired of going on 1 mile rides around camp at Ocotilla Wells.My kids don't do good in the sand. I'm scared to take my son and daughter to the track at pala with there KTM 50's. I'm in North County. What's the riding off Hwy 8 like for little riders? Would love to hit a hard park trail and go on a trailride. Any info for a family ride would be cool. Where to stage, what trails,traffic...etc.
  14. sjtraina

    Rugged Radio

    What's an earbud jack? It that for running an iPod if not using race radio?