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  1. The funny part about this picture is that this is the EXACT same spot we stopped to help Shane fix his broken chain last year, and we pulled up to this spot and there he was again. Incredibly random. Shane has the Yellow bike on the left, and he's the left most in the pic. Hey, my chain wasn't broken......well it was kinda broke, missing a clip. Sweep team rocks. Last year you gave me a master clip, and this year they let use a air pump. thanks for being there guys
  2. Myself and a few others are heading up to ride it. We did it couple of years ago and had a blast. I'm out.....but you can go to this thread on D37 for more info: http://www.district37ama.org/forums/showthread.php?t=21738
  3. That video looks good. FYI, the reason Doc was gettin off his bike was to help me. I came up on Pyro a little hot and when I stopped we were on a little incline so my foot slipped and the DRZ fell over. I guess I couldn't believe that was Kawi's in front of me. Those two Kwackers move pretty good. Toona
  4. Thanks Rob for puttin this thing together, I enjoyed riding with all of you. It's nice to have a group that we can ride with on a regular basis, so we can get used to the way each of us rides. We need to plan a few more of these before it gets to hot. And, when it does get hot we can do a few night rides out there. Shane
  5. Here's a few more pics from a ride off of S2 Water can be gnarly too Of course the reason we ride trails like these is to have fun
  6. I should be able to make it. I think I can get a few SSC dirty boys to ride with us too. Toona
  7. Hail to the Chief!!! John Bull trail took me by suprise. Next time I will have nobs and not Death Wings. I'm thinking May for round 2!
  8. Brett and I rode a Nasty trail called the John Bull trail in Big Bear. Here are a few pics. Brett is Crazy when it comes to Gnarly trails Toona
  9. Looks like a cool place. Any way we can add it to a DS ride? Be nice to stop by with more lights to see how far it, safely, goes.
  10. Rad put on a great event, I took about 2 hours of video that unclecameron and I will try to get cleaned up and get a linked to the site. Maybe we can do another ride there(unofficial) in March? I will post something later as a invite. Toona
  11. Nobody wants to go ride? Ok, I should say that because I know all of you want to ride, just not with me:-( I don't have to ride Plaster, if anyone has a day trip planned let me know.
  12. I am off of work Friday to Monday and I want to do some riding. Here's what I'm thinking. Friday Street or Dual Sport ride. Saturday: Mountain bike ride Lake Hodges and Supercross that night. Sunday: Honey Do's Monday: Plaster City West meet around 9:30 andwe should be done riding around 1-2. I have a few cool loops that go along the Border and about. Should be fun, and I am riding the DD so this will be a nice prelude.
  13. No real rain to report, the course is sweet. we went to __________ and then______ and we ended at ______ I can say there are a lot of cool side trails to climb, jump, and explore. quote name='Mescalero' date='Feb 12 2007, 05:08 PM' post='4862'] So how was it? Did any rain make it out there? I sure got soaked in up in North County working outside. Come on guys, ........ Shane, Randy, Bueller.....Bueller.......Bueller......................... Lets have the scoop!
  14. A few of us are heading out for the weekend. All are invited, and I think Randy will be coming out today so we can ride and map the rest of the DD ride Our camp is will be on the right side of Wheeler road ( 2.5 miles on the East/right side) Call me if you want to come out, or maybe we could meet( we'll be as far as Plaster City west ) Let me know, I'll be leaving today after lunch, around 1, or 2. Shane, 619-322-9971
  15. Who, besides me, has fell victim to that slimey concrete? It's nice to see the water is not too high.