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  1. Apex2433

    Caleb Linden: Vista DRZed 400

    Thanks. I'll try swapping out that front next.
  2. Apex2433

    Caleb Linden: Vista DRZed 400

    Hey Caleb, I am on the Oceanside/Vista border and have a 2000 DRZ. I am about your same size been loving the bike. When I got mine the previous owner had put the E gearing on 14/47 which was really nice going slow. You couldn't stall the bike. Wheelie in 2nd without using the clutch. But even going down El Camino felt like it needed a 6th gear. I went back to stock 15/44 which is better on the freeway and ok everywhere else. I have heard 15/47 recommended a few times.
  3. Apex2433

    Noob trailer question

    Has anyone found a good place to find RV windows and the like?
  4. I am hoping this isn't a one off thing. I want to go but I am out of the area until August.
  5. Yup that was me. Still waiting on the chain and sprocket to come it. It broke teeth off whatever got in there. I am in Oceanside. Got two girls and each has a little bike with maybe an hour total that they have ridden.
  6. Seems like I am not far off from your level here. I dropped on this ride too and I am always slow. Unfortunately I think it put a rock or something in my chain and that was the end of the day. Two kids so if you get the chance let me know when you are riding a bit in advance and I will get out there.
  7. Apex2433

    10 Days in Thailand

    Yeah for my first big ride and one out of the country at that, I was probably in way over my head. The guides were great though and it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again.
  8. Apex2433

    10 Days in Thailand

    Also some stuff not motorcycle specific. We saw a few shrines and temples like these. And there were elephants everywhere. I avoided any place where it looked like they did rides or anything that seemed specifically bad but there were many that just said they kept food around and spent more time keeping tourists in line more than anything.
  9. Apex2433

    10 Days in Thailand

    Things calmed down a lot after that ride. There was nice river crossing. It was large but shallow.
  10. Apex2433

    10 Days in Thailand

    Yup gets a little tighter too before that day was done.
  11. Apex2433

    10 Days in Thailand

    Ok so another day. The village was pretty cool. They got more interesting as we headed North. The road started out nice paved into the village dirt out. But started to get rough near the end. Battery went out just not too long after that.
  12. This was my first big trip so many videos aren't great. I really liked it though and it was fun to see the very different environment and meeting all the great people as well. I was able to get out there right before COVID so December 2019 - January 2020. It was 10 days starting in Chiang Mei and heading west toward the Myanmar border and Salawin National Park. Then up to Mae Hong Son for New Years. Over to Pai where I switch from one guide to another then over to Chiang Dou up to the local hill tribes and finally back to Chiang Mei. It was way more low key then going to Bangkok or anything. The trails out West got pretty gnarly. There was a lot of little pebbles and leaves that had built up. The ride North was not as rugged and had a bit more traffic on the road. The bike provided was a Honda 250l with some mods. I'll look through the videos I have and like to more, but being the first time I used the GoPro I missed a lot when the battery died or I turned the camera off instead of on. 🤪
  13. Thanks to everyone for checking on me. The bike and I got picked up safe. It was a blast for what I got to ride.
  14. Apex2433

    Roll Chart Holders - Anyone still use these?

    Yeah you still need one for LAB2V. I could definitely use one as mine cracked.
  15. Apex2433

    Noob trailer question

    Valley Center seems to have this one in stock. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/carry-on-trailer-5-ft-x-8-ft-open-wood-floor-utility-trailer

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