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  1. Hello All Dirt and Bike Lovers, New to the Forums here, been riding for years on and off road. Riding crf450x at the moment, ride all over SD and am looking for some fellow adventure seekers to join me or push me to join them on rides. Live in Vista, love to tinker with my bike and help others. RIDE INVITE- Mojave Road Trail: (plate required, intermediate pace, 150 miles each day but mellow riding) Ride begins around 8:30am Friday February 21st at Afton Canyon Campground, proceed to Baker for Fuel/Water(40 miles), then about 110 to the Avi Resort where we are staying the night. Wake up Saturday, rinse and repeat back to Afton Canyon Campground, plan to camp and head home Sunday morning. Please reach out with questions, come join us for a fun ride and fun times! We have two riders so far, let's rip. -Brian @ 760-274-3218