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  1. Giddyd

    2 stroke jetting.

    Sorry for not getting back, worked through the weekend then went riding in ocotillo on sunday. The bike did better. I found out airbox boot wasnt sealing to the carb so another clamp fixed that which helped a lot. Still didnt feel like it was running 100 percent though. Socalhodaka I may need to take you up on that offer.
  2. Giddyd

    2 stroke jetting.

    Bike is mechanically sounds. Did a new top end. Reeds aren't frayed and look good. Carb is clean be fuel and spark plugs. It's a 2004 yz85. Speaking of mcain valley is it really 4k up? That's where the bike was really having trouble. Are the smaller two strokes more sensitive to elevation. I have an Atc 250r and a lt250r neither seemed to care about elevation as long as I wasnt above 3k. My ktm 525 seems to run the same everywhere but I get that 4 strokes are a different animal entirely?
  3. Giddyd

    2 stroke jetting.

    Do we have any 2 stroke jetting wizards here? I got my girl friend a yz 85 and bike is just fussy as hell with altitude. At sea level it starts just okay, has great throttle response and pulls well to Max rpm but stalls very easily. At higher elevations it has to be bumpstarted and borderline unrideable. Cuts out above half throttle like it's running out of fuel. Id really like to dial it in as well as possible for elevation from seal level up to 3000ft but I really don't know where to start with all the different fuel circuits. If someone local (I'm in escondido) was interested in helping me out and showing me the ropes I'd be forever grateful.
  4. Giddyd

    New guy from north county

    Thanks for the warm welcomes guys
  5. Hey everyone. Just joined to meet some folks to ride with. Im 29 and have a few years of dirt riding and a few more years of street riding under my belt. I mainly ride ocotillo and areas off the 8. I live in escondido and would like to meet and ride the areas out here. The bike is a 2005 ktm 525 exc Pretty handy with a wrench and enjoy maintenance days on the bike if anyone cares to join. See you guys on the trails. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bcCRRB5hzFrjW7jN8