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  1. Sounds like it isnt the model, but your specific bike. My wife has a '15 V1K, and I would not have said it was slow, so was initially surprised to read this new one is a dog. Glad to see it isnt. as for the Sport tour /vs adv etc, there is no way anyone with a brain thinks the Versys 1000 was designed to go offroad, but it is a good sport tour. My wife loves the bike
  2. cwadej

    Destination questions

    trespassing IS breaking the law
  3. While the FJR needs to get out, the wife needs a ride to the airport at 9. Hopefully sometime soon I'll get out to meet some people
  4. They were grading it Wednesday. I came down from Doghouse Junction, about a mile of smooth but very soft until I passed them. Gate was unlocked them.
  5. Yup, just another new guy. Just moved from Dallas area. Looking forward to finding some decent tracks to explore on my Himalayan. I'm not fast, or experienced, or awesome, just a regular low and slow kinda guy.