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    Pretty much anything with an engine and a driver seat, and video games. I'm a simple man.

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  1. BattleJesus

    New Rider in Lakeside

    Do you have any tire recommendations?
  2. BattleJesus

    New Rider in Lakeside

    Hello all! I recently delved into ADV riding, and I'm excited to join the group! I picked up a 2002 KTM 640 Adventure, and hope to join you guys once I get some more seat time. Does anyone have any tips, or advice on riding off road? I haven't been in the dirt since I was 17, and this is a whole different type of bike than what Im used to. Maybe one of you will be willing to go with me and hit some trails while I learn, and provide me with tips on how to improve? I'm very excited to start riding ADV. Thank you, all!