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  1. RTWbyBIKE.com

    Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    @Rexx Riot – No not at all. Kerstin is just driving since 2014, before she was only a pillion… Have a look at our BLOG www.RTWbyBIKE.com – About us @KTMrad, Thanks, see above our BLOG. Would be great to meet!
  2. RTWbyBIKE.com

    Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    We are still working on our bikes today but looking forward to finish everything. Actually we would love to meet all of you… sharing experiences and getting tips and hints for the Baja and Mexico. The only thing is we do not want to shortchange our current host more than necessary. We stayed already 4 nights with him used his workshop and know the true promise of all his help and hospitality. So the plan is to get all the bike things done today and leaving this place tomorrow. If we can find any other place to stay (as close as possible to the border,Tecate) we are happy to stay a day or two longer to meet, exchange, having a beer… and get maybe a few other things sorted. So if anybody knows a place, has a place… let us know
  3. RTWbyBIKE.com

    Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    Thank you for all the kind words and the warm welcome here! Much appreciated. the blog address is my alias... Just a quick update, we have been nearly constantly in a garage and working on the bikes, had some sleep in-between. NO time for going out or even have more than one beer ;( but now the bikes look good again, I hope. tomorrow one more day and we should be set up for Baja and beyond. The test ride we still have to do but it looks promising. We plan in going to San Diego on Sunday, stay there till Monday and cross into Mexico, Baja going South. Depense if we find a place to stay for a night or two,... still working on that... We will keep you updated... Have to run now cause we got another thing scheduled for 6 o´clock and I am looking like fallen into an river full of oil... dont know if I ever wll be clean again but who cares... Thank you once again for the super welcome here! Cheers Kerstin and Sascha
  4. Hello everyone, My wife and I are on a tour from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. At the moment we are in Big Bear lake, waiting for spare parts and going direction Escondido tomorrow. After 9000 miles we have to work a bit on our bikes and will do that in Escondido: Sascha: Honda Africa twin, rd07, 1993, 140.000 miles Kerstin: Honda Transalp, pd10, 1998, 50.000 miles After Escondido we will head to Baja California and further SOUTH from there we take the ferry to the main land and continue south all the way to Ushuaia. We got a small blog for friends and family at home in some kind of English but due to the rules here (if I understood them correctly) I don't post it. We are looking forward receiving valuable tips from the experts here about Baja and further South... In exchange we can offer tips about various European destinations and from our foregoing destinations in Australia, Newzealand, Oceania and southeast Asia.... Save riding everyone! Cheers Sascha and Kerstin PS I just saw our user name (I forgot) it's very close to our blog address, so if this is seen as an advertisement please let us know and we/ you can change it. Anyway it's an 100% non commercial just informative kind of thing, no ads, banners etc...)