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  1. Halo-Halo Rider

    Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    Welcome! Wish you could share with us your adventure to South America. Enjoy and ride safe. Gery
  2. Halo-Halo Rider

    New here from San Diego

    Hi fellow riders, I’m new to this Forum and enjoying reading some of the write ups including picturesque post on this site. I love cruising on back country roads and considering riding some part of the world in the near future. I also like outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, swimming, tent camping, and RVing. Meeting new friends during my journey was a treasure for me and wish I can also meet new friends here. Cheers to all. Gery
  3. Halo-Halo Rider

    San Diego to Alaska

    OMG.... that’s a huge hails in Montana as we having lots of fires here in California. Have fun in Sturgis and please share some pictures of Mount Rushmore and Corn Palace. BTW, Devils Tower is not too far from Sturgis if you still have the time.... Gery
  4. Halo-Halo Rider

    Rad 'n Doc Travel the World

    ?? Great write up and photos Randy. Will follow your Travel World epic adventure.... Gery
  5. Halo-Halo Rider

    San Diego to Alaska

    Nice seeing your Spot sound and safe in Billings Montana. Sturgis is a very cool place to visit and offers great 2-wheels scenic routes (hints: SD-14A Blackhills via Spearfish Cyn loop). Mount Rushmore is another highlights must to see and if you have the time, Mount Rushmore night show is spectacular. Enjoy and ride safe. Gery
  6. Halo-Halo Rider

    McCain post rain

    Hi Robert - I’m new to this site and after reading some of your adventure post, I’ve admired you being one of our Fearless & Hardcore Rider on our Forum. Will follow your future adventures and ride safe. Gery
  7. Halo-Halo Rider

    Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    Another epic adventure to watch in the making. I’m glad to know you made it out New Mexico with less trouble on those sticky muddy trails. Did you get a chance to try their famous pie in Pie Town? I will be behind you following your adventure updates as you crossing Montana to Canada ? ?? Gery
  8. Halo-Halo Rider

    San Diego to Alaska

    Way to go Tom..... and glad to see that you made it to Tuktoyaktuk & Stewart in Alaska and also got a chance a side trip to Kamloops & Banff in Canada. I just checked your Spot and seeing your position in Glacier NP and wish you to see some glaciers there before it totally diminish. If your passing by Montana, Craters Of The Moon is another good side trip. Enjoy your adventure and ride safe. Gery
  9. Halo-Halo Rider

    ST 2 Hallifax in 30 Days

    Wowww.... Another epic adventure in the making to keep us jealous. Will be following your journey as we enjoying our popcorns and beers ?? Ride safe, Gery
  10. Halo-Halo Rider

    Kugs Tecate run!

    Thanks Jim for sharing your adventure photo stories. It looks like your gang was a joyfull mates to toss some cold Tecate under the sky lights. Cheers, Gery
  11. Halo-Halo Rider

    High Sierra Adventure Ride

    Awesome write up and specially your day-by-day digital post whichI I really enjoyed. You are living on your dreams Randy ? Gery
  12. Halo-Halo Rider

    11 hours for 3 tacos.

    Ken - it must be a very delicious snack for you to adventure these Tacos.? Gery
  13. That’s a great hints Jim and good to know about Randy’s favorite mix drinks so that he can share more of his previous adventurer rides. I was actually amazed reading some of the short and long motircycle journey write ups on this Forum. Let’s get some coffee and Sierra Nevada for a good motorcycle chat sometimes ☕️? Gery
  14. Looking forward to see you soon too and maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee ☕️
  15. Hi KTMRad - I’m the guy who you met at the summer bbq and mentioned that I am planning to ride solo to South America next year 2019. I finally signed up and been approved on your SDAdv Forum. Hope we could meet again and talk more about motorcycle adventure rides. Thanks, Gery